Castle and The Good Wife  

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Two murders happen on the same night. Kate and Castle take one. The two other guys, forget their names, take the other murder. The boys decide to bet on who will solve their murder first. Loser pays $50, has to wear a dress for a week and shave their head. But don't like Kate know. She'll shoot them all.

Of course word of the bet travels fast and Castle is collecting a lot of money. Kate sees what is going on and when she finds out, she is not happy. Until they get a good lead and Kate places a bet.

The two unrelated murders turn out to be related. Both suspects have good alibis. Until they realize that the suspects don't have alibi's for the other murder. That's how the two murders are linked.

Kate and Castle's murder is a shrink. Her husband is a suspect. But he was a basket ball game. the other murder seems like a random mugging, until they suspect the son in law. The son in law killed the shrink. The husband killed the son in law's father.

Who won the bet? It's up in the air. Kate and Castle get a confession out of the son in law. So they are going back as to who won.

The Good Wife

A stripper is raped at very prominent person's bachelor party. He makes an offer of $450,000 only thing is it will be private. The stripper says no. She wants everyone to know what he did. They go to a civil trial.

Christie the stripper says after the rape, her friend and the limo driver went to the hospital. They performed a rape kit. But the DNA says it's not person who accused her. Someone some other rapist sperm gets mixed up with Christie's lab work. And the driver is saying Christie is lying. Now they have to find other stripper. Which they do. She admits how Christy's rapist told her to just take the money.

However the judge lets the rapist go. But as soon they leave the court room, the rapist is arrested for raping Christie.

Side story, someone drops off pictures of Big and his mistress at Alicia's front door. Which her two kids see. They decide to hide it from Alicia saying it will only hurt her. One of the pictures shows Big doing drugs. The son figures out, it's not is dad in the picture. The picture was photo shopped. Very interesting.

Side note, while Alicia and her boss/friend are at a hotel trying to get records, some blonde walks up to boss/friend. Blondie scurries back to her friends. Alicia realizes blondie thinks they are getting a room. He responds, "We could do worse." Hmmm. I wonder if a romance will happen with these two.

new releases on DVD for September 29  

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I saw Monsters vs. Aliens in the theater with my brothers and I thought it was cute. It had some lol moments.

Maya Rudolph AND John Krasinski? Win win with two funny peeps.


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This pilot for this show did not grab me.

We have a nurse who is mad at her husband. He cheated on her while she was deployed overseas. Yeah, I’d be a little upset too. Especially since his excuse was kind of lame. But then we learn the nurse had an affair too while she was deployed. She also fell in love with the guy. But does she tell her husband this? Of course not.

The day after she agrees to try and work things out with her husband, guess who starts working at the hospital? Yup, the doctor guy she had her affair with. Nice.

Then we have a cop who has a crush on another nurse (still haven’t learned names). But the nurse isn’t really into him. Until he saves her from being assaulted from a patient. They later end up in bed together. The cop and the nurse that is.

Then we have new nurse. She’s full of hope and ready to save lives. She wears cute little smocks with sanrio characters, hearts and flowers. After a couple of days she’s realizing it’s not what she thought it was. But in the end, the three nurse are at the bar laughing and throwing back a couple of drinks.

Like I said before, the pilot didn’t grab me. I was fast forwarding a lot. I think the husband is kind of cute. The doctor guy is the Jack from Men In Trees. I thought he was kind of hot in a rugged manly man way but on this show... he wasn't doing it for me. I’ll watch another episode or two and see if the show grows on me. It kind of reminds me of Hawthorne. Another show about the hospital nurses. This one was on TNT or TBS. I tried to like that one too but meh…

Also, I think Captain Janeway from Voyager is the main nurse’s alchy mom.

Reminder: Friday Night TV  

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Tonight at 9PM on Fox, Dollhouse begins.

Now I love this show. It had a slow beginning but it definitely picked up and caught on. I'm glad it was brought back for another season. Woot!

Bones- The Bond in the Boot  

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A body is found being eaten by kitties and the body's is not attached to it. Turns out the guy was carrying a brief case full of diamonds. Another guy had shot him and cut off his hand. Cause the brief case full of diamonds was handcuffed to him. Booth and the guys get all excited when they find a James bond like car used to run the guy over. There is blood dripping from the car and find a body in the trunk of the car. That was just about gross. Especially when the guy’s face was sliding off. Ewwww. They find a gun that James Bond is famous for using in his movies. The gun was used to shoot the diamond guy.

Turns out the body in the trunk was a CIA analyst. He managed to hide the brief case before he was tortured and killed. The cia guy managed to send a picture of himself to his girlfriend that had clues as to what was going on. Turns out the brief case wasn’t full of diamonds but a flash drive.

Now the good stuff.

Booth forgot his handyman skills and he wants to fix his plumbing. Not that plumbing pervs, he doesn’t want to pay $800 to have someone fix his sink. Brennan finds him a copy of Plumbing for Dummies. Booth is happy she gave it to him but then she gives the receipt. Something about not wanting to take away his man points for giving him the book.

The end of the episode, Booth and Brennan are both trying to fix his sink. Both of them are laying on their stomachs with their heads underneath the sink. Booth’s legs are up and kind of just swaying. Too cute. There is a moment when his hand touches hers. And then he reaches over her to turn on the water. Sigh… Almost like an embrace. And then water starts shooting out. Didn’t do too good of a job fixing it.

Wendell is the new intern!!! YAY! He’s my favorite cause well he was the cutest. Yes I’m shallow like that. Don’t judge me. Also he seems like a nice guy. He’s so happy to be working with Brennan and the gang. Except his scholarship has run out funding. Unless Cam can find another one for him, he’s out. So she’s trying to avoid telling him until the last possible moment.

