Movie Review: Vicky Cristina Barcelona  

Posted by: ~ames~

I know there are some Scarlett Johansson haters out there, but I like her!  LOL  I rented this one because of her and Penelope Cruz.  I adore PC!!  And she was really good in this movie, so I'm glad she won the Oscar for best supporting actress.

All right then - we have Vicky (Rebecca Hall - beautiful!) and her friend Cristina (SJ) going to Spain for the summer.  Vicky is doing some research on architecture and Cristina is along for a good time.  Vicky is also engaged to be married, with her fiance slaving away in New York or some place like that.  So the girls are out late one night when they notice this older gentleman across the bar.  He's suave, he's an artist and he outright comes up to them and asks them to go with him to this small town and he mentions he wouldn't mind sleeping with them.  Vicky is disgusted and says no but Cristina is always up for new experiences and drags Vicky along with her.  So Juan Antonia (Javier Bardem - yummy!) flies Vicky and Cristina to this small town where he's gone for inspiration and sets about seducing these two American girls.  Cristina is all for it and goes up to his room but ends up getting sick.  So Vicky and Juan Antonio spend the rest of the trip hanging out just the two of them and Vicky succumbs to Juan Antonio's charms.

Then they all return to Barcelona and Cristina picks up where she left of with Juan Antonio and eventually moves in with him.  But one day he gets a call from his very upset ex-wife and he goes to get her out of the hospital.  Yes, the ex-wife is none other than Penelope Cruz, a very fragile and wild Maria Elena.  She's tempestuous and murderous too.  And seductive as hell.  It isn't too long before Maria Elena is in bed with both Cristina and Juan Antonio.  But when Cristina wants to leave, both ME and JA are heartbroken.  They both have fallen in love with her.   :(

I enjoyed VCB.  The scenery is lush (I want to go to Spain one day!!) and I loved watching some good looking people enacting an interesting story for my viewing pleasure.  

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I have this one on my list. Sounds interesting. I like Scarlett Johansson. why are there haters?

I want to see this one too! I have a huge girl crush on Scarlett Johansson. Not a big Penelope fan but whatever. offers professional web templates,css templates,professional templates,psd templates, flash templates ,swish templates, dreamweaver templates, and other web design products available for immediate download.

Yep, I'm not a Scarlett fan ... I'm one of those haters you were talking about :)

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