Bones- The Goop on the Girl  

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So the most important thing that happened in tonight's episode was this:

Oh yeah baby. To set up the clip, a man dressed as santa robbed a bank. He had a bomb strapped on to him. Booth tried to stop him. But the bomb went off and Booth ended up with bomber bits on him. Which is why Brennan is taking of his clothes.

Another funny scene is when she wheels him, with only his socks and boxers on, out on a cart to question a witness. In front of everyone. Hodges asks, "Where’s your chest hair??!" Booth responds, "I’m highly evolved!"

Oh and Zooey Deschanel guest starred as Brennan's second cousin. Which in real life they are sisters. In case you didn't know.

So after watching this clip a few hundred times my brain is mush. Here is a recap from It Happened Last Night. Enjoy and sweet dreams.

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