new releases on DVD for Oct 27  

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I might watch this one. We shall see.

Not sure when this one came out - I hate when movies are released on Fridays or some crazy crap like that. Stick with Tuesday! LOL

new releases on DVD for October 20  

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Woot! Love the Transformers and can't wait to watch this.

Bones- A Night At The Bones Museum  

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*SQUEE* It’s all about the last couple of minutes. Ok, to set it up:

Booth’s boss’s boss Andrew asks Brennan on a date. She says yes. Booth is like, Ok awkward cause they may talk about Booth since booth is what they have in common. Brennan says no, she wouldn’t think about mentioning Booth on their date.

Cept she does! During the date, Andrew asks brennan what’s good to eat. Brennan mentions something about the meatloaf and Booth. Which Andrew mentions to Booth. Booth is upset and confronts Brennan. She apologizes for talking about him during her date but that he must have told the meatloaf story to plenty of people. The look on Booth’s face says no. He says what happens between them is theirs and not to be shared. Especially with his boss's boss.

So later, Brennan and Booth are at a museum. Booth asks why she didn’t take Andrew. She says this was their case and she wanted to share this booth. And as they are talking, they inching closer together. My husband said, “He closing in for a kiss!” But then the rest of the lab come looking for them. So close yet so far. *Squee*

Ok. The rest of the stuff… Sweets asks if Daisy could come back. Brennan says but Sweets says he’s been working with Daisy. Fine, she’s on 24 hour probation. Daisy managed not to be so annoying. And actually, it was cute when Daisy and Brennan got all giddy with excitement over the mummy they have to examine. What was also funny was Brennan reciting the lines from The Mummy. The boris Karloff version, not the new one.

The case has to do with a mummy found on a fence. Turns out it’s a very old mummy on loan to the Jeffersonian. The director of the Egyptian dept. was examining and had discovered something inside the chest of the mummy. Which happened to be missing and now she’s dead.

Turns out it was a ruby and the guy who was admin (the director was giving him her notes), took the ruby. He lost his retirement and since one knew the ruby was in there, he figured he’d take it. Except the director caught him in the act of taking it and he killed her.

The Vampire Diaries - Lost Girls (Season 1, Epi 6)  

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Alrighty...lets make this quick! lol

We start off by Elena confronting Stefan about what he is, he tells her and she freaks (who wouldnt). He clears up his past by telling her how Katherine changed him and you actually find out that she did it when he didnt know it was going to happen...btw it didnt happen like that in the books. WELL so Stefan tells Elena that Damon is bad and he still has his ring so he cant come out during the daytime. In the meantime Vicki is with Damon (I was wondering if he drained her on the last epi). Damon starts to TURN Vicki into a vamp and by the end Stefans life gets in danger BUT Damon helps him (yay) to get his ring back BUT Vicki finishes the transformation by feeding.

One sad thing is that Elena says she cant be with Stefan b/c he is what he is...BREAKS my little heart...and we FINALLY see Elena break down and cry...FORGET her dead parents it takes a vamp to make the girl cry! lol :*( COME ON...we know they will get back together!

Next weeks epi looks GOOOOOD! Vicki is gonna be a CRAZY force to be reckoned with! lol and it HALLOWEEN in Mystic Falls! EPP! :o) Happy Viewing!

new releases on dvd for October 13  

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A smart romantic comedy, I definitely recommend the Proposal. Plus Ryan Reynolds is hot. And Canadian. LOL

Bones- The Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood  

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Intern of the Week: Arastoo. He’s been faking his accent!!! He dropped it when he got upset with Cam ( I missed that part). Turns out he was faking it cause he didn’t want people questioning his religion. With the accent people would figure he’s hanging on to his culture. I loved the look on Angela and Hodgin’s face when he was talking without his accent. Ha ha.

Case of the Week: A dead body is found in a bbq pit. Turns out the whole neighbor had a part in killing him. Because I missed part of the episode and I didn’t record it, I didn’t get all what was happening.

