new releases on DVD for December 29  

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True Blood casting news  

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I've been away from the computer for the majority of the day and so this is news to me.

Joe Manganiello has been cast as Alcide in True Blood season 3.

I think he fits the character


new releases on DVD for December 15  

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I saw the Hangover in the theater and I swear I almost peed my pants. This movie is hilarious. WATCH IT

Love QT movies and this one is right up there. Drama, humor (albeit dark dark humor) and one crazy good German actor. This guy, the colonel, he's awesome. Oh and Brad Pitt is in it. :o

Clash of the Titans  

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I loved this movie as a kid.

Bones- The Goop on the Girl  

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So the most important thing that happened in tonight's episode was this:

Oh yeah baby. To set up the clip, a man dressed as santa robbed a bank. He had a bomb strapped on to him. Booth tried to stop him. But the bomb went off and Booth ended up with bomber bits on him. Which is why Brennan is taking of his clothes.

Another funny scene is when she wheels him, with only his socks and boxers on, out on a cart to question a witness. In front of everyone. Hodges asks, "Where’s your chest hair??!" Booth responds, "I’m highly evolved!"

Oh and Zooey Deschanel guest starred as Brennan's second cousin. Which in real life they are sisters. In case you didn't know.

So after watching this clip a few hundred times my brain is mush. Here is a recap from It Happened Last Night. Enjoy and sweet dreams.

Castle and Glee  

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An art dealer is found dead. The only witness has amnesia. And the witness is Riley from Buffy the vampire slayer. He was the guy Buffy dated after Angel left. I always thought he was a cutie but didn’t like his character. Only because Buffy’s true love is Angel.

Anyways, Riley has amnesia. Doesn’t remember anything about his life. They finally figure out his identity through his dog. Riley was carrying a plastic bag and a dog was found near the crime scene. They contact Riley’s ex wife and she comes to try and help with the investigation.

You can tell there are still sparks between the two. Riley asks why they divorced. Since the ex seems nice, riley figures it was his fault. They go to his apartment and find a painting. The painting was bought during their honeymoon. It was supposed to be sold and then the profits split between Riley and ex. Turns out they had to buy the painting because riley smudged it. But it’s not the same painting because the thumb print is gone.

Castle and Beckett had learned the art dealer did art forgeries. Someone forged the picture. They switched the original with the copy. Riley went to argue with the art dealer. The art assistant killed the dealer. When he saw Riley witness it, he tried to kill Riley. Riley hit his head and amnesia.

The end of the episode shows Riley and his ex possibly getting back together. Awwww.



Rowena already reviewed this but I had throw in my two cents. I loved this episode. Loved it. First of all, I’m glad Rachel told Finn the truth. Even if it was for selfish reasons. Finn needed to know. I can’t believe the entire Glee club knew and felt they needed to hide it from Finn. I’m more shocked at Kurt. I mean, Kurt was trying to be there for Finn when they were paired up for the ballads. You’d think Kurt would try and use this to his advantage. But whatever, I don’t care. Finn finally knows.

Does Quinn know Will and Terri split up? That might change her decision about giving away the baby.

I think the glee club did an awesome job with their song choices. Although it would have been nice to see Mercedes with the solo at sectionals. She rocked that song. I’m so glad the glee club won fair and square.

Sue sue sue. She cracks me up but I swear she goes too far some time. I was laughing when she kept denying she leaked the set list when there was all this evidence against her.

Finally, will and Emma. I felt so bad when Emma was sitting there all alone in the reception hall. She finally tells Will how she felt about him but he just left his wife. Which yay he left Terri! When glee was singing My Life Would Suck Without you, I could see that look in Will’s eye. I kept hoping and hoping he’d go and find Emma. And find her he did. I squeed when he kissed her. And then it ended!!!! Ugh!!!! April is so far away!!!

Glee: The Fall Finale!  

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The fall finale for Glee was off the chains fantastic! The shit has hit the fan with Will and Terri (well that was last week) and this week, the shit hit the fan for Puck and Quinn. No matter what anyone thought about Rachel for telling Finn the truth, I was cheering my ass for her! I wasn't mad that she told Finn for purely selfish reasons, she's the frickin' bomb! I am not kidding, Rachel has an amazing voice. When she got up there and she sang that opening number, I sat there with tears in my eyes. It was so good! They were so much better than the other jocker knockers anyway. The entire season so far brought us to tonight's episode.....SECTIONALS and I was so hot damn proud of New Directions especially Rachel. She was amazing tonight!

