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I saw this one in the theater (just to see Eric Bana LOL). Eric did not disappoint, he's got his aussie accent going on and he swears and he comes across as crazy and I loved it.

However, the critics were right about this movie, the first half is good, the second half falters and loses its way. There are some laughs but that second half things don't resolve the way I would have liked. The only good thing about the second half was Eric Bana. He owns the second half of Funny People. LOL
Read the book and saw this in the theater. It was ok. I think better than the Da Vinci Code movie.
No interest in this one.

A Rundown of My Shows.  

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Izzy does a run down of her favorite shows and because I'm too lazy to type out separate posts I'm going to copy her and just summarize my thoughts on my shows from this week. I'll cover all of the shows that Izzy didn't cover in her post.

Cougar Town: This has fast become one of my favorite shows. I've got a lot of those this season, it would seem but who cares, I'm still loving all of them. I was bummed to hear that Cougar Town was shutting down production but relieved to hear that it was just so that Courtney Cox could attend to some personal problems she's got going on and not because it was being cancelled.


This show is shaping up to be one of the most funniest shows on TV right now. I'm loving Jules Cobb and I'm loving the cast of characters that make up this show. From Travis to Ellie and Andy to Bobby to Grayson to Lori, I love them all. They each bring a uniqueness to this show that never fails to have me laughing my ass off every single week. This past week was Jules birthday and she's being bullied by one of the women that she used to be friends with. The scene where both Lori (the Tramp) and Ellie (the Bitch) go after Shanna (the bully) in the bar at the resort had me dying.

Ellie: Hey Shawna.
Shanna: It's Shanna.
Ellie: Oh, nobody cares. You're being mean to our friend Jules and we won't allow it. You see, Mongo right here? She's going to kick the ever living crap out of you if you don't stop.
Lori: Yeah, she's going to hold your hands down and I... WILL BEAT YOU!
Ellie: Enjoy your drink.

Hahahaha, I rewound that part over and over again because it just made me laugh to see Lori show Shanna how she was going to be beat her. Too frickin' funny.

And then when Grayson tells Jules that he'll check on Travis while she's away and then kicks a girl out of the house and Travis "comes out" to him? Oh man, it was too frickin' funny. The look on Grayson's face, the confession Grayson shares with Travis, the money he pays Travis to keep his mouth shut and then Andy's comment at the end? Dude, hilarious!

I'm telling you, if you're not watching this show you need to be. It is too funny and I love it!

This show just keeps getting better and better each week. I'm so glad that I stuck with this show because in the beginning of the season, I wasn't too sure if I would or not. As cute as Stefan and Damon are, I didn't think it'd be enough to keep me interested but man oh man, the writing is getting fantabulous on this show! I'm hecka loving it.

Lots of things to be excited about. Is the Teacher a good guy or a bad guy? What is Damon going to do with this new bit of information about there being a way to free the 27 vamps and Katherine from underneath the Church? Holy goodness, do you guys think it's going to be a fight between Bonnie and Damon? Bonnie is going to have to step up her witch powers and take Damon's evilness on. I can't wait to see! I was glad that the Teacher (forget his name) staked Logan because I couldn't stand him no way. I just hope that the teacher really does care for Jenna. I like seeing them together. They're cute and I want the teacher to be a good guy. My theory is that he is a good guy but we're not sure because he seems bad.

The whole thing with Jeremy...what did Damon do to him? Why is he all on the straight and narrow path now? Weird. So from last week's episode, are we to assume that Tyler will have a storyline in the works? Hmm. I'm excited!

Stefan and Elena were too cute last week. When Elena confessed her love for him, I about melted into a puddle of AWWWW. How frickin' yummy is Stefan too? Good gosh, those abs? I want to lick him. I loved it and then when the episode ending with Elena in the car accident and the thing that she ran over making itself right again, I'm like, whoa dang and she doesn't have her charm thingy to help her...WHAT WAS THAT? A vampire? A werewolf? Are there werewolves in this series? Man oh man, I can't wait! I need my VD fix and I don't think we're getting one this week, huh? Am I mistaken? Hmm again.

Can't wait for more Vampire Diaries!