Angela asks Brennan about starting up her own scholarship fund (cause Brennan is loaded) for Wendell. She explains she already gives to charities. Angela says yeah.. but… Brennan says something about not getting sentimental about her interns. Which I call bull. Cause about what Zack? She cared about him! Unless that’s why she chooses to not care now.. Hmmm.

Anyways, Brennan lets it slip to Wendell about his scholarship and he’s shocked. And I’m little upset with Brennan with how cold she is about it. Poor guy. But he continues to pour his little heart out into his work. With 10 minutes left before the CIA takes over the case. Booth tells Wendell it’s like the last 10 minutes of a hockey game. When the CIA comes in to take the body, Wendell says, "We're still in regulation! We've got four minutes on the clock!"

As Wendell is leaving and saying good bye, Cam rushes in saying an anonymous donation was made to fund Wendell’s scholarship for 2 years. YAY! And… turns out enough money was donated for 3 scholarships. So does that mean the other interns are coming back too?

The Vampire Diaries - Friday Night Bites (Season 1, Epi 3)  

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Ooooo...good epi! Ok so we jump right back to Tyler being a little punk ass and trying to show up the new guy Stefan! lol On a new fresh day of school Tyler tries to throw a football at the back of Stefans head while talking to Elena (ya how mature can you get) but Stefans quick vampire reflexes kick in and he catches it! :o) The entire school sees and this leads into him trying out for the football team! Of course he makes it...just in time for Elena to quit cheerleading (totally prompted by Damon)!

Bonnie is VERY wary of Stefan b/c last epi she accidentally brushed against him and got a horrible death like feeling! Elena seeing (and having to hear) Bonnies warnings for Stefan decides to have a little meal over at her house for the 3 to get to know one another...BUT here comes Damon and his bewitched girlfriend Caroline to crash their quaint party. Damon gets invited in to Elena's house (and we all know when it comes to vamps thats a no no) and so now Stfans is freaked! He gives Elena a necklace that has a special herb in it to protect her from Damons "charm" actually comes in handy after he tries to kiss Elena at the football game. She totally smacks the bajasus outta him! lol

Going back to Damon and Caroline...we learned in the last epi she got bit by him while doing some hanky panky and hes still there the next morning for more! EPP! So this basically turns into some bewitching on damons part! I think hes just doing it to obviously be around Elena! Damon freaks later on after him and Stfan have a confrontation and he attacks Mr. Tanner. I hated Mr. Tanner and I already knew he was a gonner b/c Ive read the books. Personally Im glad Damon did what he did b/c that guy was such a jerk!

The Vickie/Tyler/Jeremy story continues like it has been. Jeremy...poo soul is so lost! All he cares about is Vickie and I fret that her not wanting him back just pushes him into his drugs even more. Him and Tyler get into a small tussle at the football game that leaves Stefan saving the day. Jeremys bong cuts Stefans hand and Elena sees it! He later shows her there isnt a mark and that leads her to talk to Bonnie again about her feelings towards Stefan.

Lastly I must address the preview we all seen that shows Stefan and Elena getting hot-n-heavy...ya it was a dream dangit! UGH! And worst of all you find out she screamed b/c Stefans face turned into Damons! EPP! Oh btw...I prefer Stefan 100% to Damon. Damon was actually kinda puney without his shirt on...hmmm...

This show is going pretty well for me! I really enjoy it and have to say that its better than the books! I cant wait until next week!

~Until next time~

Reminder: Thursday Night TV  

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Eeep! The night we've all been waiting for!

At 8PM, on ABC, the new show Flash Forward starts. I originally wasn't planning on watching this but I saw some trailers for it and now I'm crazy interested!

THEN! At 9PM on ABC Grey's Anatomy starts!! WOOT. Last season I felt the show was flailing a little bit but I hope this year they get back on track. No ghosts dammit!

TV Shows: Glee, Season 1, Episode 4.  

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OMG, the beginning of this show had me dying. Kurt was the bomb Beyonce singing Single Ladies and when he auditioned for the role of kicker ....AND GOT IT? I was laughing like a loon. Gotta love Kurt!

I love Rachel, really I do but she is getting on my nerves with how selfish she is being with the whole Glee thing. I'm really pissed that she can't understand what Will is doing with the rest of the members in Glee. He explains why he's doing what he's doing and still she's being the selfish little shit that nobody likes. I'm starting to see why nobody likes her. She's so frickin' all about herself. She needs to realize that she can't win regionals without her and she can't win without them. That's gonna be a real kicker of a lession that she's gonna learn.

Alright, I cannot believe how stupid Finn is. Seriously, I cannot believe how he can actually believe he's going to be a father without having had sex with Quinn. I wonder if she's really pregnant or if she's desperate to keep him because he's been showing so much interest in Rachel lately. I guess we're just going to have to keep watching to find out. But seriously, a clue or at the very least, check out a book on pregnancy. I totally called it, I knew that Finn's best friend was the daddy. Frickin' A that's going to be interesting because there goes Rachel's in to Finn's heart.

I frickin' adore Kurt and when he scored the winning point at the football game, I thought it was adorable! Kurt is the bomb!

Oh and I'm totally digging the Will and Emma hug. When is Will and Teri getting divorced already? Yeesh. Teri is going to take Quinn's baby! Ugh, I'm anxious for more Glee. I cannot frickin' wait to next week because Rachel slaps Finn, I wonder why. I bet you it's because Rachel quit Glee because she didn't get the lead part and Finn called her on her selfishness and if that's the reason he gets slapped then I will seriously be cheering Finn on. Love him!

Woo frickin' hoo, until next week...