Booth’s son parker, is hanging out at the lab. He’s trying to find his dad a girlfriend. When he asks Brennan she says no because it would inappropriate. She asks Parker why he wants to find his dad a girlfriend. Because Parker’s friend’s dad got a girlfriend and then they got a pool. So if Booth finds a girlfriend, then they can have a pool.

Brennan gives Booth and Parker a key to her building. It has a pool and they are welcome to it anytime.

The Vampire Diaries - You're Undead To Me (Season 1, Epi 5)  

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So Elena and Stefan are on the outs b/c he hasnt shared any of his hidden secrets...and one of those secrets is that he has Damon locked away in the basement so he cant hurts anyone. Elena tries to give Stefan another chance to explain but hes so taken with watching after the dangerous Damon that he blows it...that time but he redeems himself by going to her house and cooking for her :o) so sweet! AND he starts to spill the beans...about Katherine BUT not yet about him being a vamp. Personally I cant wait for that moment. It happens soon off in the books so Im trying to be patient...its just hello...he feeds from her and her him so I WANT them to reveal it already! ;o)

In the second half of the show Damon is trying to call on Caroline to him to let him out...its odd she can see him while hes trying to reach out...hmmm...she ends up coming to his house and the idiot lets him out...BUT Stefan seemed to have took his ring so he cant go outside! Ok they are all out at a car wash and Elena talks to a old man who recognizes Stefan from like 50 years ago! So things are starting to be placed together for Elena! Shes getting suspicious! Oh and Vicki and Jeremy...UGH kinda getting tired of the drugs ALL the time...but so has Jeremy! See I told yall that if they got together he would want to fall back from drugs!

Ok back to Elena and Stefan...Elena asks for help looking back into Stefans background (saying she has some school project) and her aunts boy toy is a reporter so he goes to help! And on a video online she sees Stefan in the background! EPP! lol Oh she knows...SHE KNOWS!!!!

Such a good epi I say! :o) See yall next week!

PS- OMG did yall see the previews for next week...OMG its gonna be goooood!

<3 Monroe

new dvd releases for October 6  

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I took my brothers to see Year One when it was in the cheap theater (like 2 bucks a person cheap LOL). Yeah you get some laughs (Michael Cera peeing on himself upside down, Cain and Abel duking it out) but they're very dumb laughs. Teen boys will like this.

Movie Review: Whip It  

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Starring: Ellen Page, Marcia Gay Harden, Kristen Wiig, Drew Barrymore, Juliette Lewis
Genre: Comedy with a dash of drama and sports
Grade: B+
I went to see this over the weekend with my mom, aunt and cousin. Ages 14 to 44. We all walked out of the theater with a smile on our face and mentioning our favorite scenes.

Bliss (Ellen Page) is one of those awkward girls who doesn't want to be part of the in crowd but wants to belong somewhere. She's definitely not a pageant girl and she wants something more than what she currently has. Teen angst at its finest.

One day while shopping for new boots, Bliss sees a poster for the local roller derby and she is intrigued. She drags her best friend Pash (awesome actress Alia Shawkat) to this derby and is invited to try out. Well Bliss gets on the team and suddenly she has a place where she belongs. She's good and all of a sudden this boy likes her and OMG the derby championships are on the same day as a beauty pageant her mom has put her in. ACK!

Ok, I'm being really glib about the pageant thing but there's real drama between mother and daughter (mom wants daughter to have more than she did blah blah blah) and there's tension between Bliss and Pash because of her new crowd and it's all a hot mess with lots of laughs and good times and I'm giving it a B+. It was cute, Ellen Page is freaking cute and Drew Barrymore was funny. This is teen comedy done right.

Movie Review: Zombieland  

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Starring: Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone, Abigail Breslin
Genre: Comedic Suspense/Horror
Grade: B+

So Jesse Eisenberg (Adventureland) plays Columbus, a nerdy zombie survivor who is trying to return home to find his family. Woody Harrelson plays Tallahassee, a lone wolf who doesn't let people get too close. And he's dang good at killing zombies. Columbus isn't too bad himself, what his ever expanding list of rules to zombie survival (double tap, no bathrooms, limber up, and cardio among them). Columbus catches a ride with Tallahassee and along the way, they get conned by two very smart ladies, played by Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin. Their names are Wichita and Little Rock. Wichita and LR are on their way to Pacific Playland which they heard is a zombie free zone. They steal Columbus and Tallahassee's vehicle and weapons -which backfires on them- so they end up sticking together and learn how to survive as a team.

