TV Mid-term Report Card  

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Here’s a brief update on all the shows I’m watching. And there are a few. LOL


Gossip Girl: When the previous season ended, Serena was seeing Nate but had kissed Dan. Then she jetted off to Paris with a broken-hearted Blair, who didn’t make it in time to declare her love to Chuck (who was stabbed). So now this season, Dan thought he was Georgina’s baby daddy but turns out he wasn’t. Yay. And he’s back with Vanessa. But she’s uber jealous of that kiss with Serena and doesn’t think Dan’s over her. And Vanessa just got humiliated when Nate’s new chick (who’s brother is in jail and hates Serena, so she’s trying to set her up to fail) claimed Vanessa emailed Serena’s professor a scandalous proposal (sex for grades basically). Blair chased off Chuck’s Eastern European “nurse” and now they’re again in a contest of wills. Jenny has been thankfully absent. But I saw in the preview she’s back next week. Boo.

This is the A&E series. TLC also has a series but it’s a bit different. This is the original series and I like watching it because it motivates me to clean up afterwards. LOL I hate when people have dead animals among all their junk though. Boo.


Glee: I don’t know about you guys, but I’m kind of underwhelmed this season so far. I continue to love Sue. I need more Brittany and Santana! More Puck!
No Ordinary Family: This is a new show, with the 3rd episode airing this week. I think it’s an interesting concept and there is some humour in there. I will continue to watch it to see how it goes.


Hell’s Kitchen: Sabrina needs to go. Like yesterday.
America’s Next Top Model: I don’t know why I keep watching this show. My ultimate guiltiest pleasure.

Hellcats: The new cheerleading drama on the CW, it’s not horrible. :P

LA Ink: I miss all the drama around hiring a new shop manager. All the drama now is on Cory working at a different shop and Aubrey showing up there. Meh.


Vampire Diaries: I want Bonnie to die. Katherine being back is awesome. More Damon too.

Nikita: This is a new series starring Maggie Q as a former assassin who is out to get the organization that trained her and killed her fiancé. Kick ass heroine.

The Office: I love Dwight. Jim and Pam are still cute. Still a good show.

Grey’s Anatomy: Christina and Owen got married. She freaked out b/c she was forced at gun point to operate on McDreamy. Meredith finally told her man she had a miscarriage.


Blue Bloods: This is the new family/cop drama starring Tom Selleck and Donnie Wahlberg. I really enjoy it. There’s drama, there’s a secret society, there’s crime to be solved. It has it all. It’s good.


Saturday Night Live: New cast members. Only 3 shows have aired so far and I have to say, Brian Cranston’s show was my fave so far, over Jane Lynch’s gig.


Mad Men: There’s only one episode left. I’ve been kind of meh this season.
Sister Wives: This is a new TLC show about a polygamous family in Utah. I have so many issues with the whole set-up. Elch. And yet, I still watch it. LOL

TV Premiere Schedule for Sept 24  

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8:00 PM

Smallville on the CW

Medium on CBS

9:00 PM

The Good Guys on Fox

Supernatural on the CW


10:00 PM

Blue Bloods on CBS

TV Premiere Schedule for Sept 23  

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8:00 PM

My Generation on ABC

Bones on Fox

Community on NBC

The Big Bang Theory on CBS

8:30 PM

30 Rock on NBC

S#*! My Dad Says on CBS

9:00 PM

Fringe on Fox

Grey's Anatomy on ABC

The Office on NBC


9:30 PM

Outsourced on NBC

10:00 PM

Private Practice on ABC

The Mentalist on CBS

TV Premiere Schedule for Sept 22  

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Ok, Wednesday is chock-full of new tv shows.  This week has been ka-razy! so far and there's no way I can keep up and continue working.  o_O

First up at 8PM

Hell's Kitchen on Fox

The Middle on ABC

Undercovers on NBC

Better With You at 8:30 pm on ABC

9:00 PM

Law & Order: SVU on NBC

Criminal Minds on CBS

Modern Family on ABC

Cougar Town on ABC at 9:30 PM

10:00 PM

The Whole Truth on ABC

The Defenders on CBS

*sigh*  I think I would go crazy trying to see all the new shows coming out this year.  FO SHO

TV Premiere Schedule for Sept 21  

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Tuesday is another fully loaded day!

First up at 8pm:

GLEE!!! on Fox

The Biggest Loser starts on NBC

NCIS is on CBS

At 9pm, the follow shows start:

Raising Hope on Fox

NCIS: Lost Angeles on CBS

Running Wilde airs on Fox at 9:30

Detroit 1-8-7 starts on ABC at 10pm

I'm a Gleek so for sure I'm catching Glee. Also, I think I might check out Running Wilde. Will Arnett is funny (also married to Amy Poehler) and our fave Felicity girl Keri Russell is in it too!

TV Premiere Schedule for Sept 20  

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Tonight is going to be crazy!  Hopefully you have DVR/PVR to help you watch all these shows!

First up at 8:00pm:

Dancing With the Stars is on ABC

Chuck is on NBC

How I Met Your Mother is on CBS

House is on Fox

Then at 8:30 we have:
Rules of Engagement is on CBS

Lone Star is on Fox

The Event is on NBC

Two and a Half Men is on CBS

Mike and Molly is on CBS

Chase is on NBC

Castle is on ABC

Hawaii Five-O is on CBS

With all these new shows, what are you going to watch?

TV Premiere Schedule for Sept 16, 2010  

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It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia begins at 10pm on the FX channel.

At the same time, The Apprentice starts on NBC.

Also on FX, at 10:30 is The League.