Fringe. Man, this show is getting good. Every week, something is happening and I keep trying to piece the puzzle pieces together and every week I find out that they don't fit. I should be annoyed but I'm not. I'm intrigued. This show is getting good and I can't for the life of me figure out what the hell Peter Bishop's deal is. Is he dead? Is he from a parallel universe? Did they bring him back or keep him alive or what? Man, he's my favorite character on the show and it's killing me that I don't know what is up with him.

This past episode where the Observers interfere to save a person's life was a good one. I can't tell you exactly what made it a good one, I only know that I really enjoyed it and can't wait for more.

I'm also anxious for some more Olivia and Peter action. Are they going to become a couple or what? Stop teasing me and let them hook up already. Walter Bishop continues to crack me up with his crazy antics but his smarts is amazing. I love that man!

Okay, that's enough from me for now...I talked too much and my fingers feel like they're going to fall off. But yeah, those are my thoughts. I'll be back soon.

Movie Review: New Moon.  

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Starring: Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner and a whole lot of other people.
Rating: PG-13
Grade: A

Following Bella Swan's ill-fated 18th birthday party, Edward Cullen and his family abandon the town of Forks, Washington, in an effort to protect her from the dangers inherent in their world. As the heartbroken Bella sleepwalks through her senior year of high school, numb and alone, she discovers Edward's image comes to her whenever she puts herself in jeopardy. Her desire to be with him at any cost leads her to take greater and greater risks.

With the help of her childhood friend Jacob Black, Bella refurbishes an old motorbike to carry her on her adventures. Bella's frozen heart is gradually thawed by her budding relationship with Jacob, a member of the mysterious Quileute tribe, who has a supernatural secret of his own.

When a chance encounter brings Bella face to face with a former nemesis, only the intervention of a pack of supernaturally large wolves saves her from a grisly fate, and the encounter makes it frighteningly clear that Bella is still in grave danger. In a race against the clock, Bella learns the secret of the Quileutes and Edward's true motivation for leaving her. She also faces the prospect of a potentially deadly reunion with her beloved that is a far cry from the one she'd hoped for.

On Friday, my sisters and a few of our friends went to the movies bright and early to see this movie. We had ourselves a total girly day and we turned a movie experience into a six hour gush fest. It was great! Now, I didn't reread any of the books before watching the movie but as much as I loved the book (New Moon) when I read it, I haven't reread it once since I finished it.


Anyway, I went into this movie thinking that it was just going to be a good movie but what I got was so much more entertaining then that. The movie was great, the story was great, the characters leaped off the movie screen for the most part and I really enjoyed the second installment of the Twilight movies. As much as I enjoyed Twilight, I enjoyed this one more. The experience was so worth the wait and the pain my sisters were before the movie. Buy your tickets now before it sells out, go pick up our tickets the night before so that we don't have to wait in line, hurry up and get to the theater so we don't get stuck with sucky seats, blah blah frickin' blah. Having to deal with all of that was so worth for this movie. I'm going to happily do all of this again come June for Eclipse and I hated Eclipse the book! We'll just have to see how they turn the book into the movie. I can't wait!

I kept hearing in the theater, everyone saying that Edward wasn't as attractive in this movie as Jacob was but umm, hello? He wasn't supposed to be handsome, he spends most of the book/movie depressed and tortured over not having Bella in his life anymore so of course it would make sense that he doesn't give a shit about what he looks like. As tortured and depressed and toe up as he looked in this movie, I still loved him and at the end of the movie when Bella tells Jacob, "It's always been him," I cheered (literally) in the theater and said, "Take that, Team Jacob!" Because like Bella, for me, it's always been Edward.

But, as much as I love me some Edward...I'm totally Team Paul as well. I wanted to lick Paul when I'd see him come across the screen. He is hot stuff! When Bella slapped him silly and he goes all crazy and turns into a werewolf, I had to fan myself! *sigh* I want more Paul dammit! It was good to see all of the werewolves and vamps, put a face to their names from the books but my one complaint was that they didn't spend enough time on explaining the whole werewolf legend. In the books, we get to know the whole tribe history and though it probably would have made the movie a lot longer, I missed that in the movie so while I was bummed that I didn't get much from that angle, I still enjoyed the heck out of this movie.

Wow, Dakota Fanning's role in this movie was so small and yet I thought she was fantastic! She's a great Jane and I can't wait to see more from her.

