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As a favorite waitress at Joe's Diner, Jenna is also a "pie genius," naming her tantalizing confections after the tumultuous events and emotions of her daily life. She's hoping that one of her pastries, like her "Kick In The Pants" Pie, might even change her life--if she can just win that $25,000 pie contest. But when Jenna discovers that she's pregnant, she immediately bakes an "I Don't Want Earl's Baby" Pie--a quiche of egg and cheese with a smoked ham center. After all, her husband Earl is a jealous jerk that is essentially a child himself, and the last thing they need to do is start a family together. But the pregnancy eventually changes the course of events in her life, giving her an unexpected and newfound confidence via letters to her unborn baby.

Jenna is a waitress at Joe's Pie Dinner. She makes and invents the most awesome pies. What is unique about her pies, is that they often reflect what is going on with her life. When she finds out she's pregnant she make up "I don't want earl's baby" pie. Then later she invents, "I want to kill my husband pie."

When she finds out she's pregnant, she is not thrilled. She has been saving and hiding money so she can leave Earl. Earl is just a jerk. Total controlling, abusive, self centered jerk. Now that she's pregnant, she feels stuck. And Earl... ugh.. he is a butthead. The only reason why she tells Earl about the baby is because he's driving all crazy and slapping her. Then he makes her promise that she won't love the baby more than she loves him. Ugh. Who does that?

Jenna goes to see her ob/gyn. Her regular doctor has retired and there is a new doctor in town. He's kind of cute. They have an affair. One of the days she goes to see him she brings naughty pumpkin pie only to learn he left town for the weekend with his wife. Yes, he's married too. I normally don't like cheating but... I can't help but want them too. We never really see the doctor's wife and Earl is just a jerk. So it's ok with me.

One of Jenna's regulars is the owner of the pie shop, Joe. He's your regular grumpy old man. Although you know he must not be all that grumpy cause he's jenna's best tipper. Anyways, the day she goes in to give birth, he's also at the hospital scheduled for surgery. He hands Jenna a baby card.

When Jenna finally gives birth she looks at first as if she wants nothing to do with the baby. But then she holds her baby girl and looks into her eyes. Jenna is hooked. You see Jenna fall in love with Lulu. Then dumb ol Earl gets in Jenna's face reminding her of her promise. Jenna tells him to back off and that she's divorcing him. Yay Jenna! Earl starts throwing tantrum but Jenna is too busy gazing in her daughter's eyes to pay attention. Soon guards are dragging Earl out of room.

Jenna later learn Joe is in a coma. She opens the card he gave her and there is drawing of her and a check for $275,000. The note says to start fresh. As Jenna leaves the hospital, she ends the affair with the doctor.

I thought this movie was cute. The pies looked yummy. I found out there are recipes on line for some them too. Here is the link in case you are interested.

Jenna's Pies

I would say check this out on demand or if you happen to want to rent a movie and this is there, check it out.

Grade: B

Movie Review: Jumper  

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Starring: Hayden Christensen, Rachel Bilson, Samuel L. Jackson, Jamie Bell.
Rating: PG-13
Grade: C

A genetic anomaly allows a young man to teleport himself anywhere. He discovers this gift has existed for centuries and finds himself in a war that has been raging for thousands of years between "Jumpers" and those who have sworn to kill them.

This is another movie that I saw while Grace was here in L.A. with me. We wanted to see this movie and Step Up II and we got to see both...we both loved Step Up II: The Streets but when it came to this movie, we were confused as to if we liked it or not. Grace thought that it started off pretty slow and I thought the ending sucked, but the movie as a whole wasn't ...bad, per se, just ...it could have been better. The storyline was good, it had the potential of being something really great but it kind of let us down.

One thing that didn't let us down was how good Hayden looked in this movie. That boy is fine. I never paid much attention to him as I'm not a big Star Wars fan and I haven't seen any of his other movies but this movie sure did make me sit up and take notice.

Hayden Christensen is HAWT!

Rachel Bilson is a cutie in this movie, they look good together and though they will never be a Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson kind of couple to me (all cutesy and crap) I thought they did well together in this movie.

Hayden kind of irritated me with all of his breaking and entering crap, the way he thought he was invincible got on my hot damn nerves and when Samuel L. Jackson came after him time and time again, scaring the crap out of him...I couldn't help but think, THATS WHAT YOU GET!

I liked that Rachel and Hayden ended up together at the end but with Hayden's Mom and everything, I kept thinking, THATS IT, THATS FRICKIN IT!!!! It pissed me off but whatever, the movie isn't something that I'd pay to see again but I'm not neccessarily mad that I paid $10.50 to see ...it's no 27 Dresses though, that's for sure.

The British, Scottish, Irish guy that's in this movie, the other Jumper was a laugh a minute. I loved that guy and I was pissed for him when Hayden done ruined a lot of his crap, when he led Sam and all of his bad guys over to his lair, I was pissed off for Griffin!

But as a whole, this movie was just meh...don't rush out to the theaters to watch this but catch it on DVD or netflix it and you'll see what I mean.


Movie Review: Step Up 2, The Streets  

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Starring: Rob Hoffman, Channing Tatum, Briana Evigan, Cassie, Adam G. Sevani.
Rating: PG-13
Grade: B+

When rebellious street dancer Andie lands at the elite Maryland School of the Arts, she finds herself fighting to fit in while also trying to hold onto her old life. When she joins forces with the school's hottest dancer Chase to form a crew of classmate outcasts to compete in Baltimore's underground dance battle The Streets, she ultimately finds a way to live her dream while building a bridge between her two separate worlds.

While Grace was in the states, the #1 thing on our list of things to do was on February 14th, we were to see Step Up 2: The Streets. Having been Step Up junkies because of the delicious Channing Tatum, we definitely made time to see this movie.

And it was fantastic!

We saw this movie the night we left for Vegas and we caught the very last showing of this movie and I'm so glad that we went to see it because the dancing in this movie was off the chains good! Rob Hoffman, though he doesn't compare to Channing Tatum in hotness did a fantabulous job dancing his way into my heart in this movie. There was no doubt in my mind that Rob can dance, not only did he do a good job with the street dancing but he also did a great job with the technical dancing at MSA.

The storyline in this movie sucked, I mean it wasn't really much of a storyline...Andie is a trouble child who's mother died when she was young and she's got issues with her guardian and her guardian has had it with Andie antics and is going to send her to Texas to live with her real family and I'll give it to her that she can dance but I didn't think she was the best dancer ever...Jenna Dewan can take her in a dancing battle, I think.

That scene in the beginning of the movie when Channing Tatum comes back and battles her to get her act together, he annihilated her! That fool clowned her and made her look dumb! He came back and owned his title of dance king...goodness, I loved it!

I hecka enjoyed this movie. I enjoyed the dancing most of all. The dance battles, the dance crews and just all of the dancing was on point and I loved the crew from MSA. My favorite was Moose, that little skinny fool got down and he cracked me up right from the first moment we met him. When Andie used him to lie to Chase and he messed that whole thing up, making Andie look like an idiot, I was laughing my butt off. When that fool showed Andie how good he can dance, I was loving it. I just effing loved him.

I loved watching the MSA Dance Crew meet and then form a crew, practice and then bond. It was good stuff.

And I've gotta say that ending number that MSA did outside smashed on the first movie's last number. I'm talkin' the MSA Street Crew put Nora's crew to sleep. Andie and her band of brothers was off the chains and that last dance number made me want to start my own crew! haha.

I loved seeing Jabbawockeez (Grace, OUR DANCE CREW! You gotta watch their latest routine on YouTube, they were off the chains with their Lean Wit' It routine, THEY SMASHED IT!) And homedude from the Jabbawockeez is on the 410 crew and seriously, that man can dance!

