Why I Love Pushing Daisies  

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*sigh* I DVR'd every episode of Pushing Daisies and parcelled out half episodes until recently. It still didn't last me long enough. So I thought I'd still talk about why I love this show and can't wait for a deal to be struck between the greedy asses and the Writers.

1. The love between Ned and Chuck. If some of you don't know, Ned can bring the dead back to life. For one minute. If the dead person/animal is alive for longer than a minute, something else must die instead. And if Ned touches the thing he revives, it dies immediately. So in the very first episode, Ned has to revive his first love, Chuck, the one that got away and the one he never got over. And since he revives her and her death made the news, she needs to hide out with him. And they still lub each other! But he can never touch her or she'll die. So yeah, Saran Wrap kisses are the new hottest thing for this tv viewer. LOL And it just breaks my heart when they have to hug themselves.
2. The second thing I love about Pushing Daisies is the dialog. Especially the dialog over the corpses. It's good stuff.
3. Olive's matching decor. And Olive is just a great character.
4. This is weird, but I like that Paul Reubens is on this show. He's a kooky guy and I think he fits right in here.

One Tree Hill: I Forgot To Remember to Forget.  

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Awwww! To quote Brooke last night, "This should be interesting."

Last night's One Tree Hill episode cleared up a lot of the questions that I had over the past couple of weeks about what happened between Peyton and Lucas. Because last week when Peyton got to going off on Lucas about saying what he did about her and the bartender, I was like, "And why is she mad? I know the reason they are not together is because she done did something stupid."

But I'm happy to report that I was wrong.

It was Lucas who messed things up between him and Peyton and it's totally obvious that things are far from over between these two.

I'm doing my happy dance at the news.

Seeing how things went down 3 years ago between everyone, fills in all of the gaps and makes me one happy camper for the things that are still to come. I love Nathan and Haley but let's be real, for me...it's all about Lucas and Peyton.

And last night's episode was ALL Lucas and Peyton. It was so good to see these two back in action together, even if it was old stuff from 3 years ago. It was good to see these two happy again because when we left them at the end of last season, these two had just found their way back to each other and they were happy and in love and most importantly, TOGETHER. It didn't make sense for them to come back after the break and NOT be together and with no kind of explanation. After seeing last night's episode, it was more than obvious that once again, these two are not done.

I'm really excited to see how things pan out between Lindsay/Lucas/Peyton because, those two are still in love with each other and I'm so glad that it was Lucas that messed things up for them two and not Peyton, like last time.

It was cute to see Lucas living with Nathan and Haley and seeing Nathan and Haley happy again. They're on their way back to where they used to be in terms of being happy but still...and then with them trying this week to get back to where they used to be as a couple, next week's previews confuse the hell out of me, so you mean to tell me in one week, Nathan goes from being the doting husband who wants his relationship with his wife to get better to the cheating husband who's doing the nanny....WTH??? Doesn't make one lick of sense, I think it's a dream that Haley is going to have and I still think that the Nanny is like some obsessed fan of Haley from back in her singing days. The more obvious storyline just doesn't make sense.

But anyway, back to Lucas and Peyton...and Brooke. Man, I just love Brooke. I remember when I used to hate her when she was in high school for being the little hooty hoo that she was but man, she's grown up these days...and when she didn't go for Lucas (even though she was tipsy) and she was loyal to Peyton, it made me love her all the more. When she was there for Lucas but still true to Peyton and her friendship, I just became an even bigger Brooke fan. I'm never going to be a Brooke/Lucas fan, or a dare I say it? A Brucas fan but it was nice to see them being friends again. It was nice to see that Brooke cares enough for the both of them (Lucas and Peyton) that she would give Lucas good advice.

Last night's show was great and it opens the door for so many new things and more drama and I just cannot effing wait.

What did you guys think of last night's show? Love it or hate it? Are you over the whole Leyton thing or are you like Lindsay said....rootin' for Lucas and Peyton? And what about Nathan and Haley? Do you think Nathan is really going to cheat on Haley with the Nanny?


no new releases for you!  

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I'm not doing new releases for this Tuesday because nothing is worth mentioning, imo. I'm not renting anything released this week.

But if you're curious, here are the releases.

Check Out My Friend Ryan!  

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So my friend Ryan is in a commercial for Bally's Total Fitness and like the idiot that I am, I shrieked like a crazy lady in the middle of the day at work in the front lobby and caused everyone to stop in their tracks and inquire as to my mental stability.


I'm just so excited for Ryan because he was pretty stoked about being chosen to be in this commercial. He's a pretty handsome chap and you can't really see much of him in this commercial but his friends are able to spot him (that's me) and if you look really close, you'll be able to see him too...he's the guy with his back to the camera when the main chick is talking, he's on the machine right behind her. Then he's in it toward the end of the commerical as part of the aerobics class. He's got a grey tee shirt on with black pants on.

That's my friend Ryan, I call him superstar because I see him on TV all the time. LOL. And he says he hated the girl who did all the talking, the "actress" because she was such a big snob and she acted like a diva, so he said that he would make his machine beep to mess her up while she's saying her lines, I couldn't stop cracking up...that's my dawg!