We see Edward sparkle again and we see the depth of the love that they both have for each other (Bella and Edward) and they totally rocked out and Kristen's acting ability only slightly annoyed me with her frantic blinking and the awkward breathing but for the most part, she did okay. I loved how they did the passing of time after Edward left for Bella and her dreams at night when she would wake up and start screaming, the first time she did that I laughed but after that, I remembered why she was having those dreams and so I was good after that.

Oh yeah, another thing that made me laugh like a loon was Alice's vision of Bella being turned. WTF? That is SO not Bella and Edward...that's not Bella at all. Haha.

Overall, this movie was great and I've got plans to see it two more times with different friends. I'm totally up for going to see it a third time too so that should explain just how happy this movie made me.

You should definitely go out and see this movie, I'm sure everyone will like it!

Show Rundown  

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Episode Guide.

The body of District Attorney, Buckley, falls from the roof and lands on a couple’s car. He was an upstanding guy so it’s a surprise when they find out he took over a call girl operation. Seems when Buckley got divorced, his wife cleaned him out. So he took over the operation for some extra cash. Well one of the call girls decided she wanted business and pushed Buckley off the roof. She had Castle fooled though. She played the part of only joining the business to earn money for law school. Yeah right. Maybe that's what she set off to do but when Castle and the gang catch up to her, she'll looking mighty at home running the business.

One of my favorite scenes was when Castle got punched in the jaw at a bar fight (he was a bystander) and Beckett had to stop it.

Good Wife

Peter has a court date. This is so he can go on house arrest I believe. Alicia will have to testify that she wants Peter back home. You can tell she’s not sure of what she wants. Alicia on the stand was kick ass. Cause the prosecutor (?) was just trying to get Alicia all flustered. But she held her own. You go Alicia. Peter was denied bail because he was accused of bribing the judge, which he didn’t.

Also, another delivery was made to the apartment. This time it’s a DVD of Peter looking like he did a shady business deal. His son hides his iPod recorder in a plant to catch whoever is making the delivery. The son comes home to find the iPod knocked over. The janitor did it on accident. The son catches someone taking pictures of the outside of the apartment but you can’t see who the person is.


Full recap

The glee kids drew names out of a hat to sing a ballad. Rachel gets Will. Watching them sing Endless Love was funny. Will all freaking out over the crazed look in her eye. Rachel noticing Will's eyes and that he's cute. Kurt thinking he could sing that song to Finn but “screw him if he think he’s stealing the Diana Ross part from me.” LMAO!

Puck admits to Mercedes the baby is his not Finn. And then Mercedes gives thee most dumb advice ever. She tells Puck to get over it. WTF? So it’s ok for Quinn to LIE and try and pass the baby off as Finn’s. Geez. I’m glad someone knows the truth now. I really hope Puck tells someone else.

Finn is caught singing to the sonogram by his mom. He tearfully admits to his about Quinn. Man.. my heart broke. With Kurt’s advice, Finn sings to Quinn, in front her parents, You’re Having my Baby. Of course Quinn’s parents are not at all happy. Her dad kicks her out. Finn’s mom lets Quinn stay with them.

Rachel gets over her crush and gives will some “Sorry I was acting crazy” flowers. Ha ha.



Booth’s grandfather, Pops, has been kicked out of his retirement home. So Booth lets Pops stay with him. Pops is a cute old man. He keeps asking Booth why he’s not with Brennan, if he’s gay and that he must have not raised Booth right. Poor Booth. Ha ha. Pops and Brennan hit it off. Booth looks please at how well Pops and Brennan get along.

After Pops leaves a towel on the stove and causes a fire, Booth considers taking some time off. Pops has been a little forgetful and got lost while visiting a friend. Except Pops tells Booth he’s going back to the retirement home. His friend needs him.

Booth and Brennan drop Pops off at the home. Pops tells Brennan not to be scared and life is too short. She plays dumb and says she doesn’t understand. Pops says yes you do. He also told her earlier that Booth’s father never ran out on the Booth boys. Pops caught him beating the kids. Pops couldn’t let him do that and kicked him out. Booth’s father never came back. Pops never told Booth the truth. He told Brennan when the time is right to tell Booth and when she does, to hold him.

