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Ok, really quick overview on my shows.


The two episodes have been meh. Nothing exciting with the cases. Nothing happening with Booth and Brennan or Angela/Hodges/Wendell. There is a hiatus until April I believe. And we're getting the 100th episode special. We're gonna flashback to their first care. If you don't remember, the first episode was NOT their first care. Which means we get to see Zack! By the way, what is going on with him?

Also Sweets is going to show Booth and Brennan his book. I can't wait!


Still loving this show very much. Kate finally found the man who killed her mother but doesn't know why. And he died before Kate can get answers.

The Good Wife

Oh my god! I loved when Kalinda was on the stand talking about client #12. It took me a while to realize it was the judge. HA HA HA! Thanks to that, Peter is allowed a new trial and can live at home under house arrest. This shall be interesting.

Grey's Anatomy

Ok.. Izzy is still gone. Alex slept with Lexie again. Dude, file for divorce! I'm so annoyed with Izzy and this plot.

Lexie and Mark have broken up. Mark's daughter has skipped town. He wanted her to stay so he could help raise his grand kid, the but the daughter isn't wanting that responsibility.

After telling Owen she loves him, Teddy wants things to be like they were. Owen feels like he's cheating cause he once felt the same. teddy tells Owen, in front Christina, she's good and moved on.

Pretty eyes needs a story cause I love him. Yeah it's for his eyes, but I don't care. I like him.

Bailey looks like she's gonna start dating soon.

Derek is chief until Chief can stop drinking. I believe that's about it.

Sorry of the sucky recaps but oh well. I'll try and do better next week.

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