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Despite what the critics say, I enjoyed Bride Wars. Anne Hathaway is a great actress and this was just a cute, funny movie. Can't wait to see it again.

Movie Review: Obsessed  

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Ok, here's the movie summary from Yahoo Movies:

Derek Charles, a successful asset manager who has just received a huge promotion, is blissfully happy in his career and in his marriage to the beautiful Beth. But when Lisa, a temp worker, starts stalking Derek, everything he's worked so hard for, are placed in jeopardy.

LMAO! That review is sooo wrong. First, Beyonce's character is named Sharon, not Beth. And Derek (the yummy Idris Elba) is the vice president of some company, there's no new promotion he's worried about.

Not that that makes any difference to the movie. So Derek Charles comes to work one day and there's a new temp...and she eventually makes her way to his desk, temping when his assistant gets sick. Sharon, Derek's wife, is a bit upset about this new temp - because they have a rule that her husband isn't to have any female assistants. Why? Oh I'm guessing it has something to do with the fact that Sharon was an assistant before she scooped Derek up. So the girl knows what's going on. LOL The temp eventually goes psycho and thinks her and Derek are having a relationship when actually he rebuffs her at every turn. No one believes him though, even when people start getting hurt...

All right, I left a little cliffhanger there although anyone with two brain cells to rub together can figure out how the movie ends.

For some good cheesy fun, I can tell you to go check this movie out. Otherwise, wait for the DVD. It's not that it was bad, this movie was just OK.

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Movie Review: The Race to Witch Mountain.  

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Starring: Dwayne Johnson, Ciaran Hinds, Anna-Sophia Robb, Alexander Ludwig, Carla Gugino
Rating: PG for sequences of action and violence, frightening and dangerous situations, and some thematic elements.
Grade: B+

Synopsis from Yahoo! Movies:

A taxi driver gets more than get bargained for when he picks up two teen runaways. Not only does the pair possess supernatural powers, but they're also trying desperately to escape people who have made them their targets.

It's been a little bit since I've seen this movie but I wanted to put up something since it's also been a really long time since I've written anything up for Boob Tube. I've neglected this place for far too long. Sorry guys!

Last month, I took my darling daughter to her doctor's appointment and then we spent the rest of the day together (ditching work and school) and we did a lot of Mommy/Daughter things. Like we went to the bookstore, HA! and bought books. She got a bunch of children's book and then I got a bunch of romance books (yay!) and then we had lunch together at my friend's restaurant and then we went to the movies and saw this movie.

I can tell you right now that this movie was too cute for words. I thought that The Rock played a swell cab driver Jack and this movie was a fun filled, action packed movie that is perfect for the kids. Brenna loved it. She gushed with her cousins about this movie after we left the theater and she wanted to see it again, she wants to own this movie on DVD and I agree with everything she had to say about it.

She thought that Seth was a cutie patootion. I thought so too. She thought it was a fun movie and so did I. We both thought that movie was fun, witty and wildly entertaining. The special effects made the movie pop (especially in the theaters) and the cast was great, the storyline was great and Brenna now wants to read the book so I have to find those books for her.

I would definitely recommend this movie to any of you guys out there looking for a good family movie to take the kids to. This one is definitely worth going to the movies and paying the money for though since it's been awhile since the movie came out, maybe you guys should just wait for DVD (dude, it's probably already out on DVD for all I know and pay attention) but I would definitely be owning this movie so you should too. =)

The Spirit  

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Adapted from the Will Eisner's graphic novels, "The Spirit" tells the story of a man who fakes his own death and fights crime from the shadows of Central City. The Octopus -- who kills anyone unfortunate enough to see his face -- has other plans. He's going to wipe out the entire city. The Spirit tracks this coldhearted killer from the city's rundown warehouses, to the damp catacombs, to the windswept waterfront...all the while facing a bevy of beautiful women who either want to seduce, love or kill the masked crusader.