Here's what he looks like, just in case it's hard for you to spot him in the commercial...I totally stole this picture (with his permission of course) from his facebook. LOL.

He showed me this dance tonight, with a foam pole, I was laughing....a lot. haha. And now for the commercial that made Ryan so famous! haha.

Handle that, Ryan...you cutie patootie!

TV Shows: Making the Band 4.  

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Dun dun dahhhhhhh, it's back!

Making the Band is back and it's supposed to be better than ever. This season will follow all three of the new acts of Bad Boy while they make their new album. It's Danity Kane from Season 3 and the boys from last season and then the solo act, Donnie. All back and doing the dang thang in the studio. The girls need to make another hot record and the boys need to make sure that their first album is hot. Donnie too.

Tonight's episode was about them all coming back to New York to start work on their albums. They have 5 weeks to finish their albums and make sure that it's platinum material.

We see the groups singing in the studio and then we see all of them actin' a fool in the clubs and my favorite part of the show was when Diddy told Aubrey about herself. I used to like Aubrey when she first came onto the small screen, during the season when Danity Kane was first getting started, I loved Aubrey, I was an Aubrey fan but the girl be doing too much and I just can't seem to care for her anymore and from previews on the show it looks like she does Donnie dirty and I really don't like that.

There are going to be hook ups on this show and I'm thinking Aubrey and Donnie and then Q and Dawn, I think Q and Dawn are cute but dude, Q is only frickin' 19? Holy crap in the pants, Dawnizzle you better be careful!

I think my favorite Danity Kane girl (there are two) is Andrea and Dawn. They're low key and real and they're just fun...I like their personalities.

It's going to be real interesting to see how this season unfolds with all of them stressin' over making the best album they can. Right now, I'm really digging the boys song and Donnie's song, Donnie's song is cheesy but still catchy and I can't wait to hear the final version of the song. The boys slow jam sounds really good (I thought Brian sounded good when Diddy was raggin' on him), the girls first song right now is just okay but I'm sure it'll grow on me just like Sleep On It did during their season, oh goodness I will never forget that.

I can't wait to see what comes together with all of these different people, living in close proximity of each other and then seeing all the sparks fly, this season's gonna be hot and I can't effing wait!

Reality Sunday  

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Girls Next Door

I was looking forward to this episode. The way the commercials looked was that Hef was going to the playmate test shoot and that he was flirting with one of the potential playmates. They show Holly looking on like she's jealous.

It was nothing like that. I was bummed.

4 girls come over to test for playboy. First was Angel. I didn't like her voice. It was kind of like she had sucked on too much helium as a child and her voice never went back to normal. She was cute but meh. There was Melanie, I think her name was. She was cute. There was another brunette. I didn't really like her. She didn't have a playmate look to me. Then there was Kayla. I thought for sure she would've gotten it. Nope, it was the brunette that I didn't care for that got it. My husband didn't think she was all that cute either.

But there was no drama. Hef did show up at he shoot. He hugged Kayla. Took one picture and that was that. Sigh.

My Fair Brady

This one made up the drama i was hoping for in GND.

So Adrienne took some sexy photos for Chris's birthday. She also had her best friend pose nude with her. Adrienne thought for sure Chris would love these photos because isn't that every guy's fantasy.

For Chris' 49th birthday, she rents a cabin up in Big Bear. The night before Adrienne fished around asking Chris if he liked cold weather. He said nope. Which kind of bummed Adrienne out. They end up having fun though. They went inner tubing and had a snowball fight.

They come back to the cabin and Adrienne prepares dinner for him and even puts 49 candles on the cake. After he blew out the candles came the gifts.

She first gives him a photo of just her. Which Chris loved saying he can never have too many pictures of Adrienne. Then she presents him the photo album. He's just kind of quiet flipping through it at Adrienne is saying, "Isn't that hot." "Here let me look at it." Chris is just uncomfortable with it and tells her that he's disturbed by it.

They get into a huge fight. I mean huge. Adrienne is crying and wailing how nothing happened at the shoot, how she's not a lesbian, she only loves chris and how she thought he'd love the pictures. Chris isn't buying it. And he asks for a separation and leaves while Adrienne is crying.

Hot damn. I really felt bad for Adrienne. She had good intentions but it just blew up in her face. I think Chris over reacted. I understand him being uncomfortable about it but he didn't have to leave her crying like that.

Next week shows him returning to the cabin. If you want to watch the clip, click here.

Guest Review: Sweeney Todd  

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Our first guest blogger!! Woot. LOL Nath has given into my pleading and written a movie review for us.

Directed by Tim Burton
Starring: Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, Alan Rickman…

Movie Description: Fifteen years ago, Benjamin Barker was sent away for a crime he didn’t commit by Judge Turpin, who was in lust with Benjamin’s wife. Now returning to London as Sweeney Todd with the help of young sailor Anthony Hope, Sweeney’s only desire is to reunite with his wife and daughter. Upon learning that his wife has poisoned herself with arsenic and that Judge Turpin has adopted his daughter, Johanna, Sweeney now thirsts for revenge. With the help of Mrs. Lovett, Sweeney puts his plan into motion by opening a barber shop above Mrs. Lovett’s Meat Pie Shop where you can find “the worst pies in London.”