I wonder if they are going to bring Booth’s father back. That would be one interesting story line right there. As Booth and Brennan leave the retirement home, he compliments the thing (necklace) around her neck. Awwww que cute!!!! Another cute scene is when they are the club and Pops is dancing with the ladies. Ha ha. Or how about when a lady ask Booth and Brennan if they are a couple? Instead of saying no, he puts his arm around her and says yes. *Squee*

Grey's Anatomy


Mark is a dad will soon be a grandpa.

Hunt asks Teddy why she admitted her feelings for him now. Apparently he had the same feelings for her. For a moment I thought he was going to kiss teddy but then he tells her he loves Christina. He leaves. Christina has noticed the looks Hunt and teddy have exchanged. She confronts Owen but he tells he loves her. I don’t know, it was looking pretty steamy between him and Teddy. I admit… I like Hunt and teddy together. I don’t know why.

Chief is drinking too much and Meredith is the only one who knows.

Izzy still isn’t back.

Baily finally tells her father she’s divorced.

That’s about it for Grey’s. I liked the story with the girl who doesn’thave a heart. I love the song that was playing when she was out in the snow. I looked all over for that video clip, but I can't find it. Oh well. It's a pretty song.

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Star Trek was awesome. Watch it.

The Vampire Diaries - History Repeating (Season 1, Epi 9)  

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HOLY CRAP...Ok pissed my pants in this epi! lol Which goes to show you that this show is egtting better and better...

Stefan tells Elena he is quitting school for his beni and hers! :*( and Bonnie still has the necklace that belongs to Caroline, but b4 that Damon, and b4 that KATHERINE, and b4 that Emily (Bonnies creepy ass witch ancestor). Emily is haunting Bonnie in her dreams. The 3 girls decide to have a seance and that results in what I think Bonnie being posessed by Emily! CREEPY ASS SHIT goes on and I was freaking out...YES Im such a puss...HELLO this is a CW show BUT STILL it freaked me was a good epi!

Oh you find out that Damons reasoning for wanting the necklace back is to bring back Katherine! Omg that would be AWESOME! And omg Logan is know hes a vamp and the new teach is too! And what a powerful ending! everyone crying pulled at my heart strings FO SHO! I just hope that by Stefan leaving they arent trying to have a "New Moon moment" ya know?!?! Who knows...guess time will tell...anf lastly OMG did yall check out the preview for next week? WOOWEE...are they gonna do it?!?!?! OMG I HOPE SO!

Oh look what I came across! lol I am a T Swift fan and thought this was pretty nifty.


Paging Taylor Swift: Mystic Falls is calling you!

Or more precisely, Kevin Williamson. The man behind the CW's addictive new series Vampire Diaries reveals that he has approached Taylor to guest star on the series as a...wait for it...vampire. What would her vampalicious secret boyfriend say?

Though no deal has been struck, and Kevin fears she's "too big for Vampire Diaries now," the writer-producer is still hoping something will work out.

"I'm desperate to have [Swift] come play a vampire," Williamson says. "Wouldn't she make an amazing Kirsten Dunst circa Interview With the Vampire type? Oh my god, I cannot tell you how hard I'm trying to get her—I would kill to have her on the show!"

Turns out it would take a lot less than murder to get another certain pretty face who's surprisingly still tied to the show...

Later on they tell us that Kayla Ewell (Vicki) is still under contract and VERY WELL could show back up on Vampire Diaries! Wow! Now how would they work THAT in?!?!

Until next week...


TV Shows: Glee- Wheels.  

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Okay, seriously? This show is the bomb. I love it. I love that they don't focus solely on Rachel and Finn. I love that each show they showcase the other characters and they make the other characters more three dimensional and last night's episode was great!

I am a big Artie fan so I was excited to see him get his night to shine in the spotlight for a moment.

Moreover, I love Kurt and it was great to see him make that sacrifice for his Pops! As much as I like the adults, I love when the shows are more focused on the students because really, that's the heart of the show. Those kids and their glee club. Seriously, there was too much to love about last night's episode. There was all of the Artie goodness, his crush on Tina and Tina's kiss, Kurt and Rachel's diva-off for the solo on Defying Gravity, the Rachel and Finn moments (yay! I've missed seeing these two hanging out), seeing the depth of Puck's feelings for a totally undeserving Quinn, Kurt throwing the diva off so that he could protect his father from all of the gay bashing. My cup runneth over with all the Glee goodness from last night. I loved it!