It sucked. I didn't watch the whole thing. About 15 minutes into the movie, Joey fell asleep and then I went to play games on the computer. Bleh.

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I can't believe its April 14 already! What's going on??

In other news, nothing spectacular is out this Tuesday - so go see a movie in the theater. LOL

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Life On Mars Finale  

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Well wow. I wasn't expecting that ending. In a way, they ended like how I wanted and yet they didn't. I'm happy with the ending but I'm not. I'm not sure how to feel.

In a way the finale, really the last 10 minutes, tied up a lot of things. Why the Space man nickname, why little sammie played with space ships, the little rovers Sam is always spotting....

If you haven't watched the episode then you might want to skip this cause I'm gonna to spoil the last 15 minutes.

In the last 15 minutes, Sam is at his apartment with his neighbor Windy. He looks at the tv and he sees himself in 2008 reading to an elderly lady. I thought it was his mom (he mentioned growing up reading to to her) only to find he's reading to Annie! In that way my wish of Sam being back in 2008 and finding Annie to show he wasn't crazy came true!

Anyway, then Windy tells Sam to go to Annie. She explains she sees what he sees. Sam finds Annie leaving the station and tells her she's the reason why he's here in 1973. Or something mushy like that. He kisses her and she says, "Welcome to 1973."

Right before Sam leaves to go out with Ray and Chris, Gene calls Sam into the office. They chat and Sam hugs Gene. Gene makes a smart comment saying, "I'll miss you most of all Scarecrow." The picture gets scrambled and Sam wakes up.

We hear Windy's voice saying "2B is awake." It's 2035 and Windy is a computer. Sam gets out of this pod thing along with Chris, Ray and Annie. They are on their way to Mars to find, say it with me now, life on mars. While they were in the pods, they had like a stimulation thingo on. Sam's was to be a cop in 2008. But some space stuff happened and it sent him to 1973 with the 2008 memories. Turns out, Annie is his boss whom he has a crush on. Gene Hunt is actually Sam's father.

So again... the finale wrapped up everything but I just don't know. I'm happy with it but i'm not. I almost want to say it's a cop out but it wasn't.

I'm so confused. I will say that I will miss Life on Mars.

My Thoughs on Castle, Dancing With the Stars, Grey's Anatomy  

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Ok, I'm loving this show!!! I love Castle. I think he's a cutie and I love his personalty. I love how Kate tries to ignore him but she can't. I just love this show. It doesn't rank up there with Bones yet but it's gaining.

I liked Monday's episode. About half way through I figured it was the wife who did it. I laughed out loud when Castle called Kate saying, "Guess who has a date with a prostitute!" I also smiled when Kate heard the name of the character in Castle's new series which he modeled after Kate. Nikki Heat. "It sounds like a hooker name!" "Well she is a little slutty." Nice.

Dancing with the Stars

I started watching just to see Holly from the girls next door. A great dancer she is not but she had fun. I think next up on the chopping block is Steve O. Which sucks, cause I know he wants to do well and I want him to do well also. My favs are Lil Kim and Gilles. Did you see his Tango??? So hot.

I wish I got hooked on this show before. I would have loved to watch Apolo Anton Ono *drool* and Mario Lopez.

Grey's Anatomy

Ok, the couple of episodes have been soooo good. The one with the Two Face looking guy, had me all misty eyed. When his friends came back to support him and one of them went to lean in to kiss his forehead. Oh man... I wanted to cry.

And then with Izzy having surgery. What touched me is when Alex said he didn't want to make babies with Izzy that way. Awwww. Alex is now my favorite guy on there. I don't know what it is about reformed jerks. So I'm wondering if Izzy going to survive.

Christina and Hunt. I'm glad he's finally getting help. I'm hoping Christina will still be there for support. I know it might take her a while to trust him. But Hunts needs someone.

Meredith and Derek are finally engaged. Which yay! Meredith has grown over this season. It was nice to see her as the strong one and to see her be there for Derek.