TV: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Season 2.  

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I didn't watch this show when it first came on last season. I kept meaning to but I kept forgetting when it was on and then other things would come up and I'd forget all about it. But I took the time to catch up on the series yesterday and I'm so glad that I did because I hella love this show.

For those of you guys who are curious about the show but don't know what it's about, here's a quick little recap of what the show is about. In the future, man will go to war with deadly machines who are going to take over the world. John Connor was born to lead the resistance force against the machine. The Machine's get really smart in the war and they go back into the past to try to take John out when he's learning how to be the leader that he's destined to be. So John is going from school to school, trying to stay alive in the middle of many attempts on his life from the different machines sent back to end his life. His future self sends a machine of his own, a machine named Cameron who kicks everyone's ass that tries to kill John and she just totally rocks my socks...I don't trust her but I can't help but hope that she doesn't turn on John because I love her and John together.

Tonight was the season premiere of the second season and wow, what a way to start the season off. I was kinda thinking that Cameron was going to turn bad and I was sad to see that it kinda sorta came true. I can't wait to see what the rest of this season brings where Cameron is concerned, is she going to prove to be untrustworthy? What about Reese? Is he going to get off my iffy list? Cause I don't really get trust him but I still think he is totally hot stuff. I love him but I don't trust him, he hasn't been completely honest with the whole Turk and then the whole Andy thing and it's just pretty crazy that he hasn't said anything yet...although, I guess he doesn't trust them (and by them, I mean Sarah, John and Cameron) which is going to be such an interesting storyline for the season.

I enjoyed tonight's episode, it was totally action packed and just the bomb diggity. I couldn't ever be a leader of men because Cameron totally had me when she was begging John that she was good again and I probably would have let her kill me because I'm dumb like that. I'm so hot damn gullible.

What the heck is Garbage's lead singer? It's going to be interesting to see her part of the storyline come to pass so I seriously cannot wait for more. The other machine that's out and looking for John, that's going to be hella interesting to see his battle with the FBI dude (I'm really bad with the names of the peeps on there that aren't the main characters), I wonder if FBI dude is going to buckle under the pressure and lead him straight to the Connor's.

Another, so does this mean that Kyle Reese is completely done on the show, does this all mean that we're not going to see him ever again? It would have been nice to see John and Kyle together again but then again, I want Sarah to end up with Charlie, so maybe it's a good thing that he's not around.

Is anyone watching this show? Did you guys watch tonight's episode? If so, what did you think? Thoughts?

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G-d'it, I missed this and I did want to catch it. arrrrgh.

(I did watch it last season but it sound like alot happened in this ep!)

Her name is shirley manson I think. I dvr'd it and we'll watch it tonight.

Damn Ro, you make every show you watch so interesting!! LOL I think I'm going to have to watch this series too. Good machines going stuff! LOL

Oh Zeek, you should totally watch this show just as soon as you can. It was pretty good. You can catch it online at FOX.COM I think. That's how I caught up on the shows this past weekend. Lots of storylines were introduced and it's just got a lot going on but I didn't get lost or anything. Good stuff.


Let me know when you watch it and we'll discuss it.


It's all Izzy's fault, I remember a while ago, she was telling me about this show and I wanted to check it out and I'm glad that I did because I lurve this show...and plus, I wanted to see why David Silver won't come back to 90210 and now I know why...I can't say that I blame him though. Love Reese!

I finally watched it and damn. I would've fell for what cameron was saying hook line and sink. lol. I would be dead.

But then end with Shirley Manson, I forget her name on the show. Hot damn, this should be interesting.

ooo ONLINE! Forgot about that! Will def. check it out before the next ep!

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