This is a musicale and it was based on a Broadway show… and it’s not a funny movie ^_^; Fair warning: Johnny Depp plays a serial killer in this movie and the entire title is: “Sweeney Todd – The Demon Barber of Fleet Street.” Personally, I didn’t know what to expect when my friends dragged me to this movie. All I knew was that Johnny was in it, which was a good reason for me to go see it, and that he was singing. It’s only when I sat in the theater and the movie started that I realized it was going to be very bloody… and when Johnny sang his first line, I knew that I wouldn’t understand half of the movie. I don’t have a good ear and I’m used to listening to foreign music, so I never pay attention to the lyrics… so even if the movie was in English, I had difficulty understand everything. However, it didn’t ruin the movie too much for me.

The plot is quite simple, but interesting… if not a bit disgusting… My only complaint is that I would have like to know what happened to Anthony and Johanna at the end, although I understand that they were not the focus of the movie. Also, I did find it a bit unrealistic that Johanna would trust Anthony that much by simply seeing him once. Perhaps it was because he was the complete opposite of Judge Turpin and his dog, Beadle Bamford.

The actors all did a great job. I loved Helena Bonham Carter’s interpretation of Mrs. Lovett, she was perfect with all those facial expressions and emotions while singing. The pillar of the movie was obviously Johnny Depp, but if it wasn’t for Helena Bonham Carter, I think the movie wouldn’t have been as good. She was the comedic relief element in the movie and was very much needed. I applauded Johnny Depp for taking this role. The great thing about Johnny is that he varies his roles and appearances for the movies. All his roles have been very distinctive and that proves how great of an actor he is. Again, he pulled out a great performance in this movie and his singing is quite interesting LOL. However, he must be careful, because we do see some of “Jack Sparrow” movements and demeanor at odd moments during the movie. Some people do not mind, others will. Alan Rickman did a good job as well as Judge Turpin and bad villain as well as the little actor for Toby.

Finally, I’d like to say that the costumes and make-up were great as well as the grey-ish color of the movie… it all added up to make the movie very somber and “unhappy” just as it should be. It puts the viewers in a better context I think. Big warning though is that there is a lot of blood in this movie, very bright, liquid-y and fake-looking… but I think that was the goal of the movie… and the noises they make when the victims die can be disturbing.

So I’m giving it a B+ and hope you all enjoy it…

Good Luck Chuck  

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Ok, this movie had some funny parts. It also had some ewwwww.... please fast forward parts. There are parts of this movie that are soft porn. Which my husband enjoyed.

So.. yeah this movie was ok. Nothing great.

It's worthing catching on cable.

Grade: C.

One Tree Hill: Season 5, It's Alright Ma, I'm Already Bleeding  

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Alright, I know this post is like a week too late but still, I just barely saw the entire episode and I want to slit Quentin's throat and I want to smack the shit out of Brooke's Mom. Goodness, why hasn't Brooke fired her stupid ass? It's totallly obvious that she cares more about business and what the business (Brooke's business at that) can do for her. She cares about all of that above, the happiness of her daughter and really, should it really surprise us, since this is the same mother who let her 16 year old daughter live on her own for so long while she lived in ANOTHER STATE ON A DIFFERENT COAST!

Her mouth is just as bad as Mouth's bosses mouth and I cannot frickin' stand that tramp either. Goodness, there are so many people on this show now that just get on my frickin' nerves. Even Lindsey with all of her happy go lucky, do gooder crap gets on my effing nerves, but she is serving a purpose and that purpose will lead us straight back to Lucas and Peyton so I'm dealing with her for now, but she's not sticking around...not for very long, atleast she better not be there very long.

Seeing Haley doing her thing with the music stuff is good to see because I liked her singing thing back when she was in high school, even though she was really stupid about it and it almost cost her, her marriage but seriously....I can't wait to see what she does with Mia and how great Mia's sound is going to be because she really is great! I'm glad that K Fed got the ax because he's just as bad as frickin' Quentin. He got on my hot damn nerves with his bootleg rock star complex.


As a whole this episode was pretty cool. I love that Nathan is taking an interest in SOMETHING, even if it's that stupid asshat of a character, Quentin and if he can turn that kid's attitude and make that fool a man, I'll be one happy camper. I'm just glad that Nathan has a purpose now, a purpose outside of his family and I'm just frickin' glad that we're seeing him in action.

And Peyton, get over it...you know that Lucas is a BIG reason why you came back to Tree Hill. He's home to you and sooner or later, you guys will get back together, stop running from your feelings, you're not in high school anymore. Chin up, you guys are meant to be and it's only a matter of time before you guys find your way back to each other.

I still need more Jamie and what the heck is Carrie's deal? What's her agenda? She's slowing inching her way into Haley's family and I just wonder where they're going to go with that storyline, is she going to have an affair with Nathan or is she going to be one big stalker fan girl of Haley's or is she going to plant herself into Jamie's life so much so that Jamie will wish that she was his Mom or what? Grrrrrrrrrr, I'm just really wishing I knew what the hell her deal was.

