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I know that there has to be more than me and Grace that used to watch this show, What I Like About You. It starred Amanda Bynes and Jennie Garth. It was a sitcom that used to come on The WB and I used to watch it when I was home on Fridays. It came on before I had DVR so I couldn't really record it but gosh, I really loved this show. Now, I had forgotten how great this show was until I started watching it again on ABC Family. It's a show that me and my kids (that's my daughter and then all of my sisters 6 kids) watch each and every single day after work.

It's become my favorite part of the day to come home and wait for 4pm to come so that we can all gather around the TV and laugh our asses off at the latest stunts and catastrophe's Holly, Lauren and Val get themselves into. I swear, Jennie Garth and Amanda Bynes work extremely well together and they totally crack me up with each and every single scene that they're in together. Each and every single character on this show was hilarious! Gary and all of his, "Oh my damn's!" and Lauren and all of her stupid airheaded crap, Tina's slutty self and Ben's prank? How can you not love Ben's prank on Holly? Or what about Ben's song for Holly? Oh my gosh, I think I sang that song in my head for a month after seeing that episode, Holly Tyler you are such a liar, you are such a liar, oh Holly Tyler...LMAO!

Dude, check it out if you haven't seen the episode here:

...and then I can't forget Ben's prank on Holly after she played that eviction prank on the boys...oh I laughed for days after seeing that one, check it out:

LMAO LMAO LMAO! Gotta love those guys, especially when they're all together, they are too frickin' adorable!

But as much as I miss everyone on the show, I miss Vince and Holly together the most. I thought these two made the show. The way they knew each other so well and how they would fight and then make up and then fight and be stubborn and then still love each other, oh goodness their love story was the best! And how damn....how hot was Vince? TOTALLY HAWT! I LOVE VINCE, he was so frickin' hilarious. Remember the episode where he kept telling Holly to dump Ben and then she'd be like, "What?" and he'd change his answer and say, "What did you think I said? GOD!" LMAO. I love it and I love him! I wonder what's up with him now, does anyone know?

And the end, do you remember this?

LOVE that song and loved that Tina and Gary hooked it up and Val and Vic and then...Holly and Vince, it ended the way it was supposed to end and I'll forever miss laughing my ass off while watching this show.

Did anyone else watch this show? If so, what were some of your favorite memories from this show?

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I didn't watch it but these clips look cute. Maybe I'll catch up on it with netflix. :)

You totally should, you would love this show like me and Grace, it was such a great laugh out loud sitcom!

hey, does anybody know the name of the song, at val and vic's wedding, when they show all the flashback's of there story??????? been searching for it forever, did they every put out a soundtrack?

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