Big Bang Theory, Castle and The Good Wife  

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Big Bang Theory

Ok, I've only caught some reruns so I'm not sure of all the names of the characters yet. So be patient.

The guys come back from a trip to the North Pole. Sheldon was doing some research up there. There is talk of it being cold and the guys vowing never to speak of a certain night. Leonard is happy to be home cause he's smooching with his neighbor Penny. Apparently these two have been dancing around each for some time.

Sheldon learns that his experiment's results were from Leonard and the guys turning a can opener off and on. The results made Sheldon believe he would be up for a Noble Prize. When he finds out what his friends done, he resigns from the university and leaves. Leonard reluctantly heads to Texas to bring Sheldon back. After Sheldon argues with his mother regarding evolution and creationism, he leaves Texas.

Leonard and Penny finally do and realize it was kind of weird.


Last we left, Castle found out some news regarding Kate's mother's murder. Oh wait.. the case of the week.

Some guy is found murdered in a tree. On the way to hospital, the ambulance is hijacked and some guys steal the body. Turns out the victim had cocaine in his body. So the guys needed to get the drugs.

Turns out the victim was laid off from his job several months before. He never told his wife. He played poker to try and win some money. Fell in deep and became a mule to score so quick cash. Case close.

Kate's mom. Turns out there were 3 other murders that were similar to Kate's mom. Castles listed of the occupations of the other murders. I forget what Kate's mom is. But who ever investigated Kate's mom's murder didn't link up the murder with the others or just chose not to.

Kate was very upset Castle. She asked him to mind his own business and he didn't. He tries to offer her a pony, but that just earns him a glare. Kate says that he can work this last case with her but then they are done.

Castle is in his office writing when his daughter walks in crying. Her date stood her up and acted like it was no big deal. "Why can't guys just say they are sorry?" she asks. Which prompts Castle to go back to Kate to apologize. As he leaves, Kate tells him she'll see him in the morning.

The Good Wife

So Alicia is returning to the workforce after Mr. Big (I'll always think of him as Big from Sex and the City. Sorry) was getting it on with some women other than Alicia.
She's assigned a case where a woman is accused of murdering her husband. They think the wife staged a car jacking to look like a murder. A red pickup truck pulled over as the ex husband is changing a tire. The ex is killed and the girl is blamed. But the surveillance tape shows no pick up truck.

Alicia digs around and does some research. She finds out, with a little help from Big, that some evidence was disregarded. It was grey hound dog hair. Also, she learns that the video surveillance is the same as the night before and after the murder. When the night guard forgets to make his rounds, he makes a copy to make it look like he did. So there is no actual video of the murder. The dog hair.. turns out wife number 2's brother used to work at the dog races and his boss or friend owned a red pick up truck.

Nice. I enjoyed this first episode. I shall be watching again. By the way, loved the Alicia's ring tone for her MIL. The theme to the Twilight Zone. Hmmm. Also loved how she just slapped the shit out Big in the beginning.

Reminder: Wednesday Night TV  

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Tonight at 9:30PM on ABC, Courtney Cox Arquette's latest show, Cougar Town, starts.

A show I'm really looking forward to starts at 10PM on ABC. Paul Gross, the devil (LOL) is Canadian. Eastwick

new releases on DVD for September 22  

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Reminder: Monday Night TV  

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This Monday is a big night.

Starting at 8PM, we have:

On Fox, House.

On ABC, Dancing With the Stars.

On NBC, Heroes.

At 9PM on CBS, Big Bang Theory.

At 10PM on ABC, we have Castle.

And CSI: Miami on CBS.

Bones-Harbingers In the Fountain  

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Yay! Bones started tonight. Last we saw Booth, he just woke up from a coma asking Brenna, "who are you?" So I was totally expecting we'd be dealing with Booth getting over amnesia. Not the case.

It's six weeks later. Booth is over his amnesia and it waiting to be reinstated. Turns out the whole season finale was because of Brennan reading her novel out loud to Booth. So when he woke up, he believe it was all real. That he and Brennan were married and expecting a baby. How I would have loved to see that. So the season finale was Brennan's novel and all in Booth's mind.

Brennan is returning from a dig in Guatemala. She runs into Angela and her psychic. She mentions there are bodies buried underneath the fountain. Brennan of course doesn't believe but lo and behold they find 12 bodies. One of them being the psychic's sister. He was swindling people for their money and poisoning them with antifreeze. They can't prove he did it, but they did get him on some other charges.

So the main thing I was waiting for was Booth believers him in love with Brennan. He tells Cam and he wonders if he's the same person. Cam says yes but warns him to be sure of his feelings. Cause if he tells Brennan his feelings and it turns out he doesn't love her, Brennan will never be the same.

Then Sweets confronts Booth about his feelings. He shows Booth brain scans of before, during and after the surgery. The area which shows feelings of love is not highlight before the surgery. During the coma it was lit up (while he was having his dream). After the coma, it's back to normal. Sweets warns Booth to be sure of his feelings before he tells Brennan.

The psychic does a reading on Brennan and reveals that Brennan wonders how anyone could love. Brennan says, "I'm beautiful and intelligent." Lol. True. Another thing the psychic tells Brennan that the answer is yes to the question that Brennan is afraid to to ask out loud. That he knows the truth of Brennan and is dazzled by it. Awwww!!!!

Booth finally tells Brennan he loves her but quickly adds in a professional way. Brennan says she feels the same way. Ok.. he kind of chickened out but at least he got the words out. Can't wait to see where this leads!

TV Shows: Vampire Diaries, Season 1, Episode 2.  

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This show is so different from the other shows that I'm watching because it's not an in your face, action packed show. It's a drama and it's all angsty and slow to develop but you can tell that they're building up to something that has the potential to be big. It's just taking a while for it to get there.