The whole thing with Sue took me off guard. I wasn't expecting that because Sue is such a bitch but I'm glad that they humanized her. I wonder what's going to happen. I must have missed what happened with I forget the girl's name that she added to the Cheerios. Do you guys know what happened with her or what's going to happen with her? Do we know what Sue has up her sleeve?

My favorite part of the night was seeing the sensitive, trying to make everything work and be there for Quinn part of Puck. Since the beginning of the show, he's been such an ass and I was not a fan of him. Truth be told, he never even registered on my radar before the past couple of weeks and the more that we get to see of him, the more I love him. I can't get over how big of a bitch Quinn is. But even though we all know that Quinn is a bitch, how gorgeous is she now that she's not wearing that stupid ass Cheerios uniform?

I mean, look at her!

Now if only she wasn't such a bitch to both Finn and Puck then I'd probably like her better.

I really enjoyed the musical selections from last night's episode with a tie for my favorite being between Defying Gravity with Rachel and Kurt and then Artie's rendition of Dancing with Myself. Loved them both! Next week is going to be interesting to see Rachel developing a schoolgirl crush on Schuester, haha. I'm already laughing.

What was your favorite part of last night's Glee?

A Catch Up of What I've Been Watching...  

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...these days.

I've been pretty lazy at writing up my thoughts on the shows that I watch and I don't really have an excuse other than I'm just...lazy to do it. But I thought that I'd catch up with my thoughts so that I can keep track of the shows that I'm watching and what I'm thinking on them at the moment. Starting with...

One Tree Hill: Lots of things going on with the folks of Tree Hill. Nathan is in negotiations for a new contract and some hooker from a party that him and Clay threw comes back claiming to be pregnant with his kid and throws his life for a loop. Haley's on the fence about believing him especially since the girl's phone number shows up on Nathan's phone bill and you can see the toll it takes on little Jamie because he's so confused and what not. Everything washes out and Nathan comes out on top because he refuses to pay and the most unlikeliest of allies helps to clear Nathan...Dan.

Brooke is having issues of her own. Her boyfriend has been working with her model and fails to tell her that her model got naked for her boyfriend and so not surprisingly, she's pissed. Julian apologizes and they work on their problems only to have Alex (Brooke's model) keep popping up. This past week, Brooke has a pregnancy scare (well pregnacy hope is more appropriate to describe Brooke's feelings over the whole thing) and when she finds out that she's not pregnant, she's disappointed and then further disappointed when Julian leaves their date to go to Alex. It's pretty crazy to see Brooke not the confident bitchy Brooke that we used to know. I miss that Brooke and I really need her to realize her worth before she drives me up the frickin' wall. She got by without Julian before and she'll do it again and kick Alex's ass already. Julian is an idiot and Alex is a dumb broad. Brooke can do way better than the both of them.

The newcomers to the show, Clay and Quinn are going to start bumping uglies pretty soon. Right now, they're helping Clay get over his dead wife and Quinn is trying to move on from her soon to be ex husband. This story is pretty lame, especially since they both get on my nerves and I hate looking at Quinn talk, she talks funny and her eyes are dead. Meh, not excited about this storyline, I could care less about the others. These two make me miss Lucas and Peyton so much more than I let on. What makes me laugh is that Quinn looks more like she'd be Rachel's sister than Haley and she's too goody good. It gets on my nerves. Haha on Clay, the Bobcats straight pulled a Trevor Ariza on your ass...what is he going to do now?

Overall this show isn't getting me as excited as I used to be. I miss the old cast. I want the old cast back together again, all these new people just annoy me.

Next up is...

The Good Wife. This show is shipping up to be a fantastic show. I love it. This is one of the few shows that I must watch AS it's showing and while I'm recording it. It's the one show that me and my friend Foti watch together. It's funny because we watched the first episode while we were chatting and we were just curious about the show, it had a good synopsis and I'm was curious enough that I remembered when it came on and after that first episode, I was hooked. I seriously heart Alicia. I think she rocks! She's so smart and she's so good at what she does that it's great to see her in action each week. I personally do not want her to get back with Peter, I want her to hump Will but I also want her to hook up with Ryan from last night's episode. I know that we'll be seeing more from him in the coming episodes (we so better after last night's ep) and I'm so excited to see so many different storylines opening up. Peter is due in court, her son is investigating the pictures that were taken of his dad and the hooker, Alicia and all of the layoffs and what not. She's got a lot on her plate right now and it's going to be a really good time trying to figure everything out and watch things unfold. Can I just say that I LOVE THE INDIAN GIRL! She's my favorite character on the show, she just flat out rocks!

