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Rumor has it Pushing Daisies might be canceled!!! I didn't realize it was not doing well in the ratings until I saw Yahoo's photo gallery of shows in trouble.

I'll be very upset if this show is canceled. Should we all send pies over to ABC?

Quick Thoughts On My Shows This Week.  

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I've been entirely too lazy to write up my thoughts on all of my shows. Many weeks have passed and still there hasn't been very many updates with my thoughts so I'm going to make a run down of all the shows I watch and what I'm thinking of each episode.

One Tree Hill: As much as I'm enjoying One Tree Hill (loyal fan that I am) I can't say that I'm exactly blown away by how amazing the writing and the turn the show is taking. I'm loving that Lucas and Peyton are together and though the scenes with them are cute and funny, they're not exactly wowing me. Although now with Julian in the picture, this might change because I'm mighty curious to see who this guy is and what exactly he is to Peyton. I thought Lucas was a dork for signing the contract without actually reading the contract. Ugh, I kept screaming at the screen, DON'T YOU DARE SIGN THAT and then he signed it and I thought he was an idiot. I'm still loving the hell out of Nathan, Haley and Jamie and I love that Nathan is playing slamball. I love that he's on the same team as Owen and I love that Owen is back in the picture with Brooke. I'm hoping that Brooke will lean on Owen because if anyone needs someone to lean on it'd be Brooke. I also think it's cute that Brooke is playing Mommy to Brooke Jr., Sam. It's going to be interesting to see how Sam turns into the good girl we all know she's going to be. Haven't seen too much from Skillz and Deb and I can't say that I miss them because truthfully, I don't. As much as I love Skillz, his little love affair with Deb creeps me the eff out. Then there's Mouth, Gigi and Millicent. I think it's stupid. I think Gigi is stupid and I had such high hopes for her returning and being with Mouth cause I think that's exactly who he belongs with well, atleast that's what I thought before she came back. I think in this case, the blast from the past isn't who holds my heart for the Tree Hill alum. In this case, Millicent is where Mouth belongs and I'm glad that he knows it, I just hope he doesn't screw anything up.

As a whole, the show is progressing but not with the same pizazz as I've come to expect from the writing folks over at One Tree Hill. But of course, I'm going keep watching because it's One Tree Hill, duh.

90210: This show hasn't been wowing me either. I can watch this on DVR and be totally fine. I'm kinda mad that Navid ended up really liking Adrianna of all people. I hate Adrianna. I think she's lame and yet Navid sees something in her that I don't and I'll just have to trust him on this one but man, why couldn't he have ended up with Silver or something, I LOVE Silver. I LOVE Navid and sooner or later, I want them to end up together some how, some way.

I didn't watch all of last night because my beloved Lakers were playing (and kicked ass by the way, WOOT!) but I did catch some bits of it and will be watching it in it's entirety sometime tonight but anyway, I think that Dixon and Silver are too cute. I love that they're so different and yet still connect with each other. I dig that they like each other and even though I like them two together, I want Navid to hook up with Silver but that's just me being selfish. LOL.

As for Ethan and Annie, they're the couple of the show I guess and I guess it's cute because I think Ethan is a cutie patootie but I dont' really care for him. I'm glad that he's destined to end up with Annie because I cannot stand Naomi. Misunderstood or not, I do NOT want Naomi and Ethan to get back together. Ugh, they don't make a good couple at all. But as far as Ethan and Annie go, I hope they juice up that storyline because I'm bored with it and it hasn't completely taken off yet so some CPR to revive that relationship would be nice.

I miss Kelly, I want her back. I miss Brenda, I want her back. I want to know what the hell happened to Kelly and Dylan and little Sammie (why do I keep swearing that Sammie's name started off as Gabe in the beginning? Am I smoking crack?) I want to know whatever happened between Ryan and Brenda (if anything) and I do not care for the whole undercover student crap storyling that Ryan's knee deep in right now. I hate that girl that plays Ryan's love interest, she's not nearly as cool as Kelly is so come on, Kelly needs to come back and nip that shit in the bud already.

Mom and Dad Wilson are still blah although I did see a bit of last night when Mama Wilson told Naomi's mom that she will punch her in the face so hard, she'll knock her teeth out if she ever came near her husband again, I was like, "GO AUNT BECKY!" haha.