In tonight's episode, Elena meets Damon and Stefan is pissed about that. Stefan is running around trying to fix the mess that Damon is making for him around town. He had to convince Vicki that it was an animal that attacked her and not a vampire. And all the while he's doing this, he's growing closer and closer to Elena. Then there was Elena and Jeremy's aunt who had a parent/teacher conference and was basically told that she was an unfit guardian for Elena and Jeremy. Jeremy isn't helping matters with his not listening to the aunt business and the more sullen he gets, the more pissed off I get at him. He reminds me of Annie on 90210. The bratty, look at me, I'm hurting attitude is really getting tired and pissing me off.

At the end of the show when Elena goes to see Stefan to tell him what she would have written in her diary, I thought it was cheesy but still cute and then when Stefan told Elena what he would have written, my panties melted because man, he was hecka sexy. *sigh* Their first kiss was sweet, I loved it!

Not much else of import happened, at least that I could remember but I did enjoy it. Well, I enjoyed the hell out of watching Stefan on the small screen. He's smexy. Like seriously, I want to lick him up and down kind of smexy. He's not strikingly beautiful but he's sexy. He's got this personality that just leaps off the screen screaming, I'm sexy, hear me roar and I love it!

I'm still interested to see where the writers are going to take this show so I'll keep watching it but man, I forgot that Fringe comes on Thursdays as well so I'm booked up solid on Thursday nights cause I gotta watch my Fringe. Woo hoo, Peter Bishop is back, LOVE HIM!

So who else watched VD tonight? What are your thoughts?

TV Shows: Glee, Season 1, Episode 3  

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Last night's episode of Glee wasn't as good as the season premiere but I still enjoyed it.

Last night, we saw the Cheerios and Sue try to break the Glee Club up and cause major drama at the very least and though they did their best, the Glee Club folks were stronger than those damn Cheerios gave them credit for and they were a whole lot more loyal to each other than they thought as well because even after all of the fights that the Glee folks got into, at the end...they were still a frickin' team.

We also see in this episode, Will get a little selfish and wanting some of the singing action. He starts his own little acapella group with Roland from Sheets N Things, the woodshop teacher that cut off his thumbs and Ken. They called themselves Acafella's. They sang my favorite songs from back in the day starting with This Is How We Do It by Montell Jordan, Poison by BBD and frickin' I Wanna Sex You Up by Color Me Badd. When they performed all of these songs, I laughed my frickin' ass off because holy hot damn, those were my frickin' jams.

As the episode wore on, I grew softer and softer on Finn. I loved how he was pissed off that Rachel hurt Mr. Shuester's feelings about his choreography and then I thought he was too cute when he joined Acafella's and sang his little solo in I Wanna Sex You Up. I loved it!

Another part of the show that I loved was when Mercedes got to sing her little song and as soon as she threw that ball into Kurt's window, I knew exactly what song she was going to sing. I could not stop laughing because holy wow, that was so the perfect song. Mercedes has a beautiful voice and it was good to have her in Beyonce's seat and not Kelly Rowland. Football guy, Finn's friend that be leading the pack on picking and bullying everyone, when he told his little story about going after the Cougars and what brought him around to going after the older women had me crackin' up too. Even when he was growling at Finn for not getting the dance moves correct. It was too funny!

Teri is getting on my hot damn nerves and I cannot wait for her and Will to get a divorce to free him up for Emma. I can't wait for that crap to go down because every time that she doesn't tell Will the truth about the baby, I get more and more pissed off and I just want to choke her the hell out.

Did anyone notice that this week's "Next week on Glee" teaser was the exact same teaser from last week? It made me roll my eyes down the street but still, I loved it!

Love, love love this show and I can't wait for I'm off to wait for next week to get here already while I sing, I bust the windows out your car...haha.

Until next week...

Reminder: Thursday Night TV  

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TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT...or one of the nights I've really been looking forward to. LOL

At 8PM we have:
Bones (Fox)

Saturday Night Live Weekend Update Thursday Edition (NBC)

At 8:30PM Parks and Recreation on NBC.

At 9PM we have THE OFFICE! woot woot on NBC

And at the same time on Fox, Fringe. I watched the beginning of this last year and then lost it - like really, it changed channels on me and I never found it. But here it is! LOL

Thank goodness for DVR otherwise I'd never be able to watch all my shows on Thursday!

Reminder: Wednesday Night TV  

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All right, I didn't do a post for yesterday because the only show starting was the Biggest Loser and I don't watch that show, so no reminder for you. So there. LOL

But tonight, a brand spanking new show starts on the CW @ 9PM: The Beautiful Life.

TV: One Tree Hill Is Back.  

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Woo hoo, One Tree Hill is back and now we can see how the show is moving on after Lucas and Peyton have left the show.

Jamie turned 7 and he had Jerry frickin' Rice show up at his birthday party. Some new characters were introduced and my favorite of the newbies is of course, Robert Buckley who plays Nathan's agent, Clay. A storyline is brewing for him because I'm mighty curious to see why he's bitter in the love department. Did anyone else laugh when the random blonde chick showed up at his house and walked straight to his room, stripping all the way there? I did. Was that supposed to drive home the fact that Clay is a stud? I didn't need that to know it, I already knew but whatever.

You know that him and Quinn are going to hook up. Quinn is the other newbie. She's Haley's older sister. Now is this the same sister that hooked up with Nathan all those many seasons ago? I know it's not the same actress who played Haley's sister but is that the same character? I can't remember what the other sister's name was, the one that hooked up with Nathan at the bar or something...was it while Haley was on tour with Chris?

Oh goodness. Not much happened on last night's show. We were just shown what everyone has been up to and where things are going to be going.