I loved this movie, even though it was cheesy with all the, "Let's stick together because you're my friend" crap and then Chase's lame brother running things over at MSA crap, it was still an enjoyable movie...the dancing more than made up for all the cheese in the movie!

Should you go see this movie in the theaters? I would...AGAIN!

TV: Moonlight.  

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Thanks to Grace, I am now addicted to yet another TV show. I've heard lots of people talking about this show but I never caught any of the shows as I didn't know when and where to find the show to watch but Grace told me that I should check it out and this week, I penciled in some Mick St. John time and boy am I glad that I did.

This show follows P.I. Mick St. John and Buzz Wire Reporter Beth Turner, the thing that sets Mick apart from everyone else out there is he's a vampire...and Beth is a human and of course they've got that forbidden love thing going on. Mick is in love with Beth but he knows that it will never work because of what he is and the drinking her blood thing. Beth doesn't care about him being a vampire and she's very understanding about him having to drink human blood from the blood bank to survive.

The make a good team and they always end up chasing cases and stories together. They help each other out and they're cute to watch.

I don't know what it is about this show but I like it. the cheese factor is at an all time high and the roll my eyes down the street thing goes on for days with this show but still, I really like it and will be tuning in when it comes back.

Mick's got some stuff that he's going through with the ex wife thing and I really enjoy watching that part of the show. Coraleen really does love her some Mick to come back from the dead for him and just everything that happens between these two was really sweet, even though I want him to ultimately end up with Beth (some way, somehow) but right now, Beth is not likeable to me...the way she blames Mick for what happened to Josh, seriously pissed me off.

The whole vampire community they have here in L.A. cracks me up. They live in my area code because Josh's cell phone number is (310) 555-0119, haha! And when Mick is talking to the cleaner lady that cleans up after all the vampires, she gave it up to my town of Torrance with this:

Mick: You get a lot of work lately?
The Cleaner Lady: Some thugs downtown, some gangsters in TORRANCE!

LOL! Me and my nieces were laughing a lot when that went down, gangsters in Torrance? HA! We don't have any gangsters here in Torrance and we'd like to keep it that way.

One thing that had me rolling my eyes down the street was when Josh is bleeding all over everything and VAMPIRE Mick is in the thick of all of that blood, playing nurse and not one lick of bloodthirst hit him....ARE YOU SERIOUS? He didn't turn into a vampire after ALL that exposed blood before him? Maybe he doesn't like guy blood, he only likes girl blood or something.

But man, I really like the characters in this show and I'm really digging the storyline between Mick and Beth then Mick and Coralene and then Josef and Sarah...it's all so cute and the episodes are always entertaining and it's reminiscent of Buffy and Angel and even though Mick does some retarded stuff that cracks me the heck up, I still love it and will continue watching.

I totally recommend this show to ya'll out there wanting to watch something good during the week...

Thanks Grace for the pimp!

One Tree Hill: For Tonight, You're Only Here To Know  

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Before I get into tonight's episode, I've gotta say...HOW HOT IS NATHAN IN THIS PIC RIGHT HERE?


Anyway, on with the episode. I don't know what to say about this episode, it wasn't the best episode ever but it also wasn't the worst episode either. It was just so-so. Nothing in this world will ever make me like Lindsay and finding out that her Dad died of cancer and that she was the one to pull the plug on him didn't soften me toward her so I really doubt anything else will.

I will say that Peyton was a big b word in this episode. For no good reason but do I blame her? Not in the least. Do I hate her? Heck to the no, but that may be because I'm totally biased where Peyton Sawyer is concerned. She can do no wrong in my eyes...well that's not true because she can and has done a lot of wrong that I do not condone but her character as a whole, is still my absolute fave character of the girls on this show.

I hated finding out that the ring Lucas gave to Peyton, err, I mean Lindsay wasn't really Peyton's ring but Karen's ring, the ring that she got from Keith. I hated finding out that the ring was NOT specifically for her and I hate doubting Lucas' love for Peyton because it's so up in the air. Like Lindsay, I was doubting Lucas' love for Lindsay because how can he love someone that is NOT Peyton Sawyer....how can he write in his book, that he does and always will love Peyton Sawyer and then have the nerve to move on?


It's like the writers keep dangling the Lucas and Peyton thing in front of me and then right when they get in kissing distance of being together, they snatch it away and we never really get to see what's what in this whole thing. I wish that they would quit doing that, they finally got together after FOUR effing seasons, only to come back after the break and are broken up yet again and NOT TOGETHER. It sucks the big a word but goodness, anything can happen ...are they completely done with each other, did Lucas really move on and does he really not love Peyton anymore? In my heart of hearts, I know that he still loves Peyton and that Peyton is still his whole world only he just doesn't realize it...WHY doesn't he realize it? How can HE doubt Peyton's love?

Did he forget? Did he really move on? I hate that I don't know...I hate that I doubt.

As for Nathan and Haley....Nathan will never be his father because you can tell that he doesnt' want to be and because of that, he never will be. It's so good to see him being the father that I knew he could be with little Jamie, it was touch and go there for a minute in the beginning of the season but I'm so glad that he realized the errors of his ways and stepped up to be the man of the house...now if only he'd tell Haley about that no good skank Carrie and be done with it, deal with the consequences and then fix his marriage.

And how effing cute is Jamie? He was totally pimpin' his new Raven's uniform and I love that he's like the honorary member of the team and it's just so effing cute. When he was copying everything Quentin was doing and when Quentin helped him put on his little wrist bands, SO CUTE!

What I didn't like was seeing Brooke all chummy with Lindsay. I didn't like seeing Peyton so alone, even though she was with Mia, her friends were with the one woman that she couldn't get over. I thought that they'd be sensitive to her feelings and understand that it hurts Peyton to see her friends with the woman that is with the man that she loves. I thought that Brooke, of all people would be sensitive to that but I guess not. I mean, I liked that Peyton didn't need her friends to be only her friends at the end and I'm glad that alls well that ended well but it would have been nice if someone was on Peyton's side.

What I'm really loving is Mia's music. I love her voice and I just love her character on the show, she's so geeky and lovable that you can't help but like her...I really enjoy listening to her sing and I'm totally going to get her CD which I hear is out, I'm sure I'll enjoy it so woo hoo me!

I don't know how I feel about Lindsay and Peyton being friends...it's blah to me. I don't care for it and you know what? My niece just said something that totally made sense to me. Where Lucas is concerned, it's like he has to keep reminding himself that he loves Lindsay whereas with Petyon, you only had to look at him to know that he was utterly in love with him, so that gives me hope...Lucas and Peyton forever and always!

Next week, Dan is back in the picture...I hope he doesn't get out because it's only been 4 years and he killed someone so he needs to STAY IN PRISON and rot in there until he dies! But anyway, I can't wait until next week!

One Tree Hill- In Da Club and Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want  

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Last week's episode of One Tree Hill was just okay in my opinion, even though at the very end, I got so hot damn pissed off at Lucas that I wanted to poke his damn eyes out.


Cause we all know how damn well that the ring he bought was NOT for Lindsay.

I was dumbfounded when Peyton knocked on Lucas' door and Lindsay showed her "her" ring....what a stupid cop out. I swear Lucas gets lamer and lamer with each episode. His reasons for not wanting to love Peyton anymore?


And don't even get me started on that no good two bit tramp of a nanny, Carrie. Goodness, I wanted to smack Nathan when he looked at the balcony, knowing who was outside in the pool and what she was wearing..frickity frick.

I didn't have time to post this post two weeks ago (when I started it) so instead of getting rid of it, I'm just going to post my thoughts on last week's episode as well. It's amazing how much perspective a week can give a person. When I first saw last week's episode (which I watched with Grace here, SQUEEEE!!) I was so blind to everything that Grace was trying to get me to see because I'm such a big Leyton fan and I don't like the obstacles that they have to hop through just to be together again.