As a whole, the storylines are tired and played out but I keep watching this show hoping to find more of the old school gang on there. Please bring them back!

Sarah Connor Chronicles: There isn't much to say about this show, all I know is that I'm thinking Garbage girl is bad news and hopefully we'll be seeing what her big plan is going to be. I missed last week episode so I missed what happened with Brian Austin Green's character's girl. The one that he slept with and then left and as he was leaving the camera zooms in on what's underneath her bed, which is a whole shitload of pictures of Jon Connor which smacks you over the head with what she's got planned, DUH! She's gonna kill Jon Connor like every other freaking freak in the world.

I don't have much to say on this show because I love it but I'm confused as I haven't been watching as often as I used to but I will catch up on this damn show to save my life, seriously.

I don't have anything to add on Prison Break or Fringe either since I need to catch up on those too.

And there you go, my thoughts.

Movie Review: High School Musical 3  

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Starring: Zac Efron, Vanessa Anne Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, Corbin Bleu, Lucas Grabeel, Monique Coleman.
Rating: PG
Grade: B+
High school seniors Troy and Gabriella are facing the prospect of being separated from one another as they head off in different directions to college. Joined by the rest of the Wildcats, they stage an elaborate spring musical reflecting their experiences, hopes and fears about their future.

This past weekend, my daughter and I had a party that we had to go to. If you read my personal blog, CoFFee HouSe BanTeR! then you'll know who's party I went to. It's Hottie Guy from my work. His son just turned 3 and he had a birthday party for him and we were invited. Now normally, I wouldn't mix and mingle with people from work, OUTSIDE of work if you're in my immediate circle of friends from work but I made an exception for Hottie Guy because 1)he's HOT and 2)he's kinda sorta dating my friend from work and I went to support her.

Now because my friend knew that me and my other friend from work didn't want to go to the party because 1) it was all the way out in the boondocks and 2) we were uncomfortable since we hardly talk to him at work and we're supposed to hang out with this guy and all of his family when we don't really have to?  Sharon (thats my friend who we went for) decided to treat me and Nikol and our kids to a movie, her treat.

The first movie that popped into my head that I wanted to see?

I'm telling you, if you have young kids then odds are they already love the High School Musical movies and this is another great movie for them to enjoy. I enjoyed the heck out of this movie and danced my way to the car after the movie was done. This is a feel good movie and I'll admit that I got a little teary eyed toward the end because this movie marks the end of the road for the characters that we've come to know and love throughout all three of these movies.

It was cute, I would totally spend the $10 to watch this movie again in the theaters and Brenna totally wants to see it again, so it's a sure winner for us. But be warned, there is cheese aplenty in this movie but ask me if I cared.

I didn't, I ate it all up!

I heart Troy Bolton and if I was 20 years younger, I'd totally want to marry him too! And Vanessa Anne Hudgens is such a pretty girl too.

I totally recommend this movie!

New release on DVD for October 28  

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If you have children, I recommend this movie. I had a good time watching it in 3-D in the theater. :P

There was nothing else worth mentioning.

Last week, the Hulk and the Strangers were released.

An Underworld Prequel???  

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Let me say this if I haven't already - I love Underworld. I did not like the sequel, but this prequel looks mighty interesting!!

Too bad it wasn't coming out this Friday. *sigh* Maybe I'll just watch Underworld to cheer myself up. Scott Speedman anyone?

True Blood: Fourth Man in the Fire  

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So, we're on show 8. Gut check time, my friends. The show lagged a bit for me, but now that Sookie and Bill have consummated their relationship, this viewer is back in the game. LOL Also, I just read all the books back to back and I'm anxious for the next one to come out now. May, you are too far away. :(

Jason is hooked on V. Him and his latest friend, Amy, have kidnapped a vampire (after following Lafayette to its house). Sookie and Bill are hot to trot. (Eww scene though - they have sex as soon as he comes out of the ground and he's all muddy. Eww)

Tara and Sam are still being friendly. Tara has gone to the exorcist too. I will miss that part of Tara she's trying to get rid of. I always laugh at the outrageous things Tara says.

Ok, Sookie really pissed me off in this last episode. She really has an attitude on her and I don't like it. Mind you, everyone is judging her, but still. She's too defensive. And she's being a braggart about being with Bill. That doesn't seem...classy.

