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Ok, I'm combining the last two weeks episodes. And mainly the stuff that's happening with the squint squad.

Which is has to do with Angela. She's sleeping with Wendell. I don't like that. I don't like her with him. She's going to ruin Wendell. The purpose of the celibacy exercise was that she doesn't rush into sex with a guy. That gets to know the guy. I seriously doubt she got know to know Wendell before jumping in the sack with him.

Wendell tells Hodgins. Hodgins says he's ok. But later tells Sweets, no he isn't. Poor Hodgins. You deserve better.

Then Angela has a pregnancy scare. She tells Hodgins she may not keep the baby. He tells her she will. He also tells her that he will be there to support her. Even to go far as to marry her. Angela finds out later it's false positive, but she thanks Hodgins for what he said.

So glad she really wasn't pregnant with Wendell's baby. Just hurry up and dump him Angela. That's what you do.

Other than that nothing much. We learn Booth is a decedent of John Wilkes Booth. Which wow. Never made that connection. And Booth is a tad bit sensitive about that. The Michael Jackson moves he was doing at the beginning of last weeks episode was awesome. When he was doing the pelvic thrusts, I admit, I drooled.

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I've just finally started watching Bones. There was a marathon on around Thanksgiving/Christmast on either TNT or USA. I would really like to start at the beginning. I hate come in on a series (book or tv) with out starting at the beginning. I LURRRRRRRVE Hodgins. And Booth. Mostly Hodgins. :)

I seriously need to hurry up and catch up on this show, every time I see it I want to watch it but I'm lost so I end up turning it. I swear I'm going to netflix these.

Mollie- I had to play catch up too. I started watching one this one two seasons ago. Hodgins is yummy but my heart belongs to Booth.

Rowena- hurry up and netflix this!

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