True Blood - Bad Blood (Season 3 Epi 1)  

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In this epi Sookie turns to Eric to help find the missing Bill! (We get to see Eric banging some chick lol YIKES) Bill was taken by some punks and while riding in the car, trapped and half drained he finally gains control of the situation and kicks booty. Half broken Bill chills underground and waits out the sunlight. Like I said Sookie goes to Eric to see if he has Bill, which he doesn't but you do find out he was going to attempt it but got beat to the punch. Eric says hell try to find him but Eric being typical Eric its only to help himself. Sophie is pushing Eric to sell more V but Eric is nervous b/c Bill is the only vamp that knows of the arrangement. Poor Eric is stuck between a rock and a hard place =/

In the mean time Tara knows her man got shot but she thinks Andy (the cop) did was Jason though and now Andy is covering for him. Jason has a really funny part in this epi...lets just say he cant seem to...rise to the challenge! ;) Oh and Taras mom comes to Taras aid but fails her once again by not keeping a close eye on her and Tara tries to down loads of pain meds to kill herself! UGH! OH and I forgot since Sookie helped Taras boyfriend (dang whats his was something weird...corn...bacon?!?! lol idk) get his "murderous" memory back she hates Sook! =(

The epi ends with Bill facing off with some weres...bout it. Oh and Jessica killed someone. lol

So this epi was pretty good and I personally was happy to get back into the swing of things! =) I can tell theres gonna be a load of things going on this season. So what were yalls likes and dislikes?!?! Did it live up to your potential?

And I CAN NOT WAIT till we get to see Alcide! Speaking of Alcide I found this pic fro yall!

Until next week enjoy! ;)

<3 Monroe

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How about Eric's bum?

And the scene with Bill and Sam that I found oddly hot.

So glad it's back!

GIRL ME TOO!!!! Eric's butt...omg my hubby was in the room but I still couldn't contain myself! lol

I would've rather seen Eric and Bill...wait wait...Eric and ME! lol

Next weeks epi's gonna be great! I WANT ALCIDE!

Mmmmm...yes! I can't wait for him and Sookie to get closer! ;)

Mmmm...Eric. :D And I can't wait for new werewolf guy - who happens to be my Morelli, I don't care what those Hollywood casting folks say. Hmmph.

Omg...I never thought of him as Morelli! He's perfect! Yum! And I'm glad to add another person to my Team Eric list! Thanks for dropping by sweets! ;)

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