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I saw the commercials promoting this show long before it premiered this past week and I was interested in checking it out but it wasn't this show that I had to watch, you know?

But boy am I glad that I tuned in to the series premiere because I thought it was just too cute for words.

The main premise of the show is 16 year old Lux has been thrown into the foster care system and she's been shuffled from one bad situation to another and would like to be emancipated. In order to get that ball rolling, she needs to get the signatures of her birth parents and she finds her father, Nathaniel Basil, tracks him down and surprises him with her news of her being his daughter. Nate never knew he had a daughter out there and even though he was caught off guard by her, I thought that even with the slight blip at the beginning, he handled the situation with grace.

Watching the beginning of Lux and Nate's relationship was too cute. I thought it was adorable and then when Cate Cassidy (the Mom) gets thrown into the picture, things got more interesting. Cate's got this huge chip on her shoulder and seeing her work through them and then try to reconnect with the daughter that she thought was well taken care of, seeing her deal with meeting up with that old fling from high school was very interesting and you can just tell that things are only going to get better. Things are going to get complicated, messy and with all of her unresolved issues, I can't wait to see all of that unfold as the series progresses.

I've got pretty high hopes for this show so I'll definitely be tuning in every week to find out what's going on. I definitely recommend this show to those of you viewers out there who enjoy shows like Dawson's Creek, One Tree Hill, Gilmore Girls because this show is very reminiscent of those shows. SO GOOD, watch it!

Is it Monday yet?

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I saw commercials for this too, but didn't really pay attention to what it was about. I might check it out.

It's on on Mondays?

Yeah, it comes on Mondays after One Tree Hill. I already adore this show. I'm excited.

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