And we're moving on to...

Glee: This is flat out my most favoritest show of the season. I still think that Finn is dumber than a box of rocks but his dimply smile and his angelic voice makes me forget about the dim lightbulb that is his brain. Quinn still annoys the snot out of me so she's doing her job right and Rachel, Rachel, Rachel, Rachel...I really enjoyed her and Puck being together. I wanted it to last longer than an episode though, maybe they'll resurrect that storyline at a later date but dude, did you guys see that Puck tells Mercedes the truth about the real baby daddy? I'm anxious to see how that pans out because you know Mercedes got a big mouth and you know that she's gonna tell Kurt and Kurt's gonna tell Tina, who's gonna tell Artie and then it's all going to get back to Finn who is going to be confused because he still thinks that babies can be conceived in a hot tub with no penetration. Idiot!

I'm curious to see what will happen between Will and Emma too. Emma better not marry Ken because even though her eyes look like they're going to pop out of her head at any moment which makes her look like the crazy lady who had too much to drink at the company party, I still like her. I like her enough to not want her to be with Ken. Ken creeps me out more than something really creepy that I can't think of right now but you know what I mean. As dumb as I think Finn is, I think Will is dumber. How in the world does he not know that Terri is not pregnant? How in the world is she able to keep that fake pregnancy a secret from him? How? HOW WILL? Buy a clue and go where your heart is...Emma.

This show is definitely shaping up to a really great one and I couldn't be happier with it. Well, yes I can because I would be happier if they explored the Rachel and Puck thing a bit further but it's okay, I still heart this show!

Last but definitely not least....

Vampire Diaries. I'll be honest and say that while I continued to watch the show, the first couple of episodes weren't as good as I thought they were going to be. I mean, it just started off really slow but things have certainly picked up and I'm super excited to see what will be happening in the coming episodes. So much has happened. We find out that Bonnie is a witch (which still, I don't give a shit about), Damon turned Vicki into a vampire and then Stefan killed her because she bit Elena and almost killed Jeremy. Damon wiped Jeremy's memory and now Jeremy is a super student and he's off the drugs, I think. Stefan and Elena are in a dark place as far as their relationship goes because ever since Elena found out the truth about what Stefan is and how bad things keep happening to the people around her, she's pumped her brakes where Stefan is concerned and she's being a whiny baby that's getting on my nerves. Caroline and Matt hooked up and the charm thingy that Damon gave Caroline is in Bonnie's hands and everytime she wears it and someone tries to take it from her, their fingers burn. It's pretty crazy but I really want to know what significance it holds to Damon. Also, one of Stefan's oldest and dearest vampire friends comes to town to celebrate Stefan's birthday with him and Damon, who is looking for a scapegoat for his crimes sets her up and stakes her ass right in front of Stefan and Elena. Whoa dang, Stefan goes ballistic and Elena is once again traumatized.

And the fun hasn't ended yet, we just haven't seen what's going to happen yet...and I for one cannot wait! Squeeeaaaaa!

Though I intended for this post to be short, as you can see I totally failed but oh well, this is what's on my mind concerning my favorite shows. These aren't the only shows that I'm watching but they're the ones that I'm obsessed with at the moment.

What are you guys watching and loving right now?

new releases on DVD for November 10  

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I'm renting this one. :P

I saw Up! in the theaters and I am very excited to see it again. Definitely high on my list of recommendations for movies this year. Rent it, buy it but whatever you do, watch Up!

Bones - The Toughman in the Tender Chicken  

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OMG!!!! Ok, click here or here for a recap.

Ok Case: guy who looks like a chicken is found dead. Turns out he was the owner of a chicken factory. His security guard killed him cause the owner wouldn’t give him gas mileage. The security’s guard wife was sick and so they moved to a different county where the wife got better.
Now to the important stuff. Angela and Wendell. I love Wendell. I think he’s yummy.

Angela and Brennan have a fight. Angela wants $1500 to save a piglet and asks Brennan to chip in. Brennan is like… naw. She doesn’t see the point in saving one little piglet. Angela gets mad and asks “Why are we even friends?” Which hurts Brennan.

