Friday Night Lights - Episode 1, Season 4  

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It's no secret that I'm a Friday Night Lights fan. I love this show, and again I have to give a big thanks to Wena for introducing it to me!! Wena's the best, isn't she? :P

So Season 3 ended with Coach Taylor losing his head coaching position with the West Dillon Panthers and taking the head coach position with the East Dillon Lions. He lost his job because he pissed off the up-and-coming quarterback's dad, who is rich and bribed everyone he could to get his son's personal coach the head coaching job. Nasty fella, I know we haven't seen the last of him. And the town got split - the haves and the have nots, basically. East is poor, West is not. And this is not more apparent then when Coach Taylor sees his new field.  It's a dust bowl.  The locker room is a mess, with a freaking raccoon living in one of the lockers.  LOL  And his new team is a mess.  They resist his authority, they talk back, they don't listen.  So Coach cleans house - and he's left with a rag-tag crew that want to make him proud.  One of them Vince, a young man in trouble with the law, and being on the football is his last chance before juvie.

Tim Riggins, basically in his first day of college quits. He doesn't get a warm reception at home because his brother's new wife is pregnant, and basically tells him there's no room for Tim. Tim gets drunk and hooks up with a bar tender.

Matt Saracen, instead of going to Chicago's Art Institute sticks around at Dillon Tech - where the art teacher puts his art down. He delivers pizza on the side and JD, the new quarterback for the Panthers insults him and they fight at a party.

Julie, Coach's daughter, well all her friends got transferred to East Dillon and she wants to join them. Despite the fact that Tammy (her mom and principal of West Dillon) say that East Dillon is equal to WD, her parents don't want her attending East Dillon.

First Friday night game, Coach forfeits during half-time.  His team has taken a beating and the players are injured.  How is this decision going to play out?

So that's Episode 1 of Season 4.  I can't wait to see how this season plays out!

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I miss this show like it's nobody's business. Stupid Direct TV for buying this show.

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