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The fall finale for Glee was off the chains fantastic! The shit has hit the fan with Will and Terri (well that was last week) and this week, the shit hit the fan for Puck and Quinn. No matter what anyone thought about Rachel for telling Finn the truth, I was cheering my ass for her! I wasn't mad that she told Finn for purely selfish reasons, she's the frickin' bomb! I am not kidding, Rachel has an amazing voice. When she got up there and she sang that opening number, I sat there with tears in my eyes. It was so good! They were so much better than the other jocker knockers anyway. The entire season so far brought us to tonight's episode.....SECTIONALS and I was so hot damn proud of New Directions especially Rachel. She was amazing tonight!

There was so much went on tonight. Finn found out the truth about Quinn and Puck, Quinn tells Puck she's still giving the baby to Terri, Schuester leaves Terri, Ken dumps Emma, Finn saves Glee, Rachel wows the crowd, THEY WIN SECTIONALS and Will kisses Emma! So much greatness in one episode! I love it!

Mercedes did a phenomenal job of singing You're Gonna Love Me. I mean, she tore that song up! It was great! I love that Rachel is trying harder to get along with everyone. When she spilled the beans to Finn and Finn attacked Puck and then they said that Rachel told him and she was like, "No I didn't!" and then Finn said, "Yeah, Rachel told me" I was dying. I was rollin' because poor Rachel but what was even funnier was when Rachel goes up to Quinn afterwards and says, "I completely understand if you want to beat me up but if you could...just please avoid my nose" Frickin' Rachel.

I loved how Finn saved the day even though he was hurting and I loved how he was still not making up with either Quinn or Puck and I love that now he's available to let Rachel help him get over Quinn. YAY! I love that they won Sectionals and I love that everything from the beginning of the season was settled and we'll have new things to look forward when the show comes back after the fall hiatus.

Finn is so frickin' gorgeous and Puck is a dirty whore and I love them both!

When they're performing at Sectionals, I had the biggest grin on my face and everytime they showed Schuester and we saw him get all teary eyed, I got all teary eyed as well. I think they did such a good job and seriously, what had me crackin the hell up was the judges meeting after the performances. Candy and Rod were hilarious.

I'm serious, this whole episode was fanfrickintastic and I'm bummed that we'll have to go without fresh episodes of Glee but I think I'll be okay. I'm going to be watching all of the old shows until then and I'm so frickin' anxious for more. Oh! And who loved the last song they all sang for Schuester, how they combined all of the dance moves from the season and meshed them all into one routine was great. I loved it! It was nice to reminisce through the season through the dance moves. So clever!

Oh and Sue is still a bitch but I even look forward to what happens when she gets back from getting more browner, haha.

Is it spring yet?

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I haven't watched it yet but I totally read all the spoilers. I can't wait! I was working out at the gym last night listening to the v.1 soundtrack... :)

I LOVE this show!

OMG! I loved this episode! So glad all the baby crap is out in the open and everyone knows the truth. And I totally squeed when Emma and Will kissed. Awwwwww!!!!!!

Best. Episode. Ever! :-D


By now, you've probably already watched the show but seriously, how great was it?


I'm glad that all of the baby drama is done with because I hated both of those storylines. No more lies, now Quinn and Puck can be together and Rachel can help Finn get over Quinn, YAY!



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