I hate the Mouth and his boss storyline, blah.

I want Skills to have a frickin' storyline, bring Bevin back or something, fill in the blanks because that storyline just fell through the cracks, dude...bring on a storyline for this one seriously.

Next week's show promises to be a good one, especially since there's lots and lots of Leyton love going on, so YAY!


Movie Reviews: Smokin' Aces  

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Starring: Ryan Reynolds, Alicia Keys, Ray Liotta, Ben Affleck, Jeremy Piven, etc.
Rating: R, for strong bloody violence, pervasive language, some nudity and language.
Grade: B

Mob boss Primo Sparazza has taken out a hefty contract on Buddy "Aces" Israel--a sleazy magician who has agreed to turn state's evidence against the Vegas mob. The FBI, sensing a chance to use this small-time con to bring down big-target Sparazza, places Aces into protective custody-under the supervision of two agents dispatched to Aces' Lake Tahoe hideout. When word of the price on Aces' head spreads into the community of ex-cons and cons-to-be, it entices bounty hunters, thugs-for-hire, deadly vixens and double-crossing mobsters to join in the hunt. With all eyes on Tahoe, this rogues' gallery collides in a comic race to hit the jackpot and rub out Aces.

I went into watching this movie, confused as all get out. It took my brother's room mate to explain to me what was going on for me to finally get what the heck everyone was up to, who everyone was and just everything and I've got to say that this movie was pretty hot darn good. There's plenty of action, like non stop action and the little world that the writer of this movie created was pretty crazy but entertaining as all get out.

Jeremy Piven looked disflippin'gusting in this movie but he did his character justice. He was a little shit and I wouldn't care for someone like him in real life but still, he played his character well. Martin Henderson did his character good too. It was pretty cool.

My favorite character in the whole movie was Ryan Reynolds. Boy has this one come along way from his days as Van Wilder. He looks older, sharper and just yummier. I love his hair cut and his macho do gooder attitude in this movie. I was a fan of him and his partner and that scene with Ray Liotta and the bad guy in the elevator was pretty frickin' great.

Alicia Keys was another great addition to this cast, there were so many people in this movie and so many big name stars that there must have been great hype and for me, the hype won out because I really enjoyed this movie. I have to watch it again so that I can understand everything completely but I did enjoy the heck out of all the shooting, all the confusion and just everything.

I'd pimp this movie out...for sure.

Movie Review: The Invisible  

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Starring: Justin Chatwin, Margarita Levieva, Marcia Gay Harden, etc.
Rating: PG-13, for violence, criminality, sensuality and language - all involving teens.
Grade: D

Nick, is a high school senior with a bright future until, in a tragic case of mistaken identity, he is brutally attacked by a troubled girl, Annie, and his body is left for dead. Now in limbo, not quite dead but invisible to the living, his spirit can only watch as his mother and the police search frantically for him, unaware that he is only hours away from truly perishing.

I watched this movie the other night with Grace and my family and man was this movie so stupid. I didn't really care for any of it. It was kind of boring, it was unbelievable and it made cops look very stupid. They searched the area in which the body was dumped, with dogs no less and they walked right over his body and NO ONE found him? The dogs couldn't sniff him out?

NOT ONE PERSON in the whole boat load of people that were looking for him, didn't check underneath that big ol' sewer cover thingy?

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Then there was Annie. I hated this tramp, I wanted her to die a slow death and I wanted the flies to all have a go at her body, she was such a stupid tramp. She's one of those teens that I can't frickin' stand. They're mad at the world because their Mom died and their Dad emotionally abuses them and they want a better life for them and their kid brothers/sisters. So instead of being a good example to her little brother, she goes out and she fights the world and spits in everyone's face because she's got a bad home life. And then she goes home and tries to act like she's this angel to her little brother, who looks up to her and loves her no matter what.

I hate characters like this and then the whole movie was spent with Annie trying to find herself, with her trying to find the good part of her and she gets this whole emotional makeover and for me, it just didn't work.

I hated her in the beginning and I hated her at the end, regardless of Nick's transformation. And the boys she ran with, how they jumped to do her every bidding, not because she was this hot little number and they were in lust with her but because they were scared of her? OMGOSH, that had to be the stupidest thing EVER, I mean...she's just this little girl, they both could have jumped the hell out of her together and yet, they didn't...because they were too scared.

So stupid.

And then how Nick's friend ratted him out for a crime he didn't do and gets Nick beat the hell up pissed me off too. Oh gosh, this whole movie pissed me off so I will say this....DON'T BOTHER WASTING TIME TO WATCH THIS...it's a dumb movie.

Blah. I could have used the time I spent watching this movie, reading a book or something and I didn't, so I'm mad.


