Drop Dead Diva: Season Two is Under Way.  

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So Season Two of Drop Dead Diva is finally under way and I can't be more excited for it.

Last season, we left off with Jane meeting her husband for the first time since the accident. I spent the entire fall, wondering who the hell that guy was and where the hell has he been for all these months since Jane came out of the hospital.

Well, come to find out, she married him to save his life to give him health insurance because he had leukemia, I think it was. It was some kind of life threatening disease and he wouldn't get treatment if she didn't marry him and get him the health care that he needed.

How nice is Jane?

Over the course of the episode, Jane is trying to juggle meeting her husband and finding out what he wants, what happened between them (because of course, she doesn't know) and keeping her husband and her boyfriend, Tony away from each other. Its kind of hard because Tony is representing her for her disbarment hearing/trial and things just got really sticky.

In this episode, we see Grayson softening toward Jane on a totally platonic plane. We see this by the way that he stands by Jane when she's up for disbarment. He goes to all of her hearings and he tells her that he supports her. He even went to Parker and told Parker that the firm should stand behind Jane because what Jane did was ethically sound. Parker didn't go for it at first but he came around just like I knew he would and I liked him at the end of the day.

Kim testifies against Jane and that got my blood boiling because who the hell is Kim? Ugh, she gets on my nerves. I'm really glad that whatever was between her and Grayson is over with because they haven't really been seeing much of each other.

This season promises to be just as fantastic as the first season was and I cannot wait for more Jane goodness. I'm loving getting to see Stacy and Fred again. I'm loving how this episode ended and I look forward to more from Tony and Jane...and then Grayson and Jane too.

Do you guys think that Grayson and Jane are going to eventually end up together or will it be Tony and Jane? Who do you want her to be with?

Wait...is anyone else out there watching Drop Dead Diva with me? Let's talk!

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