There was so much went on tonight. Finn found out the truth about Quinn and Puck, Quinn tells Puck she's still giving the baby to Terri, Schuester leaves Terri, Ken dumps Emma, Finn saves Glee, Rachel wows the crowd, THEY WIN SECTIONALS and Will kisses Emma! So much greatness in one episode! I love it!

Mercedes did a phenomenal job of singing You're Gonna Love Me. I mean, she tore that song up! It was great! I love that Rachel is trying harder to get along with everyone. When she spilled the beans to Finn and Finn attacked Puck and then they said that Rachel told him and she was like, "No I didn't!" and then Finn said, "Yeah, Rachel told me" I was dying. I was rollin' because poor Rachel but what was even funnier was when Rachel goes up to Quinn afterwards and says, "I completely understand if you want to beat me up but if you could...just please avoid my nose" Frickin' Rachel.

I loved how Finn saved the day even though he was hurting and I loved how he was still not making up with either Quinn or Puck and I love that now he's available to let Rachel help him get over Quinn. YAY! I love that they won Sectionals and I love that everything from the beginning of the season was settled and we'll have new things to look forward when the show comes back after the fall hiatus.

Finn is so frickin' gorgeous and Puck is a dirty whore and I love them both!

When they're performing at Sectionals, I had the biggest grin on my face and everytime they showed Schuester and we saw him get all teary eyed, I got all teary eyed as well. I think they did such a good job and seriously, what had me crackin the hell up was the judges meeting after the performances. Candy and Rod were hilarious.

I'm serious, this whole episode was fanfrickintastic and I'm bummed that we'll have to go without fresh episodes of Glee but I think I'll be okay. I'm going to be watching all of the old shows until then and I'm so frickin' anxious for more. Oh! And who loved the last song they all sang for Schuester, how they combined all of the dance moves from the season and meshed them all into one routine was great. I loved it! It was nice to reminisce through the season through the dance moves. So clever!

Oh and Sue is still a bitch but I even look forward to what happens when she gets back from getting more browner, haha.

Is it spring yet?

new releases on dvd for December 8  

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Johnny Depp. I'm renting this.

Saw this in the theater. It has the feel for a "filler movie." Meaning its setting things up for the next movie - nothing major happens and there's a lot of angsty teenage hormone-ness going on.

I love Meryl Streep and her acting is fabulous. I wouldn't mind seeing this one.

This one is a documentary about dolphin slaughter. I am very interested in this one.

Deathly Hallows Trailer!  

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Dh Preview One - Amazing videos are here


Vampire Diaries note  

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In case you're going through Vampire Diaries withdrawal, the show is on an 8-week hiatus and will resume January 14, 2010.

Movie Review: Precious  

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Starring: Gabourey Sidibe, Mo'Nique, Paula Patton, Mariah Carey, Sherri Shepherd
Genre: Drama
Rating: A-

Last weekend, my aunt and I did a girls' night out. Everyone wanted to go see Precious, but I knew it was going to be brutal and I wanted to see something else. I was overruled and we saw Precious.

And I was right.

Precious was BRUTAL. Freaking brutal. But a truly excellent movie.

Clarice Precious Jones is an overweight, illiterate, pregnant teenager growing up in Harlem in the 1980s. She likes math, and her math teacher, but she's pretty quiet and sticks to herself. One day, her principal calls her into her office and asks her if she's pregnant. If she is, Precious is going to be suspended. Worried about Precious, her principal stops by her apartment and tells her about an alternative school. Precious rushes her principal off because her mother doesn't want "a nosy white bitch" hanging around and in fact, Precious is beaten for the visit. We learn through a series of flashbacks that Precious has been raped by her father (over a span of years) and is pregnant by him, for the second time.

But buoyed by her principal's visit, Precious turns up at the alternative school and there she meets her teacher who opens up a new world for Precious and her fellow classmates who keep it real for her. These women provide Precious with a support network when things get even worse for Precious, if such a thing is possible.

Despite how gritty and brutal this movie is (I know I keep saying it, but it really is!), it was truly excellent. There is humor to lighten up the dark stuff and it is a very interesting story. The acting was excellent, by everyone, but most especially the main actress, Gabby Sidibe. Even Mariah Carey does a good job. But Gabby and Mo'Nique should get Oscar nods for their roles - they were that good.

So if you're not afraid of drama and are in the mood for a truly excellent movie, see Precious while you still can.