Gracie girl, I see it.

I see what Haley saw, I see what she means and I'm not even mad about it because ....you're right.

Peyton is too late.

She wanted Lucas to wait until she was ready (and I still don't think that was a bad idea) but Lucas fell in love in the meantime and it isn't right for her to try to take that happiness away from him, even if it's with that skank Lindsay (which by the way, I still hate) but I'm glad that Peyton finally saw what she was doing and decided to follow in Keith's footsteps and step away from Lucas and her love for him and to bottle it up and be his friend because he wants her to move on and let go.

That scene when Peyton says, "I know, I didn't come here to rehash the past. I was reminded today in a roundabout way that the most perfect act of love is sacrifice. It's what Keith did for Karen, burying his feelings for her for all those years so that he could be a good friend. I love you Lucas, and I think I have since the first moment we locked eyes and it is going to SUCK but if what you want is for me to let go then I'm gonna do it. Be happy, Luc, I want that with all my heart."

It totally made me cry because I felt Peyton's helplessness. It showed just how mature she is and the letter she wrote to Molly, telling her to paint over her old closet and to go after whatever she's passionate about made me love Peyton all the more.

If what Lucas wants is to marry Lindsay then I guess I'll have to live with it for the moment but I don't think he does. I think he's running away from his past and his feelings, you know what he always does and I think he's going to regret it because that wedding to Lindsay is just not going to happen, you can take that to the bank. Lindsay is going to be the one to walk away from Lucas and Peyton is not going to know if Lucas really loves her or what...which makes more drama.

The whole Brooke and Owen thing is one of my favorite things about this show right now...I just love those two...and I can't wait to see more of them.

My favorite part of the show in general has always been Lucas and Peyton and all this angst and unrequited love is seriously the bomb....I can't wait for more!

Until tomorrow night.

And the OSCAR goes to...  

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You can see the full list of winners at Oscar.com.

Best Actress went to: Marion Cotillard (La Vie en Rose)

Best Supporting Actress went to: Tilda Swinton (Michael Clayton)

Best Actor: Daniel Day Lewis (There Will be Blood)

Best Supporting Actor: Javier Bardem (No Country for Old Men)

Best Movie: No Country for Old Men

Best Director: Ethan and Joel Coen - No Country for Old Men

Best Writing: JUNO (woot)

Which movies did you see? Any surprises? Anyone you were rooting for that didn't win?

Any thoughts on Jon Stewart as host?

Movie Review: Juno  

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Starring: Ellen Page, Michael Cera, Olivia Thirlby, Jennifer Garner, Jason Bateman

My Grade: A

Movie description from Yahoo! Movies: Juno is a whip-smart teen confronting an unplanned pregnancy by her classmate Bleeker. With the help of her hot best friend Leah, Juno finds her unborn child a "perfect" set of parents: an affluent suburban couple, Mark and Vanessa, longing to adopt. Luckily, Juno has the total support of her parents as she faces some tough decisions, flirts with adulthood and ultimately figures out where she belongs.

Am I ever glad I finally got to see this movie the other night. It's definitely as good as people say it is. That's always a good thing. LOL

It was funny, but it also had its touching moments, which didn't make me cry or anything. (Some, who have cried during a particularly poignant scene, stared at me aghast when I told them I didn't cry. Whatev, as Juno would say. haha)

The movie opens up with Juno drinking 3 big jugs of Sunny D so she can take her 3rd pregnancy test (hilarious beginning to a movie, btw, with Dwight making an appearance). What follows is her dealing with it, telling the dad, her best friend, and finally her parents. All of these characters are hilarious in their own way. Some would say I have an affinity for Juno's step-mom, Brenda. If you see the movie, you'll know why, but really, Allison Janney is soo funny. She's got a good scene when she verbally abuses an ultrasound technician. Haha! Anyway, Juno also finds prospective parents for her unborn child (whom she finds in the Pennysaver beside the exotic birds ads) who have their own problems and Juno is kind of the catalyst for those too.

Really, go see this movie. It's funny, touching, and its great seeing good actors in a good movie, acting well. LOL Good soundtrack too.

3:10 to Yuma  

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A rancher struggles to support his ranch and family during a long drought. Desperately needing money to build a well, he takes an assignment to transport a notorious felon, in the hands of authorities, to Yuma for imprisonment. But, once the two meet, the criminal tries to tempt him with--in exchange for allowing him to escape--an offer of much more money than the rancher ever expected, the result of a hidden loot.

We watched the movie the other night. I thought it was good. Christian Bale looked yummy. The end kind of bummed me out. Was not expecting that all.

Even though Russel Crowe plays the bad guy, I don't really think he was all that bad. His second in command, Prince, was..... I wouldn't say worse. But he someone I didn't want to to see live. lol. I thought Prince looked kind of feminine. I thought he would be revealed to be a girl. But no, he wasn't. He was a guy.

Also, Dan's son was a bit of a butthead in the beginning. Joey though he was gonna die. Nope he lived but towards the end he respected Dan a little bit more.

I never saw the original movie so I can't make any comparisons. If you get a chance, see this movie. Some parts are kind of slow, but for the most part it goes a good pace.

Grade: B-

Mini Reviews  

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Girls Next Door

Two episodes had the girls in Jamaica. They were attending Holly's sister's wedding. Oh my goodness, Jamaica is just beautiful. I want to go now. The girls did some wake boarding, jumped off these cliffs and ate at this restaurant where it was on the beach. They even saw a little crab scurrying about.

The other episode I watched was Bridget's birthday. They were having another murder mystery party. I think I like the first one better. But this one still looked like it was fun. And how they made the mansion all haunted was awesome.

Another thing they showed was Bridget, Kendra and Barbie Benton taking pole dancing lessons at the gym. One guy just sat there and watched them. Ha ha. And their instructor! Oh my. He was wearing tighty whities except there were red.

No drama between Barbie and Holly though. Darn.

Prison Break

I have mixed emotions about the finale.

Again, I have to ask. How are Bellick and T-Bag still alive? How is T-Bag in charge? Ugh.
I feel so bad for Sucre. I thought for sure he'd cave, but he didn't. I was afraid he would meet his demise. No, he's just stuck in Sona. I wonder how Linc and Michael will find out about Sucre. Will they break him out?

Michael is one smart cookie. He had a very good plan for something last minute. The look on Gretchen's face when she saw the metal detectors at the museum. ha ha! And LJ laughing at her. Priceless.

Micheal had his chance to shoot Gretchen and he didn't. He doesn't have it in him to kill Gretchen. I know he wants to avenge Sarah but I don't think he can. By the way, wasn't it sweet when LJ gave Michael the paper flower he made for Sarah in season one. Awwww....

Which brings me to ask, why oh why did they have to chop off Sarah's head? They could have at least done something where it could be a possibility she could be alive.

Mahone join forces with Whister and Gretchen. Don't know about that. Even knowing Michael will come after them all, he agreed. I wonder what it is they will be doing.

I don't like that Michael and Linc parted ways. Don't like that at all. I don't know what season 4 will break us. Don't even know if there will be a season 4. I've heard rumors of the show being canceled. Which will suck since they ended it with Michael in the car going after the trio.

We'll just have to wait and see.

Guest Blogger: Zeek is LOST  

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Today we have a special post from Zeek of The Way I See It.

I am not a regular tv watcher. Oh, I watch enough, I just don't tune into shows that people consider "regular". I don't do Dawson's Creek and it's ilk, I don't do CSI, though I would be more likely to catch that one rather than shows like Gossip Girl or One Tree Hill. (Sorry Boob Tube Ladies!). I don't do game shows like Deal or No Deal nor reality tv- okay I lie, I do watch Bravo's Project Runway, Top Design, and Top Chef- can you blame me? So where does that leave someone raised on Star Trek and The Incredible Hulk?