The guy who plays Bill is also in the latest People magazine. He's British. But I must admit, I like his accent in the show.

OOH, there was more Eric. He "hires" Sookie to find out who's stealing money from Fangtasia. I like Eric's arms...yum. But not his face.

Guess who's back!  

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Prison Break- The Price  

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Ok, I was actually getting mad at Prison Break. Well more at Roland. How the hell does he get all bitter and petty when he is the one who screwed up in Vegas! He got caught. He got the device taken away. So when the gang is royally pissed at him, he decides to turn in Linc and Michael. Then when Michael catches him, he gets all attitude towards him and even asks for an apology. Jerk ward. You so deserved to die yesterday. Sounds blood thirsty, I know.

But now the gang has Wyatt in their custody. Mahone is like a rabid dog wanting to kick Wyatt's ass. I don't blame him one but. Gretchen offered to let Sarah whip her for 5 minutes to even things up. Loved it when Sarah almost sliced her neck. Go Sarah!!!

This shall be interesting.

My Own Worst Enemy  

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The show is interesting.

Edward is a secret agent man. He's out doing missions and leads an exciting life. After he's done with his job, he steps into an elevator and all of sudden he's Henry. Henry who has a wife and two kids.

Turns out Edward volunteered for this experiment. Where they create a split personalty. Ok. Why would Edward need a split personalty. I could see where it was mild mannered Henry who would do it. But.. whatever.

Unfortunately, Edward "wakes" up while it's Henry turn to be out and about. They think they fix the glitch until Henry "wakes" up while on Edward's watch. Right in the middle of Edward about to kill some guy. Don't cha hate when your spilt personalty wakes up?

The show is all right. I don't know how they are going to keep the series going. I think this would have been a good movie. But I'll watch a few more episodes to see if it improves.

Venture Brothers  

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Last year, my younger brother in law made me watch some episodes of the Venture Brothers. At first I was kind of shocked, but then there I was busting up laughing. Since Venture Brothers is on Adult Swim, I couldn't watch the rest of the episodes. Only because it was on late at night.

Then we got DVR. (Have I mentioned I love my DVR?) Just in time to watch Season 3 (except it didn't record the freaking season 3 finale!) I asked my younger brother in law if we could borrow Season 1 and 2. I'm seriously thinking of buying the seasons after finishing season 1.

From Wikipedia:

The Venture Bros. (alternatively The Venture Brothers) is an American
animated television series airing as part of Adult Swim on Cartoon Network. It
chronicles the adventures of two dopey teenage boys, Hank and Dean Venture,
their emotionally insecure, ethically challenged super-scientist father Dr.
Thaddeus "Rusty" Venture, and the family bodyguard, secret agent Brock Samson.

One of the themes of The Venture Bros. is its multifarious use of
allusion in its dialogue, character design and other facets. The series openly
pays homage to a variety of sources, including adventure serials, pulp
magazines, and many other elements of pop culture; musical references,
television shows, movies, toys, fads, and comic books have all been used for

As a co worker explained to me, "It's Johnny Quest grown up. But something gone wrong." Not only do the Venture brothers poke fun at Johnny Quest, they pick on all the old and sometimes new cartoons. Example:

One of the episodes, the Ventures meet the Impossibles. Richard Impossible who is flexible and can stretch out his body. Sally Impossible, whose skin (and only her skin) turns invisible. Cody who bursts into flames when in contact with oxygen. And Ned who is big callus. Sound familiar? Like a deranged version of the Fantastic 4? Yeah.. you should see what they do to the Scooby Doo gang. Funny.

Anyways.... I love this show. More than Family Guy and South Park. The humor isn't raunchy. It's just... sometimes it's just wrong but funny wrong. A little more edgier than Family Guy me thinks.

My favorites Episodes from both Season 1 and 2 are:

The Trial of the Monarch- Only for when Dr. Orpheus says very dramatically: "DO NOT BE HASTY IN ENTERING THIS ROOM (bathroom)! I HAD TACO BELL FOR LUNCH!
Assassinanny 911-Hank running around saying "My pants are haunted" after Molotov gives him CPR, freaking funny.
I Know Why the Caged Bird Kills
Viva Los Muertos!
- The Scooby Doo one!