Brooke and Julian are still too frickin' cute and dude, did Julian get even HOTTER over the summer break because hot damn he was fine last night. Right now, their storyline centers around Julian trying to further his career by taking an 8 month job in New Zealand producing a film that can launch his career, the 8 month gig turns into a 10 month gig and Brooke feels that her relationship with Julian might be blown to pieces when he doesn't return her calls like he usually does. She's feeling all kinds of insecure and lonely but when Julian surprises her by showing up at Jamie's party, alls well that ends well...for now. Seeing this insecure Brooke is so different from the Brooke that we all knew and hated to love when she was in high school. She's so grown up now, she's successful in every aspect of her life except her love life and seeing her flounder a little is good for her. I enjoy her character and her budding relationship with Julian is sure to be one of my favorite parts of the show now. I can't wait to see what else the OTH writers have in store for these two.

Dirty Dan was back on the show with his own show going on. He's got one of those self help guru things going on and blah blah frickin' blah. I don't care.

Skills is back on the show but for how long with his prison sentence on the horizon...I doubt his character will be going places this season with him selling Social Security cards. Idiot.

The whole thing with Nathan and that girl, I thought it would be something like that. Nathan's growing celebrity status as the point guard for the Bobcats was sure to bring out the crazies. I cannot believe that Nathan cheated on Haley...again. I won't believe it so I'm going to watch it and hope he didn't.


All in all, the show wasn't the bang out episode that I've come to appreciate from OTH but it wasn't a complete dud either. I'm hopeful for this new season and I'm curious enough and fangirlish enough to keep watching so I'll be back next week with more OTH goodness.

Did you guys watch it? What were your thoughts? Good or bad? What are you most excited to see from this season?

New Releases on DVD for September 15  

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I recommend Wolverine for Tuesday night. Hugh Jackman...mmmm....

*2 for 1 Special * The Vampire Diaries - Pilot (Epi 1) & True Blood - Beyond Here Lies Nothin' (Epi 12)  

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Alrighty actually not TO much happened for our pilot epi of VD.

We meet pretty Elena Gilbert. Elenas parents died about 4 months back and she trys to put on a front every day to hide her hurt. Everyone SORTA buys it except the new guy Stefan. Stefan is in a few of Elenas classes and shes kinda crushing on everyone else in the school! ;op~ We get to have a bit of back and forth convo's with Elena and Stefan. We learn that his parents are also dead (duh hes a vamp they better be by now) and we also learn that Elena has a strong resemblance to a old girlfriend (we guess?!?!) that he used to be head over heels for obviously. We also meet a few other characters...Bonnie Elenas best friend - I liked Bonnie EXCEPT did she have to say "I predict" about a million times...we get it already shes going to have powers!!! Shut the blabbing up! lol And we also got to meet Caroline - It looks like E and Bonnie 'stand' her being around but dont particularly like her (btw in the books they hate each other even though they all used to be friends). We meet Mat- Hes E's football; player ex boyfriend whom they BETTER NOT make a jerk b/c I TOTALLY crush on him in the books b/c hes such a sweetie pie and lastly we meet Damon!!! WOOT WOOT! Damon is Stefans brother and we don't get to far past that! lol We know hes stronger than Stefan and that he too knows about E!

The biggest thing that happened is that Valarie got bit by someone in the woods while everyone was at a party...ok shes a little druggy girl obviously b/c she goes to E's little bro so I really dont mind she got bit but she makes it and tells peeps it was a vamp whom did it...was it Stefan...Damon...someone else?!?!? ;op

Ok So that didnt say much about the epi but like I said not alot happened. I will say it wasnt the BEST epi ever BUT it was the first and in the first parts of shows you gotta learn everyone and who they are and what they do etc. BUT I did think Stefan was adorable and Elena (besides nto having blond hair) was cast perfectly. I cant wait for this weeks epi...Do yu think this show will make it??? word to describe the season finale...LACKING! Ok ok I love Sookie and I hate that Im even saying this but wth?!?!? This epi was so ridiculous. Idk...I mean it did sum everything up but it was all just too weird and Ill tell you right now Im glad Maryann died b/c whos with me in saying "Can we get on with the damn show and quit with the weird shit?!?"

So heres the deets...

We last left Sookie in her house with everyone all crazed over the precious egg and the meat statue outside! lol They dressed Sook in a white dress and told her she was going to be the maid of honor in the whom you ask...well to Sam and Maryann...only Sam was gonna die at the end! lol Eggs (did I mention how much I hate this guy) stabbed Sam in the tum tum and it all went down hill from there...Sookie runs over to the meat statue (thats what Im calling it) and shocks it (once again...where is this power coming from???) and it blew to shreds...OH WAIT and she threw that huge ass egg and that was pretty gross. Did anyone notice there wasnt a yolk?!? lol Ok anyways so Sook goes running off b/c Maryann decides to play in the sand and pull out some creepy ass claws...once again Sookies running from Maryann and her claws and wait...what do we see...a FREAKING bull...ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?! Well Maryann decides that her "god" and goes to hug it...only sucks to be her b/c its Sam and he kills her. Then her crushes her heart and she dies.

Actually I think the best parts where kinda after the drama...Sookie and Tara make up and Eggs is all cray cray b/c Sookie helps him realize he killed people (good one Sook) and Jason shoots him in the head b/c he attacks Andy! Tara freaks but we all know its for the best. Bill buys Sookie this REALLY pretty purple dress and takes her out to eat (I didnt like her hair-do btw) he EFFING ASKS HER TO MARRY HIM...and she freaks (typical Sookie...and I was happy b/c that stays with her character) but then she goes to the bathroom and decides to say yes (not Sookies character at ALL) but she comes out to find someone has taken Bill?!?!

