new releases on DVD for March 30  

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GA- Suicide is Painless  

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Teddy has a patient with cancer and it’s really bad. She wants to die and not suffer anymore. Teddy asks Owen to sign off (they need two doctor’s signatures). Owen says no. What if she held on and they found a cure for cancer tomorrow? No, the patient says. She wants to die.

Her husband goes and gets the pills that will kill her. He talks to Owen. Owen tells him there will be a moment that she has a look of relief and peace. The husband will feel it too and to hold on to that feeling. Cause everything else afterwards will be his garbage.

Flash back: Owen and teddy are playing soccer with two other guys. They are all friendly and you’d think they were dating. Something happens and Owen and his friend have to deliver patients to a nearby hospital or something. They hit a road side bomb. Owen and the friend are the only survivors. But the friend is pinned underneath the truck. He also is bleeding from the neck. Only pressure on the wound is keeping him from bleeding out. So Owen is just sitting there applying pressure.

It’s now night and it doesn’t look like help is coming. The friend says just let me go. Owen does. The friend dies and few moments later, help arrives.

Callie and Mark are treating these daredevils guys. Two are banged up and one is ok. The one who is ok says he only does these things because he loves his friends. Later it turns out they were all doing these things cause they thought the other guys loved it. So next time, they decide they are going wine tasting. Callie tells Arizona she wants kids. Not right away but she does. And Arizona pulls her hands away.

After teddy’s patient’s dies she’s knocking on a door and it looks like Owen opens it. But it’s really mark and they do the nasty.

Meredith has a tumor that’s she’s all excited to get out with the other neurosurgeon guy. But Derek steals it from her. She yells “YOU STOLE MY SURGERY!” Pretty eyes tell Meredith to go to Whoville. He explains when the Grinch stole everything, all the whos still went out and sang. So go and sing Cindy lou who. So then Meredith is fine.

Chief is trying to fit in. Ha ha. He tells bigfoot, “if I weren’t married, I’d hit her.” Alex says, “Sir, I think you mean, ‘hit that’” And bailey says, “he didn’t mean it all.” Chief looks all embarrassed.

I felt bad when chief wanted to sit with mark and callie at lunch but they were like.. ugh no. But mark explains even though he’s not the chief, they still view him as the boss, and it’s out of respect. Chief advises Derek to schedule one surgery in the morning. if Derek wants to eat in the cafeteria, to eat lunch with him. Otherwise Derek is a sitting duck.

Now, I liked seeing Owen and Teddy together. They looked cute. I also hope Callie and arizona find a way to work through the baby stuff.

hot damn!  

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Went to see Our Family Wedding tonight and this was one of the trailers.

I cannot wait for May 14, 2010!! I'm so there!

new releases on DVD and Blu-Ray for March 23  

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Quite a few good ones came out this week. I saw the Blind Side. I recommend it. It was good stuff. And I really want to see the Men Who Stare at Goats. Don't know why. LOL

The Vampire's Assistant  

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A boy unknowingly breaks a 200-year-old truce between two warring factions of vampires. Pulled into a fantastic life of misunderstood sideshow freaks and grotesque creatures of the night, one teen will vanish from the safety of a boring existence and fulfill his destiny in a place drawn from nightmares. 14-year-old Darren was like most kids in his suburban neighborhood. He hung out with his best friend, got decent grades and usually stayed out of trouble. But when he and his buddy stumble upon a traveling freak show, things begin to change inside Darren. That's the exact moment when a vampire named Larten Crepsley turns him into something, well, bloodthirsty.

I was expecting something a little different with this movie. I was expecting a little more screw ball comedy. Like poking fun at all the vampire movies.

It’s about two sets of vampires. Vampires who drink from humans but don’t kill them. Vampineze, vampires who enjoy killing humans for their blood.

The plot is as follows: Two BFFS, steve and Darrin go to a freak show. Steve tries to get the vampire to turn him. Vampire Krepsley says Steve’s blood is evil. Darrin witness the convo while hiding in the closet. He’s attempting to steal Krepsley’s pet spider Lady Octa.

Spider bits Steve. Darrin asks for antidote. Krepsley says sure in exchange you become half vampire. Steve gets all upset, gets turned into a vampire and becomes vampineze. Darrin lives with the freaks in their camp. The BFF’s fight. War has started between vampire and vampineze!

The movie was all right. J. C. Reilly looked like he was trying really hard not to laugh and it just seemed… not natural at all. And I knew the BFF’s Daren and Steve would need to face up when they looked in the book of shadows. Or whatever it was called.

True Blood: HBO announces June 13 return date for season 3  

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True Blood: HBO announces June 13 return date for season 3


True Blood fans HBO has announced the return date for the popular vampire thriller True Blood.

Season 3 of the smash hit show will make its return debut on Sunday June 13th at 9:00pm. HBO just officially released the True Blood release date and already fans are going wild with the anticipation of what the third season will hold. The earlier announcement of new and even more interesting characters have fans screaming for more.

On and off screen lovers Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer will be back as everyones favorite grown up vampire couple Sookie and Bill. Stating they are very excited about True Bloods third season and revealed that fans are going to find it very interesting what turn the show will taking with some of your favorite Bon Temps residents.

HBO claims that this seasons story line will be even more revealing and will leave fans thirsting for more.

If you need to catch up on season two of True Blood, HBO will begin running a season two encore on Sunday March 21st at 9:pm. The Blockbuster here in Cincinnati has stated that they have had more requests for the True Blood DVD's since the HBO announcement date of True Blood's season 3 start. Stating that a lot of the request are coming from new True Blood fans who want to get caught up on the previous seasons before the season 3 start.