With shows like Lost. A quintessential odd-man-out of a show- with a twist of the paranormal!

If you don't want to read my long and rambling post on all things Lost you can catch up with this:
Lost in 8 minutes and 15 seconds.

Catch all that? No? Well then you're gonna have to read on:

From the get go, Lost hooked me. On the very first episode, after our intrepid characters crash land on a mysterious island, an abstract monster appears and kills the pilot.

What was that monster? We have no idea- although we find out later it could be the polar bear spotted roaming the tropical island not long after. (Btw, three years later and they STILL haven't told us what a polar bear is doing on a tropical island!)

More unknowns: One man who was crippled before the crash can now mysteriously walk. Others have died- and come back! There's complexes left over from a group from the 70's called The Dharma initiative and somehow this is connected to a magnetic pull on the island. Does all
this make any sense? Heck no, but I, like many, keep watching to see if it ever does.

Yes, strange things are definitely going on, and it only gets more inexplicable as time progresses.

The other part of this show is the weird psychological games being played on each of the characters. Not only is there inner struggles- very much ala Lord of the Flies- but something out there is messing with their minds and emotions as well. Leaders are born and destroyed. People are killed and some have even escaped! (Supposedly. Can we please find out what happened with Michael and Walt? Please!) Messing with them, (and us!), I tell ya!

In the first couple seasons, along with what's going on on the island, we got flashback's of each of their lives. Who they were and what led them to get on Oceanic Flight 815 from Sydney, Australia. And with each flashback, we began to see that these people are all interconnected- in small ways for some, in big ways for others- and they have no clue that this is the case. All
this is leading us to believe there is a reason why the plane went down and that there are no coincidences. Something sinister is behind it all- and, after three years, we still have little idea why ... and who!

This season we got a different twist. Instead of flash backs, we get flash forwards! Yes, some have made it off the island. (They are called "The Oceanic Six".) These six are hiding the fact that others survived and have stayed behind- and some (JACK!) are desperate to get
back to the island.

So why do we keep watching? Because they lead us along, dropping tidbits and leaving a trail for us to follow. For many of us, each little kernel dropped is grabbed up and crowed over around the water cooler (or on blogs!) the next day and another round of suspicions and suppositions are dragged out with the dearest hope that next week, maybe NEXT week, they'll give us more!

What also keeps me coming back are the characters. Jack, the defacto leader, is the archetype hero. He knows what's right and, for the most part, his motives are true. Sawyer is the bad boy- a con man who's only out for himself. And there's Kate, the girl next door with a murky past ... and, for all you romance junkies, she's caught in the middle of these two.

(Pick JACK! Pick JACK!)

Aside from them, we get Sayid, the ex Iraqi Guard, lethal but sensitive enough to fall in love- repeatedly! Hurley, otherwise known as "The Comic Book Guy"- he's got that look and says "Dude" a lot. Charlie, the heroin addict who falls for the lovely Claire who delivers a baby on the
island- something that we find out later is nigh unto impossible. Sun and Jin, the Korean couple with an interesting history of their own, and ... well, many more.

We also have the others. They were on the island before the crash landing and are led by the thoroughly eeeevil Ben. He's a master manipulator and he seems to know everything about our not so deserted islanders.

Confused yet? Lost, maybe? (hee! I'm sorry, had to go there!) Oh but there's so much more!
Unfortunately, it's just that hard to catch someone up on the show unless you start at the very beginning.

It is my recommendation that you run out and rent Season 1 on DVD. Believe me, it won't take you long to catch up to the rest of us because, they've shortened the seasons and with the writer's strike, this third season isn't going to be long. You'll be all caught up with us in no time- and just as hooked! Guaranteed!

I leave you with 3 good reasons to be watching Lost, if you are not:

'Nuff Said!

Lost airs Thursday Nights at 9:00 PM EST.

Becoming Jane  

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Starring: Anne Hathaway, Julie Walters, James McAvoy, Maggie Smith, Jessica Ashworth

My Grade: B

Movie description from Yahoo! Movies: The year is 1795 and young Jane Austen is a feisty 20-year-old and emerging writer who already sees a world beyond class and commerce, beyond pride and prejudice, and dreams of doing what was then nearly unthinkable - marrying for love. Naturally, her parents are searching for a wealthy, well-appointed husband to assure their daughter's future social standing. They are eyeing Mr. Wisley, nephew to the very formidable, not to mention very rich, local aristocrat Lady Gresham, as a prospective match. But when Jane meets the roguish and decidedly non-aristocratic Tom Lefroy, sparks soon fly along with the sharp repartee. His intellect and arrogance raise her ire - then knock her head over heels. Now, the couple, whose flirtation flies in the face of the sense and sensibility of the age, is faced with a terrible dilemma. If they attempt to marry, they will risk everything that matters - family, friends and fortune.

Although I haven't read any Jane Austen classics or researched the author herself, I found myself really enjoying this movie. I think because I've seen a lot of the movie adaptations and could see where some of it is similar to Jane's life, as it was portrayed in this film.

James McAvoy is a great actor and I thought he was good for this part. But Anne Hathaway? I don't know. And her neck kind of bothered me. I'm shallow, I know.

There's one scene that really stuck with me and made me laugh - when Tom (James) and Jane are in the library. Tom is telling her about widening a certain lady's...horizons. Meanwhile, you know he actually means her legs. haha!!

In the end, I understand Jane's choice. And really, I need to hurry myself up and read some of her books already!

New Releases on DVD for Tuesday, February 19  

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American Gangster

Brief Synopsis: Set in 1970s America, a detective is plotting to bring down the drug empire of Frank Lucas, a heroin kingpin from Manhattan, who is smuggling the drug into the country from the Far East.

All I can say is woot.


Starring: Jake Gyllenhaal, Reese Witherspoon AND Meryl Streep

Brief Synopsis: A CIA analyst questions his assignment after witnessing an unorthodox interrogation at a secret detention facility outside the US.

I'm watching this one to see those 3 in action.

Michael Clayton

Starring: George Clooney

Brief Synopsis: Michael Clayton is an elite New York City attorney who is known among his colleagues as "The Janitor" for working behind the scenes to clean up the messy personal problems of high-profile clients. In this courtroom thriller, he comes across the biggest case of his career that could produce disastrous results.

I don't know about this one.

You can see more new releases here: LINK

The Spiderwick Chronicles  

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Movie Description from Yahoo! Movies: From the beloved best-selling series of books comes "The Spiderwick Chronicles," a fantasy adventure for the child in all of us. Peculiar things start to happen the moment the Grace family (Jared, his twin brother Simon, sister Mallory and their mom) leave New York and move into the secluded old house owned by their great, great uncle Arthur Spiderwick. Unable to explain the strange disappearances and accidents that seem to be happening on a daily basis, the family blames Jared. When he, Simon and Mallory investigate what's really going on, they uncover the fantastic truth of the Spiderwick estate and of the creatures that inhabit it.

Starring: Freddie Highmore, Mary-Louise Parker, Nick Nolte, Joan Plowright, David Strathairn

My Grade: B++

What a magical movie!! A wee bit slow to start, but once the brownie, Thimbletack, makes an appearance, Spiderwick quickly picks up. There were a few scenes that had me a little bit freaked out, but it was all in good fun. And the visuals were amazing! And Hogsqual, the hobgoblin (voiced by Seth Rogen) was pretty funny.

Definitely a must see if you enjoy fantasy movies.

Fates of our Fav Shows....  

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Now that the writer's strike is finally over we're all anxious to find out what's happening with our favorite shows. I commented on this to Zeek in my post on Supernatural but I thought I would share the link with everyone. I found this on E!online. I don't know if any of it is confirmed but it gives us viewers an idea of what might be happening with our favorite shows! Check it out!