So if you like that kind of humor, check it out on Adult Swim or rent the first two seasons.

Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull  

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In 1957, Indiana Jones is thrust back in action, venturing into the jungles of South America in a race against Soviet agents to find the mystical Crystal Skull.

It was all right. I love the Last Crusade and this just didn't measure up to that movie for me.

The whole crystal skull and where it came from, I thought was interesting. I've heard that before regarding the mayans and other tribes. I know that bothered some people but it didn't bother me. People were saying that that plot didn't belong in an Indiana Jones movie.

So this one is all right. Kind of glad I didn't watch this in the theater.

Life on Mars - Out Here in the Fields  

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Is anyone else watching this new cop/crime drama on ABC? It's on right after Grey's Anatomy. At first I was adamant that I was NOT going to get sucked into another show. I'm watching too many already but when I saw that Jason O'Mara was starring in it. I gave in.

Is anyone else in love with Jason O'Mara? I first saw him when I was watching the BBC series Monarch of the Glen, thought he was super hot. Then he popped up in ABC's Men in Trees, which by the way I'm super bummed they canceled, as Marion's super hot publisher guy, Stuart. Clearly I heart Jason O'Mara, so I knew I'd be sold on Life on Mars. Speaking of the BBC, I just Googled "Life on Mars" and apparently, like so many other series, Life on Mars was a BBC series first. Hm, interesting tid-bit.

Ok, back to the show. So what, you might be wondering, is Life on Mars about? Well, the extremely handsome Jason O'Mara plays NYC police detective Sam Tyler. In this first episode we're introduced to the case Sam is working on with his partner and girlfriend, Maya Daniels, played by Lisa Bonet. They are hunting down a murderer, Colin Raimes, who, due to a somewhat questionable alibi, is released from police custody. Maya, fearing he will kill again, follows Raimes without Sam and turns up missing.

Sam, as you might image, is frantic trying to find her and, in the process, manages to get hit by a car. When he wakes up he's no longer in 2008 but has been mysteriously transported to 1973. Where he is still a detective for the same precinct. Sam, understandably, has some doubts about the reality of his situation but things soon become clear that his trip through time is somehow related to the crime he and Maya were investigating in 2008.

Life on Mars has a great cast in addition to O'Mara and Bonet including Harvey Keitel, Michael Imperioli, and Gretchen Mol.

I was wondering about the name of the show before I saw it, wondering if it was in reference to the time travel or what. When Sam gets hit by the car in 2008 he's listening to David Bowie's hit single "Life on Mars" and when he wakes up in 1973 his ipod has been replaced with an 8 track and it too is playing David Bowie's "Life on Mars".

Aside from Jason O'Mara my other favorite part of the show....??! THE MUSIC. It's got an awesome soundtrack. :)

So, did others watch this? What did you think? If you missed the first episode you can watch it here!

New Releases on DVD for October 14  

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I forgot to post these.

The New Trailer for Twilight.  

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Is anyone else as excited about this movie as I am? I don't care about the casting anymore, I just want to see how it all turns out. I'm anxious already!

Beverly Hills Chihuahua  

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I took my brothers to see Beverly Hills Chihuahua on Friday night. And I admit, I really wanted to see this. I own a freakin' chihuahua for goodness sakes. LOL I HAD to see this. :P

It was really cute. Chloe is a spoiled pampered Beverly Hills pooch and when her owner's niece has to watch her when her owner goes on a business trip, Chloe and the niece take an impromptu trip to Mexico. Where Chloe gets picked up by dog fighters. :( But while locked up, Chloe wins over the hearts of some of the older, street-wise strays and they come to Chloe's rescue when she's pitted against Diablo, a doberman.

The ending kind of dragged, but there were enough laughs and awwww! moments to make me happy. Only go see this in the theater if you really really want to and have a child to take with you. LOL Otherwise, wait for the DVD. :P

Quick Rundown  

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Sarah Connor

A terminator is on the looses hunting down Martin Bedell. Kind of like how Arnold did in the first movie when he was looking for Sarah Connor. Turns out Bedell gives up his life in the future to save Kyle and John. Which is why the terminator was after him. If there is no Bedell, he can't save Kyle and John in the future.