Share your comments here on HBO's True Blood tell us what your predictions are for Season 3? Don't forget to subscribe to this page for the latest news and information. Be sure to keep checking back for more True Blood updates.

Woot woot Im EXCITED!!!

Heres a few clips! One I thought was totally cute showing the bottling of the True Blood and the other is the preview for HBO's upcoming shows! :o) Enjoy!

American Psycho  

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Based on Bret Easton Ellis' controversial 1991 novel, comes this dark story of a young Harvard graduate, Patrick Bateman, who has all the accoutrements of a young "master of the universe" -- from designer wardrobe to a killer apartment -- just like everyone else in his crowd. He desperately wants to fit in, yet, the terrible irony is the more he tries to be like every other money-drenched man on Wall Street, the more faceless he becomes -- and the less control he has over the urges that, ironically, make him feel like an individual. Bateman is a paragon of conformity in an amoral society where to conform is to be amoral.

I don’t know how to really explain the plot. Patrick is a murderous yuppie. He’s all into the designer clothes, going to the hottest restaurant, snorting coke and maintaining his appearance.

One night, he goes to dinner with a guy who mistakes him for someone else. Patrick brings him to his apartment and hacks him to death. That scene was creepy. Cause the way Patrick was talking and his body language was just.. creepy.

The movie goes on to show his murderous appetite. Murdering prostitutes. He chases after one girl with a chain saw and drops it on her from the top of the stairs. There is one scene where you think he might murder his secretary who has a crush on him. But he doesn’t. I wonder why.

The ending left me confused. It makes you wonder if he did commit the murders or if it was all just in his head. The movie was interesting. It’s not at all gory at least compared to today’s movies. And Christian Bale does look good in those suits and tightie whities.

Alice in Wonderland  

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I went to see Alice in Wonderland on Sunday. Two reasons. Tim Burton and I love AiW (the Disney version anyway – it was so kooky!). And I was not disappointed! Tim Burton is a creative genius and AiW had the great costumes, sets and storyline to bring AiW to life.

AiW begins with a young Alice interrupting her father while he was discussing trading with foreign countries with his business partners. He asks her if she’s had that dream again and she nods, a bit frightened. Back in her bedroom, she explains the dream to him. We the audience recognize that this is not a dream but a memory.

So then the movie skips ahead thirteen years and Alice is 19 and her father has passed away and her mother has sold out to her husband’s partner. But the partner has a son and everyone expects Alice to marry this guy. But he’s a fuddy duddy and he has a ferocious mamma. When he proposed to Alice in front of everyone, Alice spots the White Rabbit and takes off after him. And falls down the hole…

Once in Underland, Alice discovers that she’s not sure who she is and no one else either! They keep asking her if she is THE Alice, the Alice from the Prophecy that will restore the White Queen to power. But Alice is pretty sure she’s not that Alice and keeps trying to wake herself up from her dream.

And here we run into everyone we know and love from the fairy tale. The Mad Hatter (Johnny Depp was excellent!) and the Red Queen (Helena Bonham Carter was perfect!).
And I really liked the actress who played Alice. She was perfect too. So here is one happy fan. Tim Burton still wows and I say if you like his work definitely go check out Alice in Wonderland.

new releases on DVD and Blu-Ray  

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I made an executive decision to add the Blu-Ray on there since that's all I've been watching. It makes a difference, imo!

I can hear my parents laughing over this one right now...
I watched Precious once. That was good enough for me. Brutal movie.

Ooh I really liked Where the Wild Things Are. But it's not for kids. It's for adults who loved the book as children. Judith is my favorite wild thing.

Grey's Anatomy- Perfect Little Accident  

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This is my description of last night's episode to Ames with a little tweaking:

Pretty eyes comes in with a patient, his grandfather. His grandfather is Harper Avery, a big time doctor who has an award named after him. And Christina misdiagnoses him not really knowing who he is. She's pretty darn embarrassed and soon the entire hospital hears about it. All the other doctors are asking Avery to introduce them to his grandfather. Avery is kind of annoyed.

Meredith tells Avery she understands but he should learn what he can from his grandfather. Oh and the grandfather insists that Webber performs the surgery. It’s webber’s first day and he’s nervous. But Derek has faith in him. After the surgery, something happens with the grandfather. Webber asks Derek to tell bailey to handle it. he wants a drink. Derek says no, you are going back in there. Turns out the the grandfather was allergic to the suture string they used and no one knew. So he’s ok. The show ends with Avery introducing Christina, Alex, Lexie and Big foot. Christina takes a picture with her eye phone. Lol.

Mark is mad Alex. He knows Alex and Lexie are doing it. Which mark is dumb cause he’s a total man whore right now. Meredith and Christina tell Lexie's her heart is in her lady parts and Alex is Meredith 3 years ago. There is a funny scene where Meredith and Christina are like Great minds think alike. LOL. Alex gets mad at Lexie for telling mark about them. But she said she didn't. She tells Alex when she’s with him, she doesn’t feel. That's all she wants and all it is between them. So then mark comes to apologize to Lexie and catches them both leaving the room.

Umm… Arizona catches Teddy making moon eyes at Owen. She tells teddy she’s needs a friend and they are going to have a girls night. Christina tells Owen he should be friends with teddy. After teddy does a really neat surgery, he says they should have a beer but teddy says no, she has plans.

Teddy’s patient’s lungs are shot and needs a transplant. Another patient dies and Christina does something to get the lungs. Teddy is mad saying Christina will do anything to impress Harper Avery, but the lungs are healthy and good to go. The surgery is a success.