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Well wow. I wasn't expecting that ending. In a way, they ended like how I wanted and yet they didn't. I'm happy with the ending but I'm not. I'm not sure how to feel.

In a way the finale, really the last 10 minutes, tied up a lot of things. Why the Space man nickname, why little sammie played with space ships, the little rovers Sam is always spotting....

If you haven't watched the episode then you might want to skip this cause I'm gonna to spoil the last 15 minutes.

In the last 15 minutes, Sam is at his apartment with his neighbor Windy. He looks at the tv and he sees himself in 2008 reading to an elderly lady. I thought it was his mom (he mentioned growing up reading to to her) only to find he's reading to Annie! In that way my wish of Sam being back in 2008 and finding Annie to show he wasn't crazy came true!

Anyway, then Windy tells Sam to go to Annie. She explains she sees what he sees. Sam finds Annie leaving the station and tells her she's the reason why he's here in 1973. Or something mushy like that. He kisses her and she says, "Welcome to 1973."

Right before Sam leaves to go out with Ray and Chris, Gene calls Sam into the office. They chat and Sam hugs Gene. Gene makes a smart comment saying, "I'll miss you most of all Scarecrow." The picture gets scrambled and Sam wakes up.

We hear Windy's voice saying "2B is awake." It's 2035 and Windy is a computer. Sam gets out of this pod thing along with Chris, Ray and Annie. They are on their way to Mars to find, say it with me now, life on mars. While they were in the pods, they had like a stimulation thingo on. Sam's was to be a cop in 2008. But some space stuff happened and it sent him to 1973 with the 2008 memories. Turns out, Annie is his boss whom he has a crush on. Gene Hunt is actually Sam's father.

So again... the finale wrapped up everything but I just don't know. I'm happy with it but i'm not. I almost want to say it's a cop out but it wasn't.

I'm so confused. I will say that I will miss Life on Mars.

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I forgot that it was even still on :(

I sent this message to ABC. I hope viewers will keep writing them, and in the mean time boycott ABC. Send a message to them to go with Reruns to see if the ratings go up.

Well ABC you really screwed up canceling ” LIfe On Mars”. Just saw the ratings on your new show “The Unusuals”, a 2.2 rating with 18-49

March 27th, LIfe On Mars had 5.6 had gained 400K. Even the opening back in Oct was 3.2. So according to this ‘Life On Mars” was gaining viewers.

ABC was the one who set up “Life On Mars” to eventually fail because of the screwed up time slots. Would it be that hard to bring back ” Life On Mars”, you might see the ratings to go even higher

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