I'm thinking Weaver is one of the bad guys. I don't know, kissing/killing that one guy just doesn't make it look like she's for team Connor. Unless she's trying to keep the plant operational for them in the future. I don't know. That part confuses me a little.

Pushing Daisies

Why can't Chuck see Ned isn't liking she's not living with him. Why why why? Poor Ned is having hard time adjusting to Chuck not being there. He did kind of punish her for it by leaving her behind. Although with Olive gone, someone does have to manage the Pie Hole.

It looks like towards the end, Ned is going to be ok with Chuck living next door.


When are they going to get a permanent assistant in the lab? I liked how Booth said he'd be prettier than Bones if he was a girl. Other than that, nothing much.


I kind of knew Warrick wouldn't make it. I thought maybe they would save him. I knew Warrick would leave anyway. I just didn't think he would die. Ok, I did but I hoped he wouldn't. Then we find out Warrick had a son. Which cool but I wonder why bring that up now?

Of course the CSIs managed to piece the evidence together and find Mckeen. When Nick was pointing that gun at him, i kept thinking, "don't shoot him Nick!" I got scared once I heard the shot and sighed a big sigh of relief when Nick didn't shot him. Mc Keen did deserve it but I don't want Nick in trouble.

And Sarah. I was happy to see Sarah but... is it me or did she look a little old maidish and frumpy? I wonder when Grissom leaves, if he'll leave with Sarah. I don't know if I like them as a couple.

I got misty eyed at Warrick's funeral. It was sad and when I saw a tear rolling down Nick's cheek, I wanted to hug him and make everything better.

Grey's Anatomy

Ok, I felt bad for izzy at the end of the show when she said she didn't have anyone. Which sucks. Cause what happened with her friendship with George? Has Lexie replaced Izzy? Kind of jacked up. I know things may have been awkward but still. Although Lexie feeding George was kind of cute.

I also thought Alex saying hello to Izzy at the end of day was kind of cute too.

Derek was kind of jacked up with wanting to kick Izzy and Alex out right away. That should have been discussed with Meredith first. I get he would like to be alone with her though. Eventually they will have to move out but I don't see the rush.

Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist  

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From Yahoo! Movies:

Nick frequents New York's indie rock scene nursing a broken heart and playing the bass with his queercore band, The Jerk Offs. Norah is questioning pretty much all of her assumptions about the world. Though they have nothing in common except for their taste in music, their chance encounter leads to an all-night quest to find a legendary band's secret show and ends up becoming a first date that could change both their lives.

Starring: Michael Cera, Kat Dennings, Ari Graynor, Rafi Gavron
Running time: 1 hour 30 minutes
Rating: PG 13

I went to see this over the weekend with 4 teenagers. I knew this would be a movie we would all enjoy and I wasn't wrong. Nick and Norah's infinite playlist was cute cute cute!!

So Nick is sad and heartbroken that his girlfriend of six months, Tris, has broken up with him. He keeps making her mixed cds of all these cool songs and giving them to her. Meanwhile, Tris is making fun of him and throwing the cds away. But her frenemy, Norah, likes the mixes and keeps his cds. Later on during Nick's "personal day" (lmao! I love he applies work terms to high school, Nick so rocks) anyway, Nick's friends stop by to pick him up for his gig. But he declines saying he needs a mental health day (HA!) but when his friends tell him Where's Fluffy is supposedly going to doing a secret gig later on that night, Nick changes his mind and goes out with his friends.

*side note: I totally loved Nick's friends. They are these two gay teenagers that were actual thought out characters that added to the story. I loved them!! end side note*

So meanwhile, back at the girls' school that Tris and Nora attend, their friend (the one friend these two girls have in common, they can't really stand each other but they both like this one girl) Caroline tells Norah about Where's Fluffy and Norah is a huge fan of this band. So they all decide to go out.

Am I just rambling with this summary or what? LOL

SOOOOO, to make a long story short, Norah kisses Nick in front of Tris because Tris is saying Norah doesn't have a boyfriend. Then Nick wants to pick Norah's brain cuz he figures she knows all about Tris but while they end up hanging out, Nick's feelings change and he becomes enamored of Norah. But Norah has an ex-boyfriend and Tris gets jealous and tries to get Nick back. Who's a guy to pick?

