The Vampire Diaries - Unpleasantville (Season 1, Epi 12)  

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As Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) try to figure out the identity of the new vampire in town, Stefan gives Elena (Nina Dobrev) jewelry filled with Vervain to protect her family and friends. Hurting for money, Matt (Zach Roerig) takes a job at the Mystic Grill, where former high school football-star Ben (guest star Sean Faris, "Never Back Down"), works as a bartender. Ben comes to Bonnie's (Katerina Graham) aid when he notices Damon is bothering her. Damon and Stefan accompany Elena to a school dance with a 1950s' theme, where Alaric (guest star Matt Davis) introduces himself to Damon. Steven R. McQueen and Sara Canning also star. Liz Friedlander directed the episode written by Barbie Kligman & Brian Young.

So the gang all goes to a 50's sock hop-ish dance and we get to see the dude she hit with her car. He comes after E at the dance and E goes all Buffy on his ass...but it doesnt seem to work! lol The guys get there just in time to save her and kill Mr. Hoodie. Turns out he came after E b/c she "looks like Katherine". Also we find out the Jeremy's little friend hes been hanging with is in fact a vamp and knows the Katherine situation. Shes all crazy about wanting the diaries his grandfather wrote. Who knows whats going on there.

While dodging Damon Bonnie hits on a bar tender (also ex football jock) that pretty hot! This girl is just gorgeous! Well he turns out knowing Jeremy's little vamp ho and her and the bar tender are together. I think they all wanna get Kat out of the tomb! Ok so Matt and Caroline had it out b/c he says hes not over E...or at least he doesnt know if he is. But he ends up kissing her and my heart squeezed! :o) I want them to work out!!! the teachers wife that Damon killed years ago happens to have E's real moms name! So is she her mother...if so does that make him her father??? EPPP!!! He looks a bit young!

Oh and as for Stefan and E their relationship is sweet and fun! I want them to hurry and do it again! lol

As for all the new vamps coming into play (they arent in the books) I like it!! I think this is way better than the books and keeps me staying tuned in!

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I don't like the addition of all these new vamps. I mean, there's enough going on with all the other characters, why make things messier?

Also...for those of us who read the books, we know some blood exchange is gonna have to start happening soon if you know who changes by the end of season one...or are the producers not doing that? GRRR

I must say that I have been waiting for some blood exchange! I mean they already had sex...

I love this show. Personally i love vampires .This shows was great!!I love it!!!!!!Stefen is my favorite vampire he is s hot and funny.Even my sister like this show therfore I download the vampire diaries episodes whenever we miss and watch together.

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