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Ok, I'm loving this show!!! I love Castle. I think he's a cutie and I love his personalty. I love how Kate tries to ignore him but she can't. I just love this show. It doesn't rank up there with Bones yet but it's gaining.

I liked Monday's episode. About half way through I figured it was the wife who did it. I laughed out loud when Castle called Kate saying, "Guess who has a date with a prostitute!" I also smiled when Kate heard the name of the character in Castle's new series which he modeled after Kate. Nikki Heat. "It sounds like a hooker name!" "Well she is a little slutty." Nice.

Dancing with the Stars

I started watching just to see Holly from the girls next door. A great dancer she is not but she had fun. I think next up on the chopping block is Steve O. Which sucks, cause I know he wants to do well and I want him to do well also. My favs are Lil Kim and Gilles. Did you see his Tango??? So hot.

I wish I got hooked on this show before. I would have loved to watch Apolo Anton Ono *drool* and Mario Lopez.

Grey's Anatomy

Ok, the couple of episodes have been soooo good. The one with the Two Face looking guy, had me all misty eyed. When his friends came back to support him and one of them went to lean in to kiss his forehead. Oh man... I wanted to cry.

And then with Izzy having surgery. What touched me is when Alex said he didn't want to make babies with Izzy that way. Awwww. Alex is now my favorite guy on there. I don't know what it is about reformed jerks. So I'm wondering if Izzy going to survive.

Christina and Hunt. I'm glad he's finally getting help. I'm hoping Christina will still be there for support. I know it might take her a while to trust him. But Hunts needs someone.

Meredith and Derek are finally engaged. Which yay! Meredith has grown over this season. It was nice to see her as the strong one and to see her be there for Derek.

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I can't seem to watch Bones - not sure if it's the lead female or what. I bought the first season and will see if I can get into it.

I LOVE Castle!! Of course, that's when someone stupid decides to pull a plug.

Grey's - had a hard time with the face guy - scares me to think on those kind of things. I really want Owen and Christina to make it because really, they are all I care about right now. Funny how when one romance is starting to flail, another one keeps you interested.


Anneliese and I call Alex "Evil Seed Ken." I can't remember how that started, but there you go.

Did you see last night's episode, with the wedding dresses and the Joe's discussion between George and Alex? I won't tell you any more, because I wouldn't want to ruin it if you're waiting to watch!

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