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I know it's been a while. Sorry. I'll just go over my thoughts on my shows really quick.


So Grissom is now gone. Although it's sad not to see him on the show anymore, I'm not really missing him. I like Laurence Fishburn's character. Can't remember is name at the moment. But watching on the first day was kind of cute. When he panicked to lift the fingerprint on the door knob.

I'm still enjoying the show and as long Nick doesn't leave I'm a happy camper.

Grey's Anatomy:

I knew Izzy's lab worked got switched. Now we play the waiting game to find out if she'll die, when she'll tell the rest of the gang and all that jazz.

George, George. Give the man a story line. It doesn't have to be a love story. But give him something to work with. I like George.

Callie, I just feel like they forcing a story with a woman on us. Just let it happen naturally. First Hahn, then he's lusting after Sadie and now the peds doctor. Geez. I like the ped doctor, but Callie does not need to be in a relationship.

I'm glad Meredith and Christina are talking again. I was crying during the episode when she went to the killer's execution. When she walked out in tears.

I was almost in tears last night when the guy was crying over his wife. And I did feel bad for Derek trying to save the woman's life. But the fight with him and Sloan. Hot damn. Mark picked a bad time to tell Derek about him and Lexie.

See.. what else.... I think Bailey will make a great peds doctor.

Burn Notice:

Ok, Michael freaking out that Fi may have die in the fire. Him caressing her face and then getting her breakfast the day. awww, even if she left. I like how Fi is playing it cool and making Michael talk to her about it but not playing hard to get. You know what I mean? I really like these two together. I've heard what ifs about Fi being the one who burned Michael but I hope they are not true.

But her comment at the end Thursday night's show has me paranoid. Where she says she needs Michael alive. Is it because she loves him? Or because she's behind all of this? Next weeks show looks good with Michael's ex fiance showing up. Love the look on Fi's face.

Life on Mars:

I missed the first episodes cause my DVR went crazy. So I missed what happened with the basement and with Gene's daughter Maria. I enjoyed last night's episode. With Sam so close to finding out how to get home. The cyptic message from the hooker was kind of creepy.

I have to agree with annie as to why Ray is sooo... what's the word.. I don't know. But why he's so afraid of Annie. Maybe deep down he admires her? Nah, i don't think so.

Stilll to watch: Bones, Sarah Connor and Dollhouse.

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Question!! Have you noticed that Sloan is getting a bit too thin? I don't remember him being so slender and I'm all worried. Which is silly cause I don't know him but man, he was killer hot when he first came on the show and now he looks unwell. I hope he's okay.

I'm loving Christina and Owen. That's all I care about right now - their next scene together. And I so agree about George but I've heard that he and actress playing Izzie are leaving.

Sarah Connor - I need more to happen soon!


Cindy - I noticed that too about Sloan!! I hope he's ok.

No... i haven't noticed that. I'll be looking for it now.

I've heard izzy and george are leaving and I've heard they are not. I like them both so I hope they don't leave. That and I don't want to see Alex lose yet another girl.

My dvr ate friday's epsiode. UGH!!!! So mad.

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