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USA Today article: LINK

Wolverine, an X-Men Prequel is slated for May 1, 2009. Gotta gotta get more of Hugh Jackman!! LOL

Movies Out in Theaters TODAY  

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Why Did I Get Married?  

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Starring: Tyler Perry, Janet Jackson, Sharon Leal, Jill Scott, Denise Boutte
Running Time: 1 hour 58 minutes
Grade: B

Movie Description from Yahoo! Movies: When eight married college friends reunite for their annual retreat in the snowcapped mountains of Colorado, they come expecting fun and relaxation, but get a completely unexpected surprise. Career-driven Dianne and her supportive, but fed-up husband, Terry, are joined by popular psychologist and best-selling author Patricia and her architect husband Gavin, who share a secret tragedy that finally comes to light, while Angela and Marcus argue constantly, but remain in love. Also in attendance is their good friend Sheila, a sweet woman with a distorted self-image stemming from weight issues that are exacerbated by her emotionally abusive and philandering husband, Mike. Unlike any other year, this trip changes the dynamic of the group with two new additions: Sheila's supposed girlfriend, Trina, who is secretly sleeping with her husband; and Troy, an ex-Wall Street stockbroker who has put his career on hold to care for an ailing father.

I just realized the movie description is wrong at the end - Troy was in the military, but retired and is now the sheriff in the small town where the couples go vacation.

Anyway, I really wanted to watch this because of Rowena's review last year. It was very enjoyable. I also think it's Tyler Perry's best movie yet. I cried twice but I also laughed too. There's a funny scene, at the dinner table, when all the couples are sitting together and the secrets start flying out. And this one husband, he has VD and he's very worried about telling his wife, so out comes his secret, and his wife basically tells him you got it from me and he tries to strangle her! LOL It's a great tension filled scene, and that part right there was just too much! So basically the movie is about these couples and how their relationships fall apart (from a lack of communication, among other things) and how they work to make them strong again.

My favourite character was Angela, she's this loud, proud woman and she's not afraid to tell anyone like it is. I did not like Sheila's husband, Mike. What a scumbag!!

Prison Break- Hell or High Water  

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So I missed the first few minutes. I started watching when they were all at thebeach. But according to the episode guide, Michael set T-bag, Luchero and Bellick up. Ha ha. They wanted to go up first and they got caught. HA HA! Smart thinking Michael. They thought they had 30 seconds before the guards would cath them, but they really only had 15. Good thinking Michael.

Ok, so we have Mc Grady and his dad possibly getting caught at the check point. Which I like him. I don't want to see him go back to Sona.

We have Whistler making a run for it. He either returns or Michael and Linc get a hold of him cause Whistler looks caught in previews for next week. I don't blame Whistler for running though since he lost his precious little book. Someone is in trouble.

Mahone... what will happen with him I wonder. I don't think he's a bad guy. Yeah he's kind of jerk. Yeah he was acting on orders but... he's kind of grown on me now. I kind of like him now.

Ok, so who was looking forward to T-bag getting his twig and berries fried? That sounds horrible I know, but I think he's deserves it. What's funny, is in real life the actor who plays him seems like a really nice person.

Poor Sucre. He almost made it. I knew T-Bag would rat him out before Sucre had a chance to leave. It looks like he's being buried alive in the previews. I hope nothing too bad happens to him and I hope he doesn't rat them all out.

I'm looking forward to Susan/Gretchen getting hers. She's just an evil witch. She needs to go now.

Supernatural: Season 2  

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So as soon as I finished Season 1, I immediately dived into Season 2 which picks up right where Season 1 left off (imagine that!). Here's a recap for you on who the Winchester men are:

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as John Winchester, father to Dean and Sam.
Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester, big brother to Sammy.
Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester.

Check out this great recap of Season 1. Did I mention I love the music for this show??!!!

Now onto Season 2!


So we open with the Winchester men all banged up from the car wreck. Sam and John are battered and bruised but for the most part alright. Dean, on the other hand, is in a bad way. Very bad, life-threateningly bad, fear the Reaper bad.

In fact in this episode his spirit, wandering around while he lies comatose in the hospital, is trying to outrun a Reaper. And, as we've seen in previous Supernatural episodes, if a Reaper's after your ass, that's it, GAME OVER; there's no out running a Reaper. So, how does Dean escape his supposed fate? Well, Daddy Dearest, steps in and makes a deal with a demon. The yellow-eyed demon that killed his wife; the demon they've been hunting for all through Season 1. So John trades his soul for Dean's life.

Ok, so let me take a quick break here to bitch for a second. Why oh why does every everyone hate Jeffrey Dean Morgan so much??! They kill him off in EVERY show!! Let's reminisce: on Grey's Denny dies, on Weeds he's already dead but appears in flashbacks and now, on Supernatural, they wack him too. GRRRRRRRARGHGGGGGGGGR! I'm so ANGRY. We didn't get enough of him as it is on Supernatural then they went and killed him. DAMNIT.

Alright, back to the plot. So John sacrifices himself so that Dean can live. Understandably, Sam and Dean are crushed by their Dad's death. It's also, important to note they don't know that he made a deal with a demon, they suspect as much but they don't know for sure.

The majority of the episodes in Season 2 deal with Sam and Dean coming to terms with their fathers death, as well as learning more about the Psychic abilities that Sam has developed. Sam has visions of peoples death's that usually come true. While on the road hunting Sam and Dean come across several other people like Sam. People the same age, whose psychic abilities all started around the same time. It is around this time that Dean reveals to Sam the last thing John told Dean before he died. John told Dean he was either going to have to save Sam or kill him.

Yeeeeeeeeeeeah. Ouch.

Throughout the course of the season it is revealed that the yellow-eyed demon has plans for these "special children"; it is speculated that he is building an apocalyptic army and these psychics are to be his soldiers.

Damn Sam! (Pun intended).

So, while Dean and Sam are off on a routine hunt, Sam up and disappears only to find himself in an abandoned, haunted town with several other Psychics such as himself. Turns out Yellow-Eyes has brought the Psychics here as part of a Supernatural Gladiators contest with last man sanding landing a role as the leader of the demon's army.

While Sam is duking it out with his fellow Psychics to stay alive, Dean (and their Dad's friend Bobby) are franticly searching for Sam having no idea where he's disappeared to. Before the Supernatural Gladiators contest got too intense one of the Psychics was able to send some images to Dean to help him pinpoint their location. Dean turns to some other hunters at the local Roadhouse but finds it has burnt to the ground, killing several of his friends and others missing.

Bobby and Dean make it to the abandoned ghost town just in time to see Jake, one of the other Psychics, stab Sam in the back and he dies in Dean's arms. YEP, DIES. DEAD. GONE. KAPUT.

Well, you know Dean's having none of that. So, Dean pulls a John Winchester and summons a demon to trade his soul for Sam's life.

Now, this whole scenario goes back to one of the previous episodes, Crossroad Blues, in which several people made deals with a demon, who granted whatever the asked for. But they only had 10 years to live before the demon came back to claim their soul.

Because Dean is a Winchester there is no way this demon was going to let him hang around for 10 years fighting supernatural forces so they haggle back and forth about how long before the demon returns for Dean's soul. The poor bastard only gets ONE YEAR. And the demon tells him if he tries to get around or back out of the deal in anyway the deal is off and Sam will drop dead.

Damn. That sucks. But he's got Sammy back and that's all that matters to him. Obviously he doesn't tell Sam what he's done.

Now, Bobby was with Dean when Sam died. So, imagine his surprise when a healthy Sam walks up the next day. Bobby knows that Dean has made some kind of deal and is unable to hide his surprise at seeing Sam, which makes Sam suspicious.

