Bones- The Parts In The Sum Of The Whole  

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We a flashback episode of Bones and Booth's first case. If you remember, the pilot episode was not their first episode.

And really, i could care about that case. It was all about Booth and Brennen!! They kissed!!! There was tongue action!! However, they both drunk and Brennen went home by herself. Booth did the same. Sigh..

Poor Sweets seemed really.. what's the word. Well he seemed like a kid who just found out Santa wasn't real. His book was based on what he thought was their first case. He whole world was shaken. Oh well.

But when Booth and Bones left Sweet's office, Booth took a chance. Told Brennen how he felt. He kissed her. Kissed her! And she pushed him away. UGH!!!! Brennen!!! You are just scared. I get that. That's fine, but put logic aside and just go with it. Which we all know she won't do or might not be ready to do yet. Sigh.. So Booth tells her he has to move on.

Me being the spoiler hoe I am, I have read a lady will show interest in Booth in a couple of episodes. I'm hoping this will knock some sense into Brennen. We shall see.

What did you all think? And wasn't it great to see Zack again?

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