True Blood - Release Me (Season 2, Epi 7)  

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Alrighty guys in your latest episode of True Blood we jump right into the story...I'll just highlight my fav parts and go from there! :o)

Eric is outside with Isabel talking about the situation of Sookie and Hugo being captured. Eric brings up how Isabel is with a human and he doesn't understand her fixation(obviously we are starting to see something in Eric and Sookie and hes confused by it...I'm totally excited being a part of TEAM ERIC). Isabel tells him its all about love. Humans love more and live more b/c their life is so short. Eric reflects on that a bit but shrugs it off. I can't wait for him and Sook to get a little action. In fact Im a bit sexually frustrated with them. Screw Bill! Give me some Eric! ;o)Bill is still trapped by that ho Lorena (which btw isn't she perfect for that roll?) and he finally gets away by beating her over the head with a flat screen TV! LMAO!!!

When Eric goes to Sook to save her you find out Godric was well aware of the FotS's plan for him and basically he kinda thinks he deserves it. Oh and btw Godric is kinda hot! :o) In the mean time you find out that Hugo is a traitor but the Fellowship doesn't help him at all as far as they are concerned hes a fang banger and his ass is grass!

Obviously they all get caught and Eric tell the FotS that he will go in Godrics place. There's a big fat uproar and by then Bill shows up (*eye roll someone stake this guy already sheesh!) they all get interrupted by more vamps coming in to kill everybody but Godric doesn't let them b/c hes mister high and mighty. Whatever- they all leave. OH but not before Eric basically makes Newlin piss his pants in fear! lol

Later on at a party Lorena and Sook face off and Lorena gets her ego hurt b/c she gets thrown out of the party for trying to punk out Sook! lol I know that's not the last we see of her so the story is gonna start to get better! AND whats even better is how Eric tells Bill that basically Sookie will be his! I sense a little foreshadowing going on here! ;o) All of a sudden a member of the Fellowship comes in and we close on him sacrificing himself to kill everyone (he totally has bombs all over him)!

Oh and a few smaller things...Sam gets away form his gruesome death, Eggs kills Daphne b/c hes being controlled by Maryann, Eggs and Tara eat Daphne's heart in a pie (lmao), AND FINALLY Jessica and Hoyt get some action! lol

So overall it was a busy episode! I really enjoyed this one and yes sometimes the acting is cheesy, and yes the accents make my ears bleed and YES they stray from the book BUT ITS SOOKIE how can you not want to watch it! :o)

Episode 8 is called Timebomb and here I found a sneak peak pic for ya!

Oh and one last thing...Wena, I and Isabel play Sims for fun (where are ya Ames?!?!)...well gals I found this pic of Sookie and Bill Sim style! lol TOO FUNNY!

~Until next time~

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OMG Sookie looks so scary as a SIM. LOL

This episode things finally happened! I felt like all the episodes before this one dragged on and on and on and....on.

I was almost like a breakthrough episode for me! I agree...I waited and waited for this! :o)

I LOVE True Blood. I'm so Team Eric. Bill sucks... ;).

Did you watch this weeks episode?

Anyone else cry?! I thought it was one of the better acted episodes!!!

YES I TOTALLY CRIED ON THIS WKS EPI!!! :*( Ill be putting up the review on it vbery soon! It was SO GOOD! I got some Eric lovin'! TEAM ERIC! WOOT WOOT!

Its awesome show. I love it.

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