It's a really funny movie, which I can't really explain in my summary. But if you want some good laughs and just want a straight up teen comedy with no crazy sex shenanigans, Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist is the movie for you. B+

Also, I'm planning on seeing this when it hits the cheap theaters. Then I'm gonna buy it. I love it that much. LOL

Iron Man  

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Movie Description from Yahoo! Movies: Tony Stark is a billionaire industrialist and genius inventor who is kidnapped and forced to build a devastating weapon. Instead, using his intelligence and ingenuity, Tony builds a high-tech suit of armor and escapes captivity. When he uncovers a nefarious plot with global implications, he dons his powerful armor and vows to protect the world as Iron Man.

I've never heard of Iron Man before this movie came out so I didn't know what to expect.

Tony Stark makes weapons for the military. While in Afghanistan, he is kidnapped. The soldiers traveling with him are killed by the very weapons he made to protect them. They hold Tony prisoner asking him make a missile. Instead Tony makes a suit of iron to help him escape. Once he's home safe and sound, Tony decides to longer make the weapons. He does however, make an new and improved Iron Man suit.

I enjoyed the movie. I thought Robert Doweny Jr. looked hot. My favorite scene in the entire movie was when he's testing the boots. The first time he tests them, the blast sends him flying backwards onto a wall. Once he hits the ground, the robot sprays him with the fire extinguishers. I was busting up laughing. I had my hubby rewind that part a couple of times.

Here is the clip for your enjoyment.

Prison Break-Five the Hard Way  

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Rowena and I were both discussing last night's Prison Break. We thought we'd share our thoughts with you.

Rowena: You were right about Gretchen and T Bag, ugh...I don't like that they're playing on the team now, ugh again. And the stupid Asian kid, what a douche now they have to start all over again because he got the phone thingy taken away.

Ugh again.

Iz: Wait, I thought they had the data downloaded at the home base. They have to start completely over. What an idiot. How could Roland think he wouldn't get caught?

Watch, Gretchen is going to demand T-bag be included and that's how he weasels himself in the gang. Dang I hate t-bag.

Poor Sucre, I was really feeling bad for taking one for the team and turns out its so he can do the wild thing with homeboys wife! I'm going to believe in my fantasy world that Sucre said no but was in the room long enough to get the 5th card. lol.

Rowena: Oh no, no no no...they do have the data at the homebase but they still have one more card to get, right? So now he has to build a whole other device thingy so that they can get it, that's what I meant by them starting all over again.

Oh, I know..that's what they showed in the previews for next week (or did it say two weeks? I can't remember). Ugh, I hate T Bag and I wish he would just die off already, sheesh.

You know that he's going to feel bad for betraying Marisol (is that her name? I forget) but he did what he had to do to be free to be with her again. It's going to suck if he did all this and went through all of this and she can't get over him sleeping with the man's wife to demand his freedom and after all is said and done, he ends up alone. I hope that doesn't happen to him.

Iz: I was about to say, don't scare me! That would suck if they had to get all the cards again. Yeah they have one more card to get but I don't think they have the time to make another device. Unless they try to get the original device back. But I think the last card holder is the general. How they will do that, I have no idea.

I swear Roland is just plain stupid. I hope Linc beats him up.

I keep hoping T-Bag will get off'd but each week I'm let down that he's still somehow alive. And now Gretchen might be involved. Poor Sarah.

Did you see the part about Michael's nose bleeds. He better not die. They can't kill him off cause he's the brain behind everything. But I'm glad Sarah knows now. Maybe she can help him.

But I was busting up laughing when Michael asked Sara to get Carrot Top's autograph. ha ha.

Rowena: I know, me too! I was like, WTF? Carrot Top? Seriously? haha, whatev.

No, but they don't have time to do up another card thingy so I'm thinking that Michael is gonna have to come up with a plan and I know that the General has the last card, it HAS to be him. That's going to be interesting because you know they're going to do it, they just don't know how yet...or we don't know how so ooh wee it's getting good.

The whole thing about Michael and the Mom and stuff, yeah he's so not dying but I'm thinking they might have a scare. Ugh, not looking forward to that. I bet you in the season finale, he's going to collapse and that's gonna be the cliff hanger, Does Michael Scofield make it out alive?

It's going to be interesting with Gretchen and T Bag in on the op now. Frickity frick, poor Sarah my ass because I'm still on the fence about her, *sigh*

I was laughing when Self done moved out of his house and then went to the General and stuck his shoe up his ass, too frickin' funny.