Ok Im pissed b/c Eric played...oh 5 mins in the epi and I dont think the book Sookie wouldve said yes to the proposal at all! She freaks at commitment we all know this. She claims to want it but when she gets it she finds a problem with it. Like I said Idk it was just lacking in areas and I didnt get the fill I was looking for...OH WAIT and Jess sucks some hicks blood so I guess shes going to be bad next season. lol

What did yall think!??! Satisfied??? Where do you think Bill went??? With LORENA?!?!?!

Im sad its over till next year esp since my replacement wont have sex in it! LOL!!! Dont forget to come talk with me about my replacement show The Vampire Diaries! :o)

~Until next time~

The Weekly Wrap Up.  

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With the first week of season premieres all wrapped up, I'm going to post my thoughts on all of the new shows and well, just all of the shows that premiered this week that I watched.


90210: I watched this episode with an eye on the TV and my mind switching back from the conversations going around the living room and texting with my friends, Ralph and Grace. I caught myself up on what I missed toward the end of last season. I introduced myself to the new folks of 90210, Liam (never met him before) and Teddy, picked my eyes off the ground as my brain wrapped itself around the fact that Silver and Naomi are friends now and Annie is on the outs with just about everyone. Even a blind bat can tell that Annie didn't sleep with Liam but whatever, I'm still trippin' on the fact that Annie hit someone while drunk driving and that person died. She's being a spoiled brat about every little thing with her family, the people that she should have been leaned on but she's trying to handle it on her and if you ask me, she's not doing such a great job of it. I didn't miss Ethan as much as I thought I was going to but as much as I love Silver, her storyline with Dixon for me is so blah. I do not care for them as a couple. I don't even know why. Every time I see them on screen, I think...boring.

Will I be watching the rest of the season? Yeah, for the moment. Until I start getting bored with it again. Oh and Navid was a cutie as always. Love him!

Melrose Place: I'm not sure what I was thinking with this new show. I spent most of the show, looking at how old Sydney got and how handsome Michael Mancini is. Then I spent the rest of the show trying to remember who Michael was married to at the end of the first Melrose run. I just can't for the life of me remember, does anyone else remember? I was also wondering what other characters from the old Melrose will be making an appearance in this new show. I hope they bring Jake back. I wouldn't mind seeing Allison or Billy too. Me and Ralph spent the whole show drooling over Costas from Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants movies who plays Jonah in this show. Such a cutie patootie. Chef boy (Josh from All My Children, I think that's his name...Erika's son) is a cutie patootie and so is blonde hair boy.

It was pretty crazy finding Sydney floating in the pool on the first episode. I thought she would at least be on the show for a little while before they killed her off but I guess not. This first season will be spent finding out who killed Sydney. Everyone is a suspect. I don't think it was Chef Boy. I think he's covering for someone but I'm not sure who.

I'll continue to watch this one as long as it keeps my interests...I can't promise more than that though. I'm curious but that's about it.


This is going to be my favorite show of the season, I just know it. I already fangirled the hell out of this show on Wednesday so you guys already know how much I love this show. Watch it!


Vampire Dairies:
Vampire Diaries is the only show that I watch on least for now, it is. I liked this show. It wasn't as great as I thought it was going to be, well let me rephrase wasn't this big overdone show that I thought it was going to be but I did enjoy it and I am looking forward to more from this show. I didn't read any of the books so I didn't know about the differences between the show and the book so nothing like that bothered me and I'm seriously looking forward to more between Elena and Stefan. Damon is already getting on my hot damn nerves so I can totally see him doing much more to get on my nerves. Jeremy is getting on my nerves too. I wonder just what his character will have in store for the rest of the well as Vicki. I just gotta ask: Why in the hell would you go off alone by yourself in the woods at night time? Seriously Vicki? Why? I thought that was pretty stupid of her but whatever, now with her whispering VAMPIRE to Matt while she's laying in the hospital bed is sure to cause up some drama so all in all, I'm curious enough to see what this show has to offer. I'll keep watching.

Those are the only shows that I watched this week, the new series/season premieres and I'm curious enough to watch the rest of the shows throughout the season.

Tonight is the return of One Tree Hill and whoa, I'm pretty anxious to see just what they're going to do with both Payton and Lucas gone. Will they sink or swim? We'll see...

What were your favorite series premieres from last week?

Reminder: Monday Night TV  

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I didn't have reminders for Friday or this weekend because there weren't any shows starting that I was interested in.

Tonight on the CW, two shows are starting. First up at 8PM is One Tree Hill.

Then Gossip Girl begins at 9PM. I don't watch OTH but I know Wena does. I'll definitely be watching Gossip Girl.

Reminder: Thursday Night Tv  

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On the CW at 8 PM is the hottest thing since sliced bread - Vampire Diaries. Ok, I really like my bread, so maybe it's as great as. But it'll be fun to watch.

Also at 9 PM is Supernatural entering into its fifth season. Good stuff Winchester brothers!

TV: Glee.  

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I facking love this show.

Like, seriously love this facking show. I think it is the cutest show that's on TV right now and I swear it's my favorite facking show.

I love it, I can't say it enough. I frickin love this show.

Tonight was the season premiere and I frickin' loved the entire show. From the beginning of the show when they're singing Freak Out and Gold Digger to when Rachel and the rest of the Gleer's change up the song and sing Salt N Pepa's Push It. I loved watching Emma talking to Rachel about her bullemia and singing in the car All By Herself, I loved watching Emma and Will clean the school by themselves and have those moments. I loved watching Rachel joining Celibacy Club and telling those teenagers what's really going on and then I loved watching the picnic with Phin and Rachel and then the kiss, yay, they kissed!