The season culminates in a gigantic cluster fuck when James (remember the dick that stabbed Sam in the back), at Yellow-Eyes bidding goes to open the gateway to hell. Sam, Dean, Bobby, and their friend Ellen all go to stop him. James is shocked to see Sam alive insisting that he killed Sam. James manages to open the gates to hell letting loose 100's of demons before being killed.

Damned if I don't love this next part:
Yellow-Eyes also shows up to the scene and tells Dean that perhaps when Sam returned from the dead that he's not "100% pure Sam" and proceeds to try to kill Dean. However, John Winchester who has crawled out of hell (remember he traded his soul to the demon for Dean's life) saves Dean and allows Dean to shoot Yellow-Eyes with the Colt that will kill any supernatural entity. At this point, John's soul departs, to where I don't know but I'm sure that's not the last we'll see of him.

After the gates of Hell are shut, Sam demands some answers from Dean. Knowing somethings not right. Dean then reveals to Sam the deal he made with the demon, leaving out the part about Sam dropping dead if Dean tries to get out of the deal. Sam insists he will find a way to save Dean.

I was wondering how long they would stretch out the vengeance on Yellow-Eyes plot line and what would keep Dean and Sam hunting once they'd finally killed the bastard. Guess, now we know they've got their hands full with the hundreds of demons that escaped from hell.

If that is about as clear as mud, here's a video for ya!

I'm still LOVING this series. I love the music. Love how Dean and Sam's relationship evolves and how they struggle with their Dad's death. How Dean struggles with the sacrifice John made for him and how he turned around and made the same sacrifice for Sam. Good stuff.


I've started downloading episodes from Season 3 on iTunes so I should be all caught up in no time.

Anyone else started on this series yet? If not, get on it ASAP.

Some link love:
Supernatural TV great site for all things Supernatural.
Why is No One Watching Supernatural?
Official CW Site

Lip Stick Jungle.  

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I watched this show last night and it wasn't what I was expecting. It's about three women, who are not all single like I thought. They're all really different.

One's married and has a successful career in show business. Another's married to a professor who pays more attention to his career instead of her and then the other one is still single and ready to mingle. The single girl (I don't even remember her name but it's Lindsay from 90210) is a fashion designer and the show starts with her fashion show going south and we find out that she's a crier and when she cries, she eats cupcakes. The other chick (Brooke Shields character) Wendy, is successful at work and has a bigger and better career than her husband...and you can tell that her husband is kind of resentful about it all. So that's what she's got going on at home. The last chick, Niko (however you spell her name) has a husband who just doesn't pay attention to her. She's feeling neglected and unwanted so what does she do? She starts an affair with a younger, HOTTER guy and she feels horrible afterward.

Was the first episode enough to make me a total fan of this show? Meh. Not yet, but on the other hand, I'm not going to give up on this show just yet either...and not because there isn't anything else to watch either...just because I'm going to give this show a few more chances to win me over because I love the asian girl..she's so cute!

The Bazillionaire that wooed the asian girl (gosh what is her name? I'm too lazy to check) was not a hottie at all but he was sweet, even though he said he was wasting $20,000 just by calling her. hehe, still he was cute and you could tell that he actually likes her.


I'm curious to see what is going to happen between Niko and Kirby (who is a little cutie) and then with her husband. I also want to see what goes down at her job.

I can already see that Wendy's daughter is going to have some kind of issue that her Mom helped her get because of the way that she was with her in the morning scene.

So all in all, this show made me curious enough to keep watching but not curious enough that I'm jumping for joy that this show is finally on.

New Releases on DVD for Tuesday, February 12  

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Why Did I Get Married?

Movie Description: When eight married college friends reunite for their annual retreat in the snowcapped mountains of Colorado, they come expecting fun and relaxation, but get a completely unexpected surprise. Career-driven Dianne and her supportive, but fed-up husband, Terry, are joined by popular psychologist and best-selling author Patricia and her architect husband Gavin, who share a secret tragedy that finally comes to light, while Angela and Marcus argue constantly, but remain in love. Also in attendance is their good friend Sheila, a sweet woman with a distorted self-image stemming from weight issues that are exacerbated by her emotionally abusive and philandering husband, Mike. Unlike any other year, this trip changes the dynamic of the group with two new additions: Sheila's supposed girlfriend, Trina, who is secretly sleeping with her husband; and Troy, an ex-Wall Street stockbroker who has put his career on hold to care for an ailing father.

- Rowena wrote a great review for this movie - it never appeared in the theaters here in the 'Peg, so I want to see this asap.

Becoming Jane

Movie Description: The year is 1795 and young Jane Austen is a feisty 20-year-old and emerging writer who already sees a world beyond class and commerce, beyond pride and prejudice, and dreams of doing what was then nearly unthinkable - marrying for love. Naturally, her parents are searching for a wealthy, well-appointed husband to assure their daughter's future social standing. They are eyeing Mr. Wisley, nephew to the very formidable, not to mention very rich, local aristocrat Lady Gresham, as a prospective match. But when Jane meets the roguish and decidedly non-aristocratic Tom Lefroy, sparks soon fly along with the sharp repartee. His intellect and arrogance raise her ire - then knock her head over heels. Now, the couple, whose flirtation flies in the face of the sense and sensibility of the age, is faced with a terrible dilemma. If they attempt to marry, they will risk everything that matters - family, friends and fortune.

- Ooh, Jane Austen. I'd watch this for that alone, but since there's great talent in this movie, that's a bonus too.

No Reservations

Movie Description: A top notch female chef's life is turned upside-down when she must care of her niece after her sister is killed. She now has to adapt to a different lifestyle and uses food as a means to express her roller-coaster life.

- This didn't get great reviews, but I don't care! I'm a fan of the lead characters.

We Own the Night

Movie Description: Bobby Green has turned his back on the family business. The popular manager of El Caribe, the legendary Russian-owned nightclub in Brooklyn's Brighton Beach, he has changed his last name and concealed his connection to a long line of distinguished New York cops. For Bobby, every night is a party, as he greets friends and customers or dances with his beautiful Puerto Rican girlfriend, Amada, in a haze of cigarette smoke and disco music. But it's 1988, and New York City's drug trade is escalating. Bobby tries to keep a friendly distance from the Russian gangster who is operating out of the nightclub--a gangster who is being targeted by his brother, Joseph, an up-and-coming NYPD officer, and his father, Burt, the legendary deputy chief of police.

- Joaquin! Mark! Eva! Three good reasons to see this.

Martian Child

Movie Description: A recently widowed science fiction writer forms an unlikely family with a close friend and a young adopted boy that claims to be from Mars. The new couple ignores some sage parenting advice from the widower's sister and gets more than they bargained for when a series of strange occurrences lead them to believe that the child's claim may be true.

- Go see Stacy's review on this movie. Sounds very interesting.

Things We Lost in the Fire

Movie Description: Audrey Burke is reeling from the shock of the news that has just been delivered to her door by the local police: her warm and loving husband Brian, the father of their two young children, has been killed in a random act of violence. Once anchored by the love and comforts of their 11-year marriage, Audrey is now adrift. Impulsively, she turns to Jerry Sunborne, a down-and-out addict who has been her husband's close friend since childhood. Desperate to fill the painful void caused by her husband's death, Audrey invites Jerry to move into the room adjacent to their garage in the hope that he can help her and her children cope with their sudden loss. Jerry is facing a daily battle to stay off drugs, but in his unexpected role as surrogate parent and friend to Audrey's son and daughter he finds a core of inner resilience. As Jerry and Audrey navigate grief and denial, their fragile bonds are constantly tested. Working together, however, they discover the strength to move forward.

- I'm a Benicio fan, so I'll eventually watch this one.