Movie Reviews: Nanny Diaries  

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Starring: Scarlet Johanssen, Chris Evans, Laura Linney
Rating: PG-13 for language
Grade: B-

A 21-year-old New York University student becomes a nanny to a family on the Upper East Side who turns out to be the family from hell.The story of the journey of Annie Braddock, a young woman from a working-class neighborhood in New Jersey, struggling to understand her place in the world. Fresh out of college, she gets tremendous pressure from her nurse mother to find a respectable position in the business world although Annie would prefer to trade in her blackberry for an anthropologist's field diary. Through a serendipitous meeting, Annie ends up in the elite and ritualistic culture of Manhattan's Upper East Side--as remote from Annie's suburban New Jersey upbringing as life in an Amazon tribal village. Choosing to duck out of real life, Annie accepts the position as a nanny for a wealthy family, referred to as simply "the X's." She quickly learns that life is not very rosy on the other side of the tax bracket, as she must cater to the every whim of Mrs. X and her precocious son Grayer, while attempting to avoid the formidable Mr. X. Life becomes even more complicated when Annie falls for a gorgeous Park Avenue Hottie, and she's forced to explore her identity as never before.

Before I get on with my review can I just tell you how frickin' pretty Scarlett Johanssen is? She is beautiful and I wouldn't mind at all if Justin Timberlake wanted to be with her because beautiful people should be with beautiful people. That's just my opinion.

But anyway, on with the review. This movie was cute. It was one of those fluffy movies that you can't help but like. It's not deep, it's not about global warming, the war in Iraq and it doesn't have twenty million people dying or monsters trying to kill you, it's just about a girl who's trying to find out what and who she is because she doesn't know. She knows what she wants to do and she knows what she doesn't want to do and she takes a summer to find out exactly who she is.

And I was digging this whole movie.

From her friendship with Alicia Keys, to her crush on Harvard Hottie and her love for Grayer. I thought it was all just so cute. I loved when she set all of Harvard Hottie's friends straight and told them about themselves, I loved when she won Grayson over and when she finally went on her date with Harvard Hottie, I thought it was so cute. What I didn't like about her was the way that she let everyone walk all over her, especially Mrs. X and her Mom. She never spoke up for herself and even when she finally did, she didn't do it to Mrs. X's face, she did it to a frickin' teddy bear, to a NANNY CAM!

She didn't really get over anything, she didn't face her fears, she almost did but she didn't really do it. The movie would have been so much better, had she done that but beside that little thing, the movie was cute, good and wholesome even. I was glad that we watched this because Chris Evans is too cute.

I hated Mrs. X's husband, I hated Mrs. X too and I hated how the rich people in this movie ignored their kids for the most part and then had all those stupid nanny seminars where they pick their nanny's apart, all in the name of building up their nanny/mommy relationships. It was just so stupid and when Mrs. X got her ass handed to her on that damn silver plattter in the form of Annie telling the teddy bear off and how everyone witnessed it, that was frickin' the bomb because she needed to be told about herself and I'm glad that everyone witnessed her set down.

All in all, this was a cute movie, one that you guys should rent because Chris Evans always makes for a good reason to watch a movie...and Scarlett is just so adorable in this one.

Ace of Cakes  

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I happened to catch a new episode of Ace of cakes last night. Warner Brothers asked Ace of Cakes to make the Hogwarts Castle for the Harry Potter movie premiere. They wanted the castles part non edible. But everything else looked like it was.

I tried to find a picture of it, but couldn't find one. I did find a trailer for the episode so you'll get a glimpse of it.

Geof cracks me up. But the Hogwarts cake looked awesome and they put it all together was just amazing.

Project Runway  

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YES! Victorya is gone!!! Yay. I'm happy now. This week they had to create an iconic look using denim.


Ok, why was Jillian trying to make a coat like the one she made last week?

I don't like Christian. He bugs me. I didn't care for this outfit.

I don't hate it but I don't like it either.

This was cute but I think Rami's dress was cuter. I agree with what everyone is saying though about Ricky crying all the time. Ugh. I changed the channel when the tears made their appearance.

I thought for sure this dress would win. Finally Rami does something besides draping.

This was just ugly. And I'm glad it got her off the show!

The nominees for the 2008 Academy Awards are….  

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Best Movie:
-Michael Clayton
-No Country for Old Men
-There Will be Blood

Best Actress:
-Cate Blanchett for Elizabeth, the Golden Age
-Julie Christie for Away from Her
-Marion Cotillard for La Vie en Rose
-Laura Linney for the Savages
-Ellen Page for Juno

Best Actor:
-George Clooney for Michael Clayton
-Daniel Day Lewis for There Will be Blood
-Johnny Depp for Sweeny Todd
-Tommy Lee Jones for In the Valley of the Elah
-Viggo Mortensen for Eastern Promises

from USAToday. See complete list HERE.

Prison Break- Dirt Nap  

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If you missed it, here is the episode recap.

All right, I missed the first 5 minutes. Ugh. I caught when Mahone recieved a picture of his son. So I missed when Molly visits Michael. I'm thinking this is Whistler's wife and Sofia is his mistress. Sofia is gonna be butt hurt when she finds out. Of course because this is what I'm thinking, it won't happen. I'm always wrong when it comes to these type of things.

Sofia and Linc. I thought it was sweet he bought her an Eiffel tower key chain. Possible love connection there?

