Movie Review: Duplicity  

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CIA officer Claire Stenwick and MI6 agent Ray Koval have left the world of government intelligence to cash in on the highly profitable cold war raging between two rival multinational corporations. Their mission? Secure the formula for a product that will bring a fortune to the company that patents it first. For their employers--industry titan Howard Tully and buccaneer CEO Dick Garsik--nothing is out of bounds. But as the stakes rise, the mystery deepens and the tactics get dirtier, the trickiest secret for Claire and Ray is their growing attraction. And as they each try to stay one double-cross ahead, two career loners find their schemes endangered by the only thing they can't cheat their way out of: love.

Starring: Julia Roberts, Clive Owen, Tom Wilkinson, Paul Giamatti

Grade: B

So I went and checked out Duplicity last night. To sum up, the thinking woman's Mr & Mrs Smith. There was no violence but there was witty repartee and great onscreen chemistry. That Clive Owen...oh la la!

Basically, Ray picks up this hot american (Claire) at a 4th of July party in Dubai.  Lo and behold, this lady seduces Ray, drugs him and steals some pertinent information from him.  Five years later, he sees her while he's supposed to make a connection with a mole in a huge company.  He chases her, demands an apology (which she does not give him LOL) and they find out that she's the mole.  She wants nothing to do with him and he basically black mails her into working with