I'm telling you, if you haven't watched this seriously have too! This show is the cutest, most funniest and just seriously my favoritest show. I love this show! I seriously love the humor, the songs and the characters of this show. The dialogue is a riot all throughout the entire show so I can't stress enough how much you guys need to watch this show!

This scene between Emma and Rachel in Emma's (the guidance counselor who has a crush on the glee club teacher) office is too frickin' funny, this line cracked me the heck up. Emma caught Rachel throwing up in the bathroom and she brought her back to her office to talk to her but this is what she said as they were leaving the bathroom.

Rachel: The girl before me left that, I tried but I guess I just don't have a gag reflex.
Emma: One day when you're older, that'll turn out to be a gift!

I cannot wait for next week's show and can I just tell you guys how much I loved Rachel's version of Rihanna's Take a Bow. I love Rachel's voice and I think she can sing her ass off. She's my favorite person on this entire show, I can't wait to hear more of her beautiful voice. Phin, you ass, I can't wait to see Rachel make you pay for ditching her the way you did. Man, this show is going to be a really good one.

I can't frickin' wait!

Watch this frickin' show dammit!

Reminder: Wednesday night TV  

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Starting at 8 PM are two of my favorite shows:

On the CW, Cycle 13 of America's Next Top Model. Woot!

On Fox, Season 6 of So You Think You Can Dance. Let's hope this season is more exciting than last season.

And starting at 9 PM on Fox, Glee. I think I'm going to check this one out too. One of my favorite comedians is on this.

Reminder: Tuesday Night TV  

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I'm starting up a new thing for the month of September. A daily reminder of what shows are starting.

First up - at 8PM on the CW, 90210 begins its second season.

Then at 9PM begins a brand new made over Melrose Place, also on the CW.
Wena, Monroe and I are planning on checking this one out.

new releases on dvd for September 8  

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Meh to the movie - good thing some shows are starting tonight!

I watched the first few episodes of this show and then it got moved to a different channel and I lost it. But it was promising!

Fall TV - What We're Looking Forward To  

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Summer is over and with it is the onslaught of season premieres and new tv shows to check out. Here are the shows that we're looking forward to the most.


The old shows that I cannot wait for this coming season are:

One Tree Hill- It's going to be interesting to see how the season goes without the two main characters that the show was built around, Lucas and Peyton...WAHHH!

Fringe- I'm really interested in seeing if a romantic relationship between Peter Bishop and Olivia Dunnam grow. I'm hoping it will...eventually. I'm also really interested in seeing if Peter will ever find out Walter's big secret...or if Peter will ever find out that he died and that he's really from that alternate reality. This season has the chance to be really good. I can't wait to watch it.

Brothers and Sisters- Kitty and Robert are having marital problems and I'm anxious to see what happens with those two as well as seeing what happens with Kevin and the baby. Lots and lots of things to look forward to with this show.

New shows that I want to watch this fall:

Glee- I cannot wait for this show to come back on. I loved the pilot episode of this show and I can't wait to see what else this show has in store for us this coming season.

Cougartown- This is a new show that stars Courtney Cox and I'm really excited to watch this show because I think the guy thats in it is a cutie patootie and I love watching him on the small screen. I don't know his name but he's a cutie patootie. Josh Hopkins, that's his name.

Vampire Diaries- I am sooo going to watch this show. I may be on a paranormal hiatus while reading but not while watching T.V. I'm mighty curious about this show and I am so going to be tuning in each week to see this show play out. I can't wait!

NCIS Los Angeles- Chris O'Donnell and LL Cool J on a NCIS Team? I'm so checking this show out. LL Cool J is an ex-Navy SEAL. Yeah, I'm watching.

Trauma- I wanna check this out because the guy from Whale Rider is on here.

Melrose Place- Alright, I'm curious...what can I say? I wanna check this out.

Three Rivers- This has sexy Mick from Moonlight so I'm tuning in just for him. It's a doctor show, I think I can dig it.

Shows that fell off my radar last season:

American Idol- The last season that I watched was the season that Jordin Sparks won. I stopped watching it after Jordin Sparks herself big timed me at the House of Blues. Don't have the desire to watch this show all that much.

90210- I started off watching this show faithfully but over the season, I lost interest...I'm not sure if I'll watch this show this fall.

Ummm, I think that's it for me...what are you guys watching and not watching this new TV season?

Here's what I'm looking forward to:

Oldies but goodies:

The Office: At the end of last season, Pam found out she was preggo. WOOT! Jim and Pam are my faves on the Office, but really I love the whole cast. Kelly dancing, Creed stealing, Angela licking her cat, and Michael trying to be everyone's favorite boss.

Grey's Anatomy: Um...kind of forgot what's been happening. LOL But I still enjoy this show. Hopefully Izzy doesn't die.

So You Think You Can Dance - I watched this show faithfully over the summer, am currently watching the Canadian version and I'm still loving it.

America's Next Top Model - Never gonna get sick of this show. LOL It is my #1 guilty pleasure.

Gossip Girl - I found last season a bit tedious with the whole Dan/Serena/Blair/Chuck constantly breaking up and getting back together. Hopefully this season proves more interesting.

Newish shows (One season aired so far):

Parks and Recreation - Love love love Amy Poehler from SNL and I definitely felt there was some potential in the first season.

Dollhouse - Eliza Dushku is a fave actress of mine and this show is Joss Whedon. Good stuff all around.

Brand spanking new shows:

Vampire Diaries - I've been reading these books in preparation of the show. Should be interesting.

Melrose Place - I used to watch this show as a kid (how inappropriate was that? LOL) so I want to see how the latest batch will turn out.

Courgar Town - Courtney Cox Arquette, I'm a fan from friends. Hopefully this is more successful than Dirty.

