Bones and Dollhouse  

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I liked this episode. Nothing much really happened though. Bones accidentally made Booth's back pain worse. So for the most part Booth was hopped up on vicoden. Although I like how he was talking about Bones soft skin and silky dark hair to Agent Perotta.

So I take it Agent Perotta has a crush brewing for Booth. Now.. I want Booth and Bones to hook up, however.. not yet. I like the sexual tension between the two. And I don't want Booth and Bones to get together and then later have them break up for ratings or whatever. Cause you know how they like to create drama with couples like that to keep us watching.

Other than that, it was enjoyable episode.


The pilot episode, I was meh about the show. This episode, I got a little more on board with it.

You have agents, dolls, who are child like. They just wander around the building (dollhouse) until there are needed for a job. They are imprinted with a personality to match the job and then the doll springs into action. After the job is complete, their memories are wiped clean. Except it looks like Echo might be retaining something.

Also, a few months before, a man by the name of Alpha went on a killing spree. He spared Echo but we don't know why. Or why he tried to have her killed on her latest mission. Which reminded me of The Most Dangerous Game.

Then you have an FBI guy searching for the Dollhouse. Which no one but him believes exists.

So far I like. We'll see how the rest of season goes.

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We thought the first episode of "Dollhouse" sucked so didn't watch it last week.

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