Gone Baby Gone

Movie Description: Two young private detectives are hired to take a closer look at the mysterious disappearance of a little girl and soon discover that nothing is what it seems. Ultimately, they will have to risk everything -- their relationship, their sanity, and even their lives -- to find a little girl-lost.
-I know this got good reviews from the critics, and Casey Affleck is a good actor (The Assassination of Jesse James showed us that). I'm not rushing out to get this though.

To see more new releases go here: LINK

MTV's America's Best Dance Crew.  

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Growing up in L.A. you come across so many different kinds of people. Passionate people, coming from a family who loves music and dance, I have seen my fair share of dance crews and battles and what not (yes, most of them was in movies like Stomp the Yard and You Got Served, so what?) but as soon as I heard about Randy Jackson's new reality show that he had going on, I was more than a little excited because, a hip hop head I've always wanted to be and watching dance crews get their groove on and just rock out on the stage is something that I love to see.

Now on the show, there are a bunch of different crews from all over the country competing for the hip hop dance crew's top honor of AMERICA'S BEST DANCE CREW and I've already got some favorites. We've got crews from the East Coast, the West Coast, crews from the dirty south and I've got to say that my two favorite dance crews are from the west side (cause duh! The West Side is the BEST side) and Jabbawockeez and Kaba Modern surely do represent Cali to the fullest.

Check them out for yourself, here's Jabbawockeez first performance on the show, look at how cool each of them look with their masks on and better yet, check out how fluid their moves and just the whole routine is...they know how to entertain that's for sure.

The other crew that I hecka love is a bunch of asians who can dance their a words off! Check out their first performance, which if you ask me is off the chains good!

Yeah, yeah blah blah blah on home girl who's parents don't understand her passion for dancing but dude, the crew as a whole is frickin' tight.

Here are the two dance crews performances from this past week's premiere episode.

Jabbawockeez. Dude, I LOVE THIS SONG!

Kaba Modern.

Tight, huh?

Now on to the crap that pissed me the hell off. After each episode, there's always a battle of the two lowest ranked dance crews and they have to battle their way back to stay in the competition. Now, this past week there were two dance crews that had to battle it out and here's first, their individual performances...from the show and then I'll show you the "battle"....if that's what you wanna call it.


They were pretty cool, I love all the acrobatics they use in their routine and that little asian kid can get down, ya heard? And seriously, I don't give a rats behind about their DRAMA (and hot damn they had plenty!) I don't care if Mouse is ugly and jealous and stupid, the kid can dance and plus, how can you hate a crew who did a routine (that rocked in my opinion) to I'M SO HOOD!!! That's the CUT right there! They're in no way the best crew on the show but they're not bad either.

Onto the other crew, Iconic.

To be honest, this routine bored me to tears, you know when Sanjaya sang on American Idol that one song by Stevie Wonder, the "I don't wanna bore you with this" well that's the song that was going through my head when I was watching this routine...I don't care how noble and wonderful Geo is, this routine sucked big donkey balls. IMO. All you Iconic fans out there, don't shoot me, because I'm still not going to like them. LOL.

But they did do a dance to my jiggity jizam, Cyclone.

Again, not the best crew on the show but not THAT bad, I just hmmm, didn't care for their routine...and their do gooder attitude is tired, there's too many noble crews out there, the other storyline with Mouse the Ass seemed more real to me, give me their dancing over these guys anyday...

Now on to the frickin' BATTLE! Who do YOU think won the battle?

Okay real talk, who did better? What the hell was in J.C.'s drink that he thought Iconic did better in THIS battle? They took forever to jump off and then when they did, they didn't wow me, they didn't do a hot damn thing, the girls were off and they didn't do any cool flips and tricks the way that Mouse's crew of bandits did...I mean, seriously? Shane Sparks ARE YOU EFFING KIDDING ME? Lil' Mama is wack her damn self so she shouldn't have a hot damn thing to say about anyone, little bootleg Ciara wanna be.

Ugh, what's really going on? ICONIC SHOULD HAVE GONE HOME...but whatev, I'm actin' like I'm not going to be sitting at the TV this coming Thursday, loving Shane Sparks again, haha...

Until next week....GO JABBAWOCKEEZ!!!!!

Across the Universe  

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I must preface this review with a quick fact about me - I heart the Beatles. I grew up listening to their music and I know soooo many of their songs off by heart. Lub them!!

Movie description from Yahoo! Movies: A romantic musical told mainly through numerous Beatles songs performed by the characters. A young man from Liverpool comes to America during the Vietnam War to find his father. He winds up in Greenwich Village, where he falls in love with an American girl who has grown up sheltered in the suburbs. Together they experience the sweeping changes of America in the late 60's.
Starring: Evan Rachel Wood, Martin Luther, Dana Fuchs, Jim Sturgess, T.V. Carpio
Grade: B

The movie description is pretty spot on. The young man from Liverpool is Jude and the young American girl he falls for is Lucy (Evan Rachel Wood). But they meet through Lucy's brother, Max - an ivy league dropout. So Lucy's first boyfriend joins the army and dies right before he's due to come see her again. And then her brother Max eventually gets drafted. So she has some very personal reasons for disliking the Vietnam war - and she gets caught up with an anti-war group. Meanwhile, Jude is an illegal alien and he's making his money through his art. But when Lucy confronts his ideas about the war, things go downhill for them.

But the movie is not just about Lucy and Jude - but they are the central characters. There's Prudence, who's looking for a good woman; Sadie, a talented singer who falls in love with her guitar player who envies her musical success and Max, Lucy's brother.

So it's an interesting story about all these young people in the '60s, and things start off relatively "normal" in the movie. Yeah they break out into song, but things don't go psychedelic until the middle of the movie. But by then it's groovy baby, because everyone was doing it. LOL This is also another long movie, so heads up on that part.

And because Youtube is the greatest, you can go see bits of the movie there. But here's a good scene -at the end of the movie- but really, this was the clincher for me. LOL But you need to see the movie to truly understand why it's the good stuff.

The Jane Austen Book Club  

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In modern-day California, six women in a book club find their lives and romances reflected in the six novels of English author Jane Austen.

I thought this movie was ok. It was good but.. I don't know. Didn't really do much for me.

6 people form a book club to discuss each of Jane Austen's books. One person hosts one book. Some how, the works of Jane Austen are present in the lives. Like one gal keeps trying to set up Grigg, the only male member in the book club, with her friend. Only she realizes she's attracted to him. That's Emma right there.

I've never read any of Austen's work. I know, shocking. Actually, I think I read Emma back in high school. But I've watched Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensebility, Clueless and Emma. So that counts for something right?

Anyways, this movie was all right. There are some cute parts but it just didn't really do anything for me. Also it hints it is set in Sacramento. I didn't recongize any of the places they were at. Lol. Maybe someone who read the books would enjoy it.

Grade: It's all right. C+.

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford  

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Movie Description from Yahoo! Movies: An action western surrounding the private life and public exploits of America's most notorious outlaw, Jesse James. As the charismatic and unpredictable outlaw plans his next great robbery, he wages war on his enemies, who are trying to collect the reward money--and the glory--that is riding on his capture. However, the greatest threat to Jesse's life may ultimately come from those he trusts the most.

Beautifully shot, The Assassination was a lot longer than it should have been. Don't get me wrong, it was an ok movie, but be prepared to sit down for almost 3 hours. And really, when we know who's going to kill Jesse, that's too long.

And you just hate Casey Affleck's character, Robert Ford. Little weasel man. LOL


Friday Night Lights: The Season Finale.  

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So I read online that tonight's episode is the season finale and I'm sorry to see this show go away so soon...I mean, I love this show and I never ever want it to run out of episodes because this show is my feel good show, the show that always makes me feel good (I hardly ever get mad when I'm watching this show the way that I get when I'm watching One Tree Hill), it's the one show that makes me wish that I lived in Dillon, Texas and makes me want to be a cheerleader so that I can try to catch Matt's eye. LOL.