Iz: Oooo that would make for an interesting season finale, Michael collapsing. Don't say that! I don't want to wait a whole summer to find out if he's ok or not.

Oh you know the general is the last cardholder. It would be their luck. And he knows about all of them right? Sigh.. my co worker thinks it might take Gretchen to get the info. But I don't trust her. What if she gets all crazy or something? ugh.

I'm still on the fence with Sarah too. She better be a good guy and not betray them.

Self is still a weenie in my eyes. He did good on confronting the general but he needs to earn man points from me.

Rowena: I know what you mean. Self has a long way before he redeems himself in my eyes. But it's funny how much I hated Mahone in the first season and how, after this season I'm like, alright...I guess I forgive you. I don't know, it's like I don't hate him anymore. Weird.

Oh you know Gretchen is going to be the one to get the last card for them. You just know it and I'm curious to find out how they're going to do it. So frickin' curious.

Iz: Same here. Mahone.. I like him now. He redeemed himself when he told Michael he wouldn't rat them out when was in jail.

I know. I'm curious too.


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Holly and Hef split up!!!!

I heard rumors that someone might be moving out of the mansion, but they were all saying it was Kendra (Speaking of, read somewhere she was engaged). Then my sister showed me in article in one of those gossip magazines that Holly was snuggling up to someone.

I didn't think Holly and Hef would split. But I know she wants to get married and have children. Since Hef is still legally married and has no plans of remarrying I can see why Holly would want to move on.

That sucks. So is this the last season for Girls Next Door??

New Releases on DVD for October 7  

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I seriously recommend if you are an Adam Sandler fan that you rent Zohan. Or if you're a fan of laughter. I like laughter and this movie has some crazy moments. ESPECIALLY at the beginning with the hummus!! I can't wait!!

I want to see this only for Zoey Deschanel. I love her.


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Ok I stumbled on this show. I caught most of it but I was flipping back and forth between this and the Simpsons and King of the Hill. The premise of the show is (stolen from wikipedia):

The show focuses on the Valentine family, a group of gods living amongst humans. They must keep their true identities secret as they do whatever it takes to bring soul mates together.

You have Grace (Aphrodite), Danny (Eros), Phoebe (a goddess of the oracle of Delphi) and Leo (Hercules) all living together. Their job is to bring soul mates together. Although why Leo is with them, i don't know... I don't recall him having anything to do with Aphrodite or Eros in the myths. And there is a brief appearance with Ray (Hephaestus) showing up to fix something for Grace.

Anyway, something happens where Danny argues with Grace saying how the world doesn't need them. Grace cuts him and says if the fates find they are no longer needed, they'll become mortal and die. Which Danny is shocked how he's actually bleeding. Now he's taking his job a little more seriously. Grace says they need help. So she enlists a romance author to help them out.

The job they are working on is bringing together a couple who have been just friends. However, the guy has been secretly in love with the girl since they met. But she never saw him that way. So the poor guy had to watch her get into bad relationship after bad relationship. With the help of Danny's gun (replacing the bow and arrows), they end up in bed together. The girl freaks out and decides to elope with her fiancé.

Phoebe warns them once the couple reaches Vegas, their destiny is locked. So the gang works overtime to try and figure out how to stop elopement. Which they do.

The show was all right. Kind of cheesy and corny. I thought the guys playing Leo and Danny were meh... Especially Danny. He could have been a little cuter especially since he's the god of Erotic love. I'll probably record a few more episodes to see if gets better.

The Ex List  

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The Ex list is about a woman name Bella. For her sister's bachelorette party they all go to see a psychic. The psychic tells Bella that she has a year to find her soul mate. If she doesn't, she'll be alone for the rest of her life. The other thing, Bella has already met her soul mate.

At first Bella doesn't believe her. When other things the psychic tells her come true, she takes it a little more seriously. She goes back to the psychic to ask for more details. Psychic lady says no, this is your journey. Just follow the signs.

As Bella leaves, a bird poops on her. She grabs a news and review like paper to wipe it off when she notices an ad for band. A band that happens to be have one of her ex's as the lead singer.