I'm very upset Bellick is now part of the escape. I was hoping to see him get his butt kicked so I was really bummed when that didn't happen. I don't like T-Bag being part of the escape either but he has been helping out so he does deserve it. It's going to be like season 1 when by the time they escaped they had all these people in their little gang. Which means the more people there are, the more that can be sacrificed in the escape. I'm wondering who won't make it.

What I don't get, is why didn't Luchero or T-Bag warn Michael not to come outside? I was afraid for a moment that Sammy would be part of the escape. But Scofield is smart cookie removing the metal piece. I knew once the dirt came crashing down on Sammy, Scofield did something. Whistler should know that Michael wouldn't willingly put their lives in danger while trying to escape. Glad Mahone looked like he knew Michael pulled the pin out. Although I know Scofield must be feeling some guilt about causing Sammy's death.

Sucre... I'm hoping he's not going to double cross Linc. I'll be very upset if he does. He's been one of my favorites since the beginning. He should have know better not to cash that check. He should have deposited it at one bank and then wire the money at another. Now he put Maricruz and the baby in danger.

What do you think going to happen?

27 Dresses  

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Yesterday, I went with my mom and sister to watch 27 Dresses. That movie is so cute. You must watch it. James Marsden is a cutie and I love his cynical self and how Jane figured it was all just for show. That he really is a softie.

Since Rowena and Gracie already reviewed it, I'm just going to list my favorites scenes:

* When Jane tries on all the bridesmaids dresses for Kevin. Some of those were hideous! When she pulled out the southern belle dress I whispered to my sister, "At least I didn't make you wear that."

* When Kevin and Jane sing Benny and the Jets at the bar. LOL.

* When Kevin helps Jane down from the bar and admits he cried like a baby.

* When her little electronic date books goes off and Benny and Jets play.

* When Jane suggests registering ugly things on Tess' register to cheer Kevin up.

* When Jane finds Kevin penciled himself in for every Saturday in her day planner.

So yes, see this movie. I think Joey, my hubby, would have liked it, but he said he wasn't going to watch a chick flick with a bunch of girls.

And because he's a cutie:

Tee hee.

Grade: Worth the money at the theater and worth buying, A

New Releases on DVD for Tuesday, January 22  

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Hopefully, this week's offerings will be better than the disappointment that was Good Luck Chuck. BLAH.

Reservation Road - Starring Mark Ruffalo (yum!), Joaquin Phoenix (woot) and Jennifer Connelly. I can't seem to find a release date for the DVD, but Blockbuster has it coming out this Tuesday. Should be good, with that cast.

Saw IV - I've never seen any of these movies but a friend of mine said this was really really gory. I'm morbid. We shall see.

Sydney White I believe is a take on the tale of Snow White? Could be wrong.

The Game Plan starring the Rock. I'll probably watch this. I like cheesy movies starring hot guys and cute bulldogs. So sue me. LOL

For more new releases, go here.


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Starring: Lizzy Caplan, T.J. Miller, Michael Stahl-David, Mike Vogel

My description of the movie: Shot with a video camera, Cloverfield is the freaky ass escape attempt a bunch of friends make through a monster-ravaged New York.

The movie opens up with Rob videotaping Beth, waking up in bed. Then it cuts to Jason, Rob's brother, taping Lily, getting ready for Rob's going away party. Rob is going to Japan-and Lily, Jason's girlfriend, has organized a party. She gives Jason the task of videotaping Rob's friend's testimonials (like they do at weddings) but Jason quickly hands the job over to Hud, Rob's best friend. And Hud controls that damn camera for the rest of the movie. Sometimes that's funny, because Hud has the worst small talk ever, and then sometimes it's annoying, because Hud looks to Rob for everything, and Rob's a jerk who doesn't tell anyone what he's doing, he just runs off, leaving everyone to chase him. (This is some of my frustration speaking.)

I loved this movie, but it was not perfect. The home video approach is novel, but quickly wears thin. Tripping, running...yeah yeah, it all adds to the scariness, and it works, but it some instances its damn annoying. That's really the only beef I have with this movie though. And I do admit, the home video feel works for this movie. I was freaked out!! And it really gets you invested in the characters. Hud, the goofy best friend, Rob, Jason, Lily, Marlena and Beth.

The monsters? Freaky. The big monster (building sized) is referred to as a terrible thing. And then there are smaller creatures, referred to as "other things, far more terrible." LMAO!! I had a good laugh at that one. And it's true. What those smaller creatures can do...blech.

My grade? I'm going to give this a B. I'd go see it in the theater again, I'd buy the dvd. I'm not giving it an A because of the annoyance factor. LOL And it's definitely not for everyone. If you don't like your movies outside the box, this is not for you.

Movie Review: 27 Dresses  

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Starring: Katherine Heigl, James Marsden
Rating: PG-13, for language, some innuendo and sexuality.
Grade: B+

Jane is idealistic, romantic and completely selfless--a perennial bridesmaid whose own happy ending is nowhere in sight. But when younger sister Tess captures the heart of Jane's boss--with whom she is secretly in love--Jane begins to reexamine her "always-a-bridesmaid..." lifestyle.

So Mulu and I were really bored last night and weren't in the mood to call it a night at 11 so we caught the last showing of 27 Dresses, nevermind that we had to drive all out of our way to see it but see it, we did...and I'm so glad that we did because like Grace said, this movie was really good.