And the dumb thing about it all is that I'm totally serious.

I also heard that after tonight's show NBC doesn't know if they're going to renew the series and to be honest, I'm going to cry if they let this show go. It's probably the best show on NBC right now and it's the best show that nobody's watching, although I know that there are a lot of people watching this show.


Tonight's episode was fantastic. It had everything in it, surprise, intrigue and all things nice. The whole thing with Jason and homegirl that he hooked up with all those weeks ago, wow...for that to come to pass kinda makes me roll my eyes but at the same time, it made me smile for Jason because he didn't take the news of him becoming a Daddy the way I thought he'd take it, he embraced it and it was really cool...I liked it. Go Jason! Your swimmers work buddy!

Gosh, look at how different everything is in the space of a year. Last year, Jason was walking and playing football. He was the big man on campus and this year, he's paralyzed, working as a car salesman and getting some girl that's totally not Lyla pregnant. This year, Lyla is in love with Tim Riggins but is not acting on her feelings for him, even though she knows good and well that Riggins feels the same, if not, more for her than she for him. She's also been saved and has turned her life over to the Church and then we have Matt and Julie are not together anymore and Matt is in love with his grandma's nurse.


Frickin' Carlotta for breaking my baby's heart.

What cracked me up about tonight's episode was Riggins. That fool went and got himself a sports talk show on the radio, at the same hot dang radio station that Lyla and Logan (I don't even know his name on this show) have their Christian radio show at. It frickin' cracks me the heck up. That boy is in love with the girl and she just don't want to own up to her feelings. And that's what she gets when Logan walks out on her trampy butt when she tried to throw herself at him. Dude, she is totally in love with Riggins, only time will reveal it.

Coach Taylor cracked me up in this show too, when he lunged for Mo at the restaurant, I was cracking the hell up. He went shot for shot with that fool and then said, "Red light" and dove...oh heck, I love Coach Taylor. I don't understand why Tami thought it would be a good idea to hang out (all those many different times) with her high school sweetheart and then have her husband go along with her....like that would make it all better. I swear, that lady is retarded stupid. Seriously. Ugh, I'm so glad Coach put that fool in his place.

I have got to agree with Matt, I hope that I'm wrong because I like Landry and he seems to be very happy with Tyra but I can't shake the feeling that she's not for real in her feelings for him. I can't help but think that the only reason she's so interested in Landry is because he was moving on ...she didn't have him to do every little thing that she wanted him to and really, it was good that Matt told him how he saw things...I was glad that Matt didn't let him go through
everything without telling him what he really thought.

I swear, Jason is too cute! Paralyzed and all but goodness, the way he looks at the good side of everything is just too effing cute. His room mate, the other paralyzed home dude creeps me the heck out but Jason ...Jason is just frickin' bomb, I love him!


But my man is and always will be, Matt Saracen and I hated that we didn't get much of him in tonight's show.

Great episode, but it didn't feel like a finale...but I guess it wouldn't be since it was the last show they taped before that blasted writer's strike.

Ugh, blasted strike!

Shows That Dropped Off My Radar.  

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I can remember a time when I was considered a hermit. I used to plan my life around my shows because that's how much I loved my shows. Because I didn't have DVR or TiVo, I had to be home in order to catch the shows that I wanted to watch. And back then, I had a whole ton of shows that I was faithful to.

Prison Break
One Tree Hill
Brothers and Sisters
October Road
Grey's Anatomy
Desperate Housewives
CSI: Crime Scene Investigations
Law & Order: SVU
The Real World
The Real World/Road Rules Challenge
Friday Night Lights
Men in Trees

Well, you get the idea...don't you?

These days, I can't be arsed to watch a lot of shows. I don't catch up with them, I don't really have much to discuss about them (in our daily tv gushing emails) and this post serves to show you guys which shows have fallen off my radar this season.

October Road: I used to be so amped for this show (even before it started) because I'm a big Brian Greenberg fan, I loved him in One Tree Hill, I loved him in that one movie where they stole the SAT answers, I loved LOVED him in Prime and I still love him as Nick Garrett in October Road but I'm never home to watch it and I don't even bother looking it up online to catch up, I don't know what's wrong with me because I love me some Nick Garrett and EDDIE LUTEKKA!
Grey's Anatomy: I used to watch this show religiously. I had to be home every Sunday night before 10pm because there was no way that I was going to miss this mug. Even if I was out at someone's house on a Sunday evening and we were still there as it was creeping toward 10:00pm, I would stay at the house if I knew I wasn't going to make it home in time and make whoever I was with watch the show with me....but now? Meh.

Prison Break: Man, this was another one of my OMGOSH I have to be home to watch this. I was one of those WWMSD girls...I heart Michael Scofield but lately, I just haven't been watching this show and although I miss it, I don't miss it enough to catch up and start watching it again...seriously, I need to be checked into the looney bin, ME? Not want to watch hottie Wentworth Miller on the small screen? Dude...

Men in Trees: I used to watch this show with Holly, Isabel and some other ladies that we post with at our board but now anymore, when they took that long ol' hiatus, I never tuned in when they came back on air...it was like one of those, out of sight, out of mind things and I just never went back to watching that show. That's too bad because I miss Jack, sometimes.

Those are my shows that I'm not watching anymore...what are yours?

Sydney White  

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Gorgeous freshman Sydney White has come to Southern Atlantic University to pledge her late mom's once-dignified sorority. But while surviving the pledging process wrought by evil campus witch Rachel, Syd finds out this version of sisterhood isn't remotely what it's cracked up to be. Banished to a condemned house on Greek Row, Syd finds her rightful place with a band of seven very socially challenged guys. With the help of one lovestruck frat boy named Tyler, she and the doofs campaign to take over student government. Fighting for the rights of misfits big and small, Syd organizes her gang to revolutionize the system, once and for all.

There is only word to describe this movie: cute.

Sydney White has elements from Snow White and the Seven Drawfs. You have the handsome Prince Charming, the evil witch, the poisoned apple, and true love's first kiss. Instead of seven drawfs, you have seven dorks.

I love the seven dorks. They were so funny and cute. While watching the movie, I was trying to figure out which dork was which drawf.I also love how protective they were of Sydney. They went as far as spying on here when Tyler brought her back home after their date.

So if you get a chance, check out this movie. It's just cute.

Grade: B+ worth renting.

One of my favorite clips. When Sydney shows the dork the gym.

America's Next Top Model Cycle 10  

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America's Next Top Model is BACK and in New York!! Season premiere is February 20th. Will you be watching?

ANTM is my #1 guilty pleasure. LOL

Prison Break- Under and Out  

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I missed Prison Break again. Ugh. I was trying to figure out my taxes, got into a zone.. bleh.

Recap of the episode is here.

I do not like Bellick. He's a scum wad. I don't like him for trying to get Mahone to turn everyone in. You know, if it wasn't for Michael, you'd be stuck in Sona for Lord knows how long. T-Bag is another one I don't like. How the hell has he and Bellick survived?

I can't believe Sucre caved. And now it looks like he's caught with his boss having that warrant.

I'm wondering if there is more to McGrady than meets the eye. Or if he's just a regular kid. What does Michael have planned for him.

As for the 30 seconds they have to leave. Wasn't T-Bag one of the first to escape the last time and Michael was one of the last? So Michael didn't really screw him. He just said at the end they were all on there own. T-Bag is dumb. I didn't even watch the episode and I'm frustrated. But then I'm wondering... is it really 30 seconds. Is letting those 3 out first part of Michael's plan?


Also, did you watch this on Sunday. I was busting up.

Prison Break - "DIG"

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I love the look on Linc's face when he says they didn't have anymore. And when T-Bag says hey pretty.