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She's baaaaaacccckkkkk....

Man, as evil Katherine is...I like her. She's the complete opposite of Elena and I think that Nina is doing a bag up job of portraying both characters. Katherine brings female sass to the show and it goes well with Damon's brooding sense of humor.

I freaking love the both of them.

The Vampire Diaries is back and better than ever, I think. I thought last night's episode was a real bang up season premiere and it set up a lot of storylines that I'm anxious to get more from. The episode started with a bang and ended with a great big giant KABOOM as well.

And I ate it all up.

We have about six TV's in our house and one of the main shows that we've been looking forward to (besides Jersey Shore) is The Vampire Diaries. We all watch this show. It's sexier than Twilight and I'd bang Stefan AND Damon long before I'd bang Edward and it's really just a good freaking show.

There were highs for me and the highs were seeing Damon and Stefan bickering all over again. Damon telling Stefan that he tried to steal his girl (again) and smarting for a fight that Stefan didn't give him because he knows that Katherine is trying to tear them apart so that she can have her little fun and Stefan won't give her the time of day. But then again, Stefan is the all perfect one. Everyone wants Stefan. That's what Katherine used against Damon and I hated to see that it worked just a tiny bit.

But it's all going to add to the drama that will pour forth throughout the season and man but I can't wait!

While I was watching the show last night, I realized something. I'm Team Damon. I love that Damon is far from being perfect. I love that he always has something smart and asshole-ish to say and I love that he just doesn't give a damn about anything...except Elena.

And I love how they're showing what is shaping out to be a really complex relationship between Elena and both brothers. My heart broke for Damon when he asked Elena why she was surprised that he kissed her and she said she wasn't, she was surprised that he actually thought she'd kiss him back.

Oohhh, it was the perfect dig to cause Damon to lose a bit of his control and kill Jeremy. Holy goodness, when he broke Jeremy's neck, I thought HOLY CRAP but alls well that ends well because in my heart of hearts, I know that Damon knew that Jeremy was wearing John's ring.

The lows of the show can all be wrapped up in one person. Bonnie. I hate that hypocritical bitch. I hate that she can hate Damon for doing what's natural to him and then not see how her not coming through on the spell hurt a lot of innocent people. Like it's only okay for her to hurt people. Ugh, Caroline's in the hospital because of that stupid tramp and I can't freaking stand her. I was so hoping that Katherine would kill her but Katherine didn't hear my pleas because Bonnie lives to see another day.


Tyler is going to get a lot of screen time this season, I just know it with him being a werewolf and all. I'm mighty curious to see how he finds out about his condition and what the heck kind of drama that whole discovery is going to bring to the show because you know drama is waiting to unfold around that hairy corner.

His Uncle Mason is a freaking hottie and I can't wait to see if he goes after Jenna too. With so many older hotties coming into the mix and only Jenna around that's there age, it's going to be funny to see it all come together.

The way that the show ended brought on a lot of questions, so Caroline's a vampire now? What the heck is Katherine doing back in Mystic Falls and what could she possibly want revenge for with the Salvatore brothers? And what the hell kind of idiotic crap is Damon going to get himself into? So much to look forward to and this season premiere did nothing to relieve my questions...the writers did their job extremely well because last night's episode of The Vampire Diaries left me a greedy wench because I want more and more and more.

Man but it's going to be a good season, I can already feel it. Bring on the vamps...and the wolves! Yay us!

Until next week...

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I thought Uncle Mason was a hottie too! Monroe doesn't agree with us. And I'm with you, I'm team Damon - all the way! And YES about Bonnie, I want her gone. She just gets on my nerves. BIG TIME. UGH


What? No way, Mason is a hottie for sure! Yum! In the books, doesn't Bonnie end up with Damon or something like that? If that happens in the show, I'm going to slap a cat. Ugh.

I didn't read the whole series just the first few books and what I read, Bonnie does not hook up with Damon. So I hope she doesn't in the show!

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