All right - my thoughts. I really enjoyed the heck out of Zombieland. I love zombie movies and throw in some humor and its golden. Sean of the Dead - I love it. Zombieland is really gory though - which works and is used for humor as well. Woody Harrelson is freaking hilarious (I haven't cried this hard since Titanic) and Jesse Eisenberg plays the hopeless nerd even better than Michael Cera (ooh snap! lol). The two ladies, Emma Stone (Superbad) and Abigail Breslin also do a good job of conwomen who trust no man. Bill Murray also has a hilarious cameo.

So if you like zombies and if you like to laugh, definitely check out Zombieland. It's not as dumb as it looks.

Bones-The Plain in the Prodigy  

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Intern of the Week: Clark. Clark is all right but I don’t know. I know sometimes you just want to do your job and don’t want to get involved with office drama or gossip but Clark just seems meh.. Plus he was all whiny and complaining last night about working in the field. Suck it up clark!

Case of the Week: Bones of a teenage boy are found scattered along the railroad tracks. They determine they belong to Levi, a young Amish boy on his rumspringa. They visit his parents and discover a box with black and white rocks. As they leave, a young girl, Sarah, approaches Booth and Brennan. She seems scared and her brother, Amos, angrily orders her to come with him.

They visit a friend of Levi’s who was his roommate for the rumspringa. The friend is quite the party animal. He explains that Levi was always gone for hours at time. Even back at home, he would be gone saying he was working when the friend knew he wasn’t.

Sweets determines the out the rocks represent a piano. Levi was secretly taking piano lessons in town. The piano teacher advised Levi that while on his rumspringa to figure out if maybe music is his calling. By the way, Sweets started “playing” the titanic theme on the piano rocks cracked me up. “Even not hearing it, I hate that song,” Hodgins says. "Not the way I play it." Sweets replies. Ha ha.

Levi was extremely talented. They go to the music conservatory and discover it’s by the railroad tracks. The girl he was practicing with, Karen, explains she had given him a medal of some sort as good luck. She shows a video of Levi playing one of Chopin's’ nocturnes. She also recalls an Amish person confronting Levi and he seemed angry.

Sarah shows up. She says that Levi was courting her. Her brother had gone to talk to Levi. When he returned, he told her to move on from Levi. When she learned Levi was dead, she feared the worse.

They talk to Amos. Yes he did see Levi. Yes he was angry. But then Levi played Claire De Lune for him and he said it sounded like a sunrise. He wished Levi luck, hugged good bye and returned home. They look at Karen now. Looks like Levi’s hands were broken. Since Levi was her competition, is makes sense she did it. But nope, she didn’t do it.

Levi broke his own hands. He was planning on returning home and he didn’t want any temptation. But then some thief came by robbing the place. Levi tried to stop him from taking the gold medal and ended up getting pushed out of the balcony.

Booth and Brennan return to Levi’s home with a video of him playing Chopin’s nocturne to show his parents.

The other story going on, was Cam’s foster daughter, Michelle, asking to attend a dance with her boyfriend Perry. And stay out the entire night. Cam at first seems like whatever but then she catches them kiss really really passionately and begins to freak out they are having sex or planning on it.

Cam confronts Michelle who gets upset and storms out. She later returns and apologizes to Cam. She tells cam that yeah her boyfriend has mentioned sex but he’s waiting until she’s ready. While waiting to pick Michelle up for a date, Booth has a chat with Perry. No, I wouldn’t say chat. I would say scaring the crap out of Perry by mentioning he’s FBI and a sniper. If Perry didn’t treat Michelle right, Booth would find him. Nice.