Eastwick - As in the witches of...I love that movie, so the show should be interesting to see.

Shows that have fallen off my radar:

Desperate Housewives - have no clue what's going on and that's ok, I really hated Susan's character. LOL

I am currently watching Mad Men, SYTYCD Canada, True Blood (season finale this Sunday) and Hell's Kitchen. I do want to know when the 4th season of Friday Night Lights will be airing. I'd hate to miss out on the escapades of Dillon's finest.

Ok here are mine:

New shows:

Glee - Like Rowena, I loved the pilot. It makes me think of my choir days back in highschool.

Vampire Diaries... Although this is on the same time as Bones and CSI. Sooo it may be sacrificed... unless i can find a repeat at a later time.

Three Rivers, Mercy and the Good Wife look interesting.

It's not a new show.. but Joey and I have been watching the rereuns and so it's new to us this fall, Big Bang Theory.

Oldies but Goodies:

Grey's Anatomy - I just read Izzy is going to be gone for about 5 episodes. So i'm wondering how they'll write that in. I know she's not dead though.

Bones -I wondering what's going to happen with Brennan wanting Booth's baby. And are they are going to move closer to admitting their feelings for one an other?

CSI - I love CSI but it was kind of lagging last season. I hope it picks up. I heard Jorja Fox is returning. Which kind of annoys me cause Grissom left to be with her!!!!

Castle - One of my favorite new shows from last season. I hope it's just as good this season.

And my sunday night cartoon: Family Guy, Simpsons and American Dad.

Shows that fell off my radar,

Girls Next Door. I just don't think it'll be the same. Also, CSI was starting to fall... hopefully it picks itself up.

And last but not least, Monroe

New Shows

Glee-I watched the pilot epi of this show and LOVED IT! Lol It’s almost like an upscale/more serious Highschool Musical. And me being a little kid at heart it was right up my alley! Not to mention I think the chorus teacher/director in nerdy hot! ;o) Gotta love the nerds! <3

Vampire Diaries-Ive watched SO MANY previews and behind the scenes for this show I cant help but be excited! And in the spirit of the show Amy and I both read the books! :o) I think this show is going to have good and raw vampire action. And from what I hear it gets into the nitty-gritty by the second show! Im tuning in weekly FO-SHO!

Melrose Place-Ok…a friend is kinda making me watch this one…BUT the previews look pretty good and I do like Ashlee Simpson. I was too young to watch it years ago so I’m not sure totally what its all about…they all live in the same building complex?!?! Idk I’ll at LEAST watch the first show!

Oldies but Goodies-

Family Guy & American Dad-These shows are such guilty pleasures of mine! ;op

The Office-How could any JAM fan not watch to see what unfolds between the two love birds. HELLO PAM IS PREGGERS!!!! And I gotta comment on the “Kelly dancing”…I rewind my dvr EVERY time she dances…its pee-your-pants funny! Good stuff!

So You Think You Can Dance-Got hooked last season and it always makes me wanna dance! Lol

American Idol-What can I say...Ive watched it since Kelly Clarkson and have been hooked. It brings out my inner singer! lol

So now that you know what's going to be on the Boob Tube, what are you looking forward to?

True Blood - Frenzy (Season 2, Epi 11)  

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Hey guys! Time for your weekly dish on True Blood! I know everyone is getting antsy about the season finale coming up! Man it seems like just yesterday when we were seeing Bill and Sook reunite! *sigh...all good things must come to an end.

Alrighty lets get to the nitty-gritty shall we?!? HELLO how gorgeous is Sophie-Ann?!?! And her acting (I thought) was probably the BEST True Blood has ever seen! You cant help but totally smile when Evan Rachel Wood plays Sophie. Her carefree nature really brings the crazed-out Sophie to life! And WOW who do we get to meet...well none other than Sookies cousin Hadley! Bill goes to Sophie to possibly find out information about how to kill Mary-Ann and save the town of Bon temps. Bill gets suckered into staying over a night where he meets Hadley AND he actually feeds off of some weird ass guy...I wonder if that will come back to BITE him in the ass! lol Get I'll keep going. Well one of my fav parts was when Sam came to Eric (whom I'm not to happy that we don't get to see him all too much this epi) and Eric decides that he will ALSO go see Sophie-Ann to help out. Eric and Bill have a face off of some sorts (which totally got me going) and youre left wondering if Eric WILL stay away from Bill woman...ya right!

In the meantime back in Bon Temps Sookie, Layfette, Tara and Taras mom are all hiding out and waiting for Bill to return with information on how to save the town. Tara talks her mother into letting her go and steals Sookies car to go after non other than her "one true love" Eggs...who could love a guy named Eggs anyways?!?! lol When Tara arrives she meets with Mary ann only to have her get the "black eyes" again and...Im not quite sure but maybe lay an egg?!? LMAO...ok heres how I see it...Tara and Eggs have sex...Eggs name is...well...EGGS...therefore instead of her getting preggers...she lays...AN EGG! Idk thats just my thought on whats laying in grans bed when Sookie gets up there to save Tara! lmao! OH and how sad was it that Layfette got "black eyes" too. I mean really thats the only person Sookie has at the moment.

*sign...ok so it was yet ANOTHER great epi...looking back not TOO much content but enough to keep you on the edge of your seats right?!? SO...I think the real question here is what do YOU want to happen...who do YOU want to see more of...COME ON GUYS this is our final hour. Im gonna miss talking about True Blood with my little faithful watchers so what do you wanna see. What do you think will happen?

Me...I wanna see Bill die and Sookie have hard core sex with Eric...will that happen...ehhh I dont think so but hey wishful thinking right?!?!

In closing always remember...

~Until next time~