Sweets think that the whole celibacy thing is getting to Angela and to maybe cut it short. She did inform Hodgins that her 6 months is almost up. Hint hint. Hodgins says sorry. She asks Wendell if wants to contribute to saving the piglet. He can’t, he has $40,000 in student loans to pay back. That he loves bacon, ribs and well in general meat. But he does give Angela $45. Angela is touched and they kiss. Really kiss.

Cam picks up on something between the two. What’s funny is Hodgin and Wendell conduct an experiment to figure out what killed the chicken guy. They ask Cam to help out and she replies, “"I don't twirl the interns. Perhaps Angela could do it..." ha ha.

Brennan, Sweets and Booth are having lunch. Booth asks Brennan what’s up. She mentions their fight. Booth says he’ll die for her, her’ll kill her for her, but he will not get involved. Brennan remarks she’s used to getting along with everyone.. or something like that. It makes Sweets about to ask “really?” But booth kicks him from underneath the table. I thought that was funny. But Booth reassures Brennan everything will be ok and there are some sweet handholding moments. Awww. Also funny, Sweets says based on Booth's comments that Booth did in fact come between two friends. Booth admitted coming between identical twin sisters. Nice.

Later Booth and Brennan are at a bar. Angela and Wendell are there too. After talking with Sweets and Booth, Brennan walks over to Angela and gives her money to save the piglet. Booth notices Wendell’s fingers brush against Angela’s shoulders and Booth smiles.

Ok.. I like Angela.. and I don’t blame her for being attracted to Wendell but I’m still confused about how her and Hodgins could just break up like that. And is she going after Wendell because he showed interest? If that’s the case, shame on you Angela. Someone on one of the discussion board said it best:

he turned angela down because she wanted sex not a relationship. thats angelas problem, maybe when she destroys wendell shell see the error of her ways

It makes sense. So again, we'll see what happens.

My Quick Thoughts  

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I’ve been slacking. I know. Sorry people! Here is the rundown on my thoughts so far.


Recap here.

First of all, I’ve been loving this show so far. You should really try and check it out if you haven’t. I’m developing a serious crush on Nathan Fillion.

This week an up and coming rock star, Haley is found dead hanging from a fire escape. Turns out she posed like in one of her music videos. The video is about stalker she had. They question the stalker, nope wasn’t him. They talk to her sister and ex band mates. Nope wasn’t them.

Turns out it was one of her producers. He raped her, got freaked Haley would tell, killed her, and made seem stalker guy did it. At first they thought it was the producer’s wife but that it was accidental. It wasn’t until listening to one of Haley’s song they realized it was the husband.


Recap here

My husband was really excited for this. I guess he watched the original back in the day. I thought it was all right.

Aliens have come to Earth. They swear they are all about peace and harmony and all that good stuff. They even give tours of their community so that us human may learn more about them. They cure some people of their ailments. However… it is learned later that the aliens have been here a while and they have a darker purpose.

At a resistance meeting, some of the aliens attack but there are some aliens that are on our side. I asked Joey what’s up with the aliens.

Not sure if I’ll continue watching. I mean, I’ll be sitting there reading while hubby watches but.. meh. Not my cup of tea.

The Good Wife

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Another show I’m really loving! I really want Alicia to hook up with Will. I know I should root for her to fix her marriage with Big but… no. He had his chance and he screwed it up big time. I do think he’s sorry and I do believe he loves Alicia but.. too late.

Grey’s Anatomy

Recap here

Ok.. the first couple of episodes with the merger, I couldn’t get into. It wasn’t until the episode where the girl died cause of the soot in her throat, did I start getting back into greys.

First of all, I’m annoyed with Chief. He was telling Derek last week not to operate on the guy with the tumor. It was too risky. Yet the surgery was a success. Yet he was encouraging Arizona to perform surgery on a young boy when she was against it. When she said it wouldn't help and the boy was too weak. Why? Cause of the $25 million dollar donation the parents were willing to give. He’s an ass.

I really feel bad for Alex. I can’t believe Izzy just up and left him. I don’t know how her and Alex will work things out. I always liked Izzy but this is just wrong. Even though Alex is married, I can’t help but wonder what would happen between him and Reed. But Alex holding the baby I thought was the sweetest thing. I love Alex.

What else… That’s about it. Next week looks interesting.

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