The Vampire Diaries - Family Ties (Season 1, Epi 4)  

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Woohoo! We are on to epi 4!!! First thign I wanted to bring up...LMAO they so had Damon reading Twilight on Carolines bed! lol He said he just didnt get "the Bella chick" and I cracked up! he said the book had it all wrong but evidently Caroline likes them! lol Too Funny!

Alright the main event is the Founders Day ball. Damon made it look like an animal made all the attacks so it didnt get canceled and he plans on showing up! :o) Of course Stefan and Elena are going together and I must say BOTH looked HAWT! ;o) So they are at the dance and Elena seen the original guest list and both Stefan and Damon were on the list! And so Damon told her a story of sibling rivalry! lol It was of the original "brothers" but we knew it was them. BUT OMG...I guess they are changing the Katherine story...saying she got killed in a church but thats NOT what happened in the books. The book Katherine death was better. Ugh and Caroline and Stefan danced and it pissed me off! lol Well later on Elena and Stefan had a fight b/c he wouldnt open up about Katherine!

Oh and its too funny that Stefans nephew he lives with is growing Vervain (the plant that weakens vamps) like hes growing weed or something in a basement! lol We are told that if indegested can weaken Damon and Stefan could possibly...idk kill him...would he really do that?!?!? I THINK NOT! So he hides it in some alcohy BUT Damon knew and didnt drink it! BUT OMG he spiked Carolines drink knowing Damon would feed from her and it weakened him and he locks Damon in like a cage or something!

Oh smaller news is Vivki and Tyler are pissed at eachother b/c he is kinda keeping his relationship from his parents (his dad is the mayor). Its obvious that he is embarrassed to date her yet still asks her to the dance. And here we have poor Jeremy sitting in the background with his drugs getting pissy! lol Vicki is a moron! Jeremy is way better a guy and I bet hed stop using if she was with him! But he got is moron in the end! lol

And WTF did yall see Stefans tattoo??? OMG...really...they heal quickly so I dont see how he wouldve gotten that. Its really contemporary and Stefan, b4 he was a vamp, lived in a age that wouldnt have gotten those kinda tats. HA IM SMART! Although it was HAWT! Oh and I liked seeing Stefan drink (it probably wasnt alcohy but it was still hot to see his bad side). lol

Oh and Bonnie is proving to be one of my fav characters (like in the books). Her powers are growing and its exciting!

BIG the end Tylers parents, a news reporter, and Carolines mom are all wanting Elenas parents old watch...I THINK I know whats going on (bc the books) but they are starting to change the story so Im not 100% sure.

What do yall think is going on...? Guess we will find out next week! :o)


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A little improvement. Let’s see…

Veronica has moved back in with her husband. One problem, he’s remodeling it and there are no walls, no furniture, no plumbing etc. Which annoys Veronica. I don’t blame her. She tells him to make some improvement on the house or she’s moving back in with her mom. Later she comes to candles lit and the bathroom completely finished. There is even a bath waiting for her.

The nurse and the cop. She’s mad cause the cop hasn’t called her and it’s been a few days. She finally calls cause she needs his help identifying a Jane Doe. Complete excuse since she knows other cops who can help her. Cop guy says he didn’t call her cause she said she’d call him. He was respecting her wishes. Which threw her off.

The new nurse aka My little pony. She has a patient who is addicted to a drug. He tells her he started taking it because he hears a ringing in his ear. No one else believes him. She places her stethoscope up against his ear and hears the ringing. She brings the doctor to hear and sure enough there is blood vessel ready to burst.

Veronica has a patient who had to have his leg amputated. He’s not happy about it since they had to take off during surgery. So the poor wakes up with one less leg. Veronica finds his leg and brings it to him so he can say good bye. Which… ewww.

As for Veronica and the doctor. They try and be friends. Which is not going well. Veronica tries to act all cool and says she didn’t know the doctor while in Iraq. You can totally tell she’s lying. Then the doctor joins their softball team. So he gets to meet the hubby. After they win the game, doctor leaves after watching Veronica and hubby hug.

Later doctor complains about he hates new jersey and that he misses California. “They why don’t you go home?” Veronica asks. Cause he hasn’t given up on her.