You could see Jane's need from the beginning of the mood to control everyone's big day, to be apart of everyone's big day because this girl took wedding fetishes to a new level. She was in 27 Dresses and she took care of every little detail of every wedding with ease..she was like a professional bridesmaid. She was the bomb. I don't see her finding her own mate very easy since she was basically crazy but she found her Prince Charming in the person she didn't think she'd fall in love with at all. I didn't like Edward Burns for her, for me, right from the very beginning it was all about Kevin Doyle.

He was just so great. Funny, sexy and wait, did I just call him sexy? LOL...YES! The way James Marsden played this character was just so natural and charming that you couldn' t help but fall in love with him. He cracked me up each and every time he came onto the camera, the way he was with Jane, the way he could bring a smile to her stubborn face and the way he sang that song in the bar, totally won me over. The guy is the kind of guy that all women long for. Sexy, funny, smart...he's a total dime and I WANT HIM!

I enjoyed seeing Jane and Tess fight their way to the end. Tess pissed me off with all of the lies and all of the bossing Jane around and then Jane pissed me off with her letting everyone walk all over her. I was so glad when Kevin finally told her about herself.

This movie totally won me over and I cannot wait to own it. Like Grace said in her review of this movie, this is the perfect chick flick. The perfect movie for an outing with your girlfriends and it's just what the doctor would order on a night when you need some romance in your life to give you that extra boost of hope to us single gals out there.

This movie was great, go watch it!

GND-The Full Monte Carlo  

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This week, the girls are off to Monte Carlo. They have been invited by the prince to promote their show. Before stopping to Monte Carlo, they make a pit stop in Paris and Sandro Pe for Kendra's birthday.

Sandro Pe looked so much fun and beautiful. They had this one drink and it was huge. I believe they said there were like 5 different alcohols in there. It kind of looked like a mini mountain. I wish I could find a picture of it. Oh well.

After that, they went to Monte Carlo. Now, i think it was the first night they were there, Hef told him they should go to bed early cause they had a long day ahead of them. I would think Hef would be out partying. ha ha. Anyway, Kendra and Bridget still wanted to go out. The looks on their faces when Hef suggested going to bed early was too funny.

Off Kendra and Bridget go with a couple of other people to see where the night takes them. They decide they want to visit the prince. They go his palace and just start walking along thinking they can just go up to the front door and say hey. Except, some guards stopped them and they wound up in jail.

Now why would they think they could just walk up to the prince's door and say what's up? These girls I swear. They were released a few hours later. Some of the articles I read had Kendra saying she was upset cause in cut into her drinking time. Freaking Kendra. ha ha.

The next day they met the Prince. They said he was really nice and that he thought them coming up to visit him was funny. That was nice he was a good sport about it all. I would have thought they were stalkers and requested security. LOL!

Project Runway  

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So the designers had to create something for an avant-garde look. Then they had to recreate the look for the every day look. The designers were paired into teams of two.

Here are the photos.

Victorya and Jillian. One of the top two. I do like the jacket in the first picture. The dress was made at the very last minute. Even though the look was good, I was hoping they wouldn't win. 1) I don't really like Victorya. 2) She won last week when she shouldn't have. Yes, I'm still bitter.

Rami and Sweet Pea. There was some drama between these two. Poor Sweet Pea's ideas were falling on deaf ears. Rami wanted to do the dress his way. And Hedi was right to say about his draping, "Is that all you can do?" We need to see something else.

Christian and Chris. This is the look that won. I'm glad they won. I like Chris and I didn't want Victorya's team to win. ha ha. I don't know about the blouse in the second picture. Meh.

Kit and Ricky. Kit was sent home. I didn't want her to leave. She had some nice designs. But I knew they wouldn't send Rami home. I didn't think the looks were that bad. After reading what avant-garde meant, I could see why the judges weren't in love it with it.

Good Luck Chuck  

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This movie wasn't great, so I'm doing a half-assed review. LOL

The beginning was funny...then it turns into a porno for 5 minutes, then Dane Cook goes crazy (really bonkers) and the movie never recovers after that.

Don't get me wrong, it definitely had its funny moments, but it really lagged at the end. And all the funny stuff was in the previews anyway, so there's nothing new.

The funniest thing happened during my watching of this movie. She-Ra was playing with the cat on my lap, and the cat lunged at her and scared her, and she jumped backwards - off the couch and onto the floor. LMAO!! Poor thing, her eyes went soo big when she realized there was nothing to stop her fall. Good thing she fell off the foot part of the recliner couch and that it wasn't reclined all the way. Still, it was funny.

One Tree Hill: My Way Home Is Through You  

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So last night was another night filled with brand new episodes from my absolute favoritest show, One Tree Hill and though it wasn't the action packed episode that was last week, I still enjoyed it anyway.

I may be biased though.

Though we made some leeway with Nathan's character, I'm still far from satisfied with the way his character turned out. But I'm happy with Nathan for the moment because last night was a good start. I loved that he went to see Dan in Prison and I'm glad that we got to see Dan and what he's up to right now, I'm glad that Nathan was strong enough to walk away from his Dad for good because right now, Nathan needs to stand on his own two feet and he needs to be the kind of father he always wanted to have, for Jamie and I can totally see that he'll get there.

