Bones- Death of the Queen Bee  

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The Case

Booth and Brennan are investigating a murder in her home town. And what do you know; it’s high school reunion time. The murder is like a murder that happened during Brennan’s time in high school. And it turns out once again it’s one of Brennen’s class mates. Booth and Brennan pose as husband and wife to not scare of any of the other classmates.

We learn that Brennan was bit of an odd duck. Her BFF was the janitor, who is played by Freddy Kruger. I've never seen the Nightmare on Elm Street movies so Joey had to point that out to me. He used to find dead animals for Brennan to dissect. When they talk with Mr. Buxley, his office/lair is full of different sharp objects and he’s eating ribs. The victim was missing a couple of ribs I believe. I knew it wasn’t him because Mr. Buxley was just too obvious.

At the actual reunion we learn it was the victim’s BFF… I forget her name. But the victim and the murderer had a pact. They killed the girl during their senior year to break her up from the main man on campus. The victim would get her time with him. Then the murderer would get her time. The victim ended up marrying the guy and wouldn’t give him up. So the murderer did her thang.

Booth and Brennan

We learn that Brennan was nicked named Morticia. That people thought she was weird. Brennan didn’t really care for high school. She never went to prom. There is a scene where Booth and Brennan are dancing (Booth doing the sprinkler was funny) and Kiss from a Rose comes on. Brennan asks Booth to dance. He says no. Not wanting to make things awkward because of the stuff that happened last weekend. Brennan says please. They dance but at arm’s length apart. Cause they need room for the Holy Spirit. Finally Booth moves in closer after saying this was a prom she never had. Awwwwww.

A side note, the picture of Brennan took of Booth holding the star (the murder weapon) was funny too.

Next week, Booth is getting hit on by someone. And Brennan is going on a date with Oswald. I know that’s not his character’s name, but he’ll always be Oswald from Drew Carey.

Angela, Hodgins and Wendell

Hodgins lets is slip about Angela's pregnancy scare to Wendell. Wendell tells Angela if she had been preggers, he would have done right by her. Angela later tells Brennan she felt more like an obligation. Angela breaks up with Wendell. Deep down they both know they aren't a lasting thing. They both know angela and Hodgins are each others lobsters.

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