We see a flashback of Bella breaking up with the guy. He's one of those sensitive musicians types. He cries and then it turns out its his birthday. When he realizes Bella didn't even know, he cries harder.

When Bella checks him out at the club he's singing a song about how "bitch left me on my birthday." Ha ha. Awesome. At first he wants nothing to do with Bella, but he gives her another chance. Which ends in a kind of "I had it coming" way.

This show was pretty cute and had its funny moments. I look forward to the new episodes. So if you get a chance, check it out.

Nights in Rodanthe  

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As always, I get my movie descriptions from Yahoo! Movies:

Adrienne Willis, a woman with her life in chaos, retreats to the tiny coastal town of Rodanthe, in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, to tend to a friend's inn for the weekend. Here she hopes to find the tranquility she so desperately needs to rethink the conflicts surrounding her--a wayward husband who has asked to come home, and a teenaged daughter who resents her every decision. Almost as soon as Adrienne gets to Rodanthe, a major storm is forecast and Dr. Paul Flanner arrives. The only guest at the inn, Flanner is not on a weekend escape but rather is there to face his own crisis of conscience. Now, with the storm closing in, the two turn to each other for comfort and, in one magical weekend, set in motion a life-changing romance that will resonate throughout the rest of their lives.

Starring: Richard Gere, Diane Lane
Running Time: 1 hour 37 minutes
Rating: PG 13

I went into the theater knowing absolutely nada about this movie. All I knew was there was some house on the beach and there were two people there. There's more to it than that...but that's not enough.

The movie begins with Adrienne waking her kids up to go on a trip with their dad - from whom she's separated. In between those scenes are snippets of Paul getting ready to go on a trip as well. These two meet up at Adrienne's friends beach side retreat, where Adrienne has offered to help her friend out while her friend goes to "sell some art." Paul is there for his own reasons, which take entirely too long for us to figure out (not really, but it seems that way). So these two are the only ones in the house and they start to get to know each other. Wow, what a great way to base a love story - proximity. Anyway, a storm blows in these two make whoopee and help each other face some demons.

Then a real WHAT THE F**K thing happens that made me go: WTF?

And then I got silly and started bothering my mom and was cursing the fact that I didn't have to get up to pee and the movie ended.

I was not expecting the movie to turn out the way it did. Diane Lane's acting really annoys me. And Richard Gere's character, Paul, starts off very immature and I couldn't get over that enough to like him. And through the last half of the movie, I was wondering WHY Adrienne and Paul loved each other.

This movie wasn't horrible, but it wasn't the bestest thing evar either. Wait for the DVD I say. In the meantime, I'm going to go watch the Notebook.


Pushing Daisies- Bzzzzzzzzzz!  

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Pushing Daisies is my favorite new show from last year. I love how cute and quirky it is. That and I love Ned.

Ok. So it turns out Olive has stopped bringing pies over to Vivian and Lily after discovering Lily is Chuck's mom. Viv and Lily take a bus over to the pie hole to make sure Olive is ok. What does Olive do when confronted by them? She screams. ha ha. Then quits the pie hole. She's full of secrets and may just burst at any moment. We next find her in a nun's outfit singing on a hill top ala Sound of Music. Cute. I thought it was funny that all her stuff was outside at the nunnery and the poor people start picking up her stuff. ha ha.

Lily follows her and explains Vivian and Chuck's dad were engaged. Lily had an affair with him and got preggers. I wonder if Vivian knows? I would think she has to.

Since Olive's apartment is now empty, Chuck decides to move in. Which Ned doesn't like. However at the end of the episode, he takes all of Chucks things from the aunt's house and puts them in the apartment. Again, I love Ned. By the way, how cute was it to see Ned walking around the apartment with bells on his slippers so Chuck would know when he was coming. awwwww.

Another aww Ned moment was when he was working for Betty as her secretary to keep an eye on Chuck. Which Emerson says, "STALKER!" Ha ha. My husband laughed when Emerson told Kentucky's hubby to cry in bathroom like a man instead of crying in public.

We find out Emerson wrote a pop up book, Lil Gum Shoe, as a way to find his daughter or for her to find him (Joey was snoring by this time). Then we find out Ned's dad is hanging around the pie hole. Very interesting indeed. Wonder what's up with that.

I'm so glad Pushing Daisies is back. Yay!!! Can't wait to see what this season brings.