Jamie is just too cute, don't you think? I mean, that little kid totally makes the show just 10 times better and I'm so glad that Haley got pregnant last season, LOL. The way he looks up to Nathan just warms my heart and makes me want to do a happy dance. I'm so glad that Nathan didn't stop him from playing basketball because it is so obvious that the boy loves the game. With so many basketball players in the family, is it any wonder though? My only complaint last night was that there wasn't enough J-Luc in it. I wanted more from this little boy because he's just....so effing cute.

The Nanny is working out okay I guess, I'm not really sure about her because right now it's looking like something might be developing between her and Nathan but I swear, I can't stop thinking that she's gonna have the hots for Haley instead, LOL. I can't wait to see what her character brings to the drama table.

Haley and her need to help Quentin (I forgot his name last week) makes me want to yawn because I don't like Quentin, maybe with Nathan in the picture next week, things will turn for me in his favor but right now, I'm like, what's the point? I guess they know better than me.

Peyton was a little beeyatch to Lindsay and if you ask me, I WAS OKAY WITH IT because even though she's all nicey nice and giving out lucky bamboo trees, I still don't like her. I don't care how nice she is, I don't care how pretty she is, she's that damn obstacle and I won't be happy until she's gone....so until then, I'll gladly sit here and count her days down until she's back in wherever city she's from, editing Lucas' books from afar. I'm atleast happy though that Peyton realized she was a b word to Lindsay and I hope she goes over and apologizes to her.

So the Queen B Word of all B words is Brooke's Mother. Wow, I can't believe that didn't dawn on me. It's no wonder, Brooke can't run her own clothing line, look who she hired to help her get it off the ground? Her frickin' Mother and how do you tell your Mother to eff off and let you run your own company? Goodness, that b word is going to be in every little detail of Brooke's life and making it hell so it's going to be good crap and I can't wait to see what's in store for Brooke Davis....and when the heck is she going to get a love interest? I know she gets one but when do we meet him, goodness....bring him on already, gosh!

Mouth and his Boss lady are creepy, not because I don't want Mouth to have a love interest but because his love interest is ugly and b wordy and just all things I don't like. I hope that love doesn't last and I hope Mouth really does shove it to home girl and show her what he's made of behind that mic because really, there isn't a better sports broadcaster than Mouth in the whole of Tree Hill.

Skills and the basketball team cracks me up, when he was all, "We could build a new gym with all the bricks they made" I couldn't stop laughing. Skills reminds me so much of my brother and I think that's the reason I just love him to pieces...he brings the funny to this show and I'm so glad he's a regular part of the show.

When Nathan showed Haley that he does love her and wants to work on things with the whole dinner thing and the dressing up and just the whole family thing, I LOVED IT! I can't wait to see more of these two...they were always such a good part of the show and that hasn't changed, Naley rocks my socks! I missed the part when Nathan and the Nanny were talking about the prison and why Nathan was there, is she the one that sent Dan the picture of Jamie? I'm guessing yeah.

Goodness, I can't wait to see Leyton reunited cause it'll feel so good....HA!

Until next week....enjoy!

American Idol: Season 7.  

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It's Season 7, right?

Well anyway, last night was the opening night for American Idol. We start this season off in Mo Town's capitol, Philedelphia and man, there were some really great performers, some performers I'm really looking forward to watching what comes of them and then there were those ones that you're never going to forget because they're just so frickin' retarded.

Like this guy.

Couldn't sing to save his life but he loved him some Bee Gee's and when he was telling us how he loves American girls and how he loves living in America, I couldn't stop laughing because....

"Yuka, you are sexy face!"


Oh gosh and then he started spitting words like, "I want to love them from the top of their hairs to their.....nipples!"


Oh em gee! I could not stop laughing when Yuka was on the screen but when he started singing how deep is your love, I wanted to shove him off a bridge.

This is actually the part of the show that I don't really care for. Because at this stage in the show, all the crazy's come out and I'm not really a fan of the crazies even though they make me laugh ...a lot.

I mean, here are some crazies that I witnessed last night (I only watched the first hour) but dude, this is what is wrong with America...these people actually thought they could sing? I don't think so, I think they wanted to get their five minutes of fame on American Idol but dude...these two made me roll my eyes down the freeway.

And this one....just, let my people go...haha.

*shakes head* Poor Philly. But there were some great performers last night, lots of them so I'll look forward to them throughout the season.

The Family Guy Presents BLUE HARVEST  

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I bought this at Wal-Mart last night while I was waiting for my passport pictures (squee!) to develop. Figured I'd be nice to my little brothers. LOL

Unfortunately, I didn't notice that the length of this "movie" was only 48 MINUTES!! My brothers felt ripped off and I felt ripped off.

But other than the length, this was pretty funny. Stewie as Darth-classic. Kind of reminds me of Rick Moranis in Space Balls - remember with the big head? hehe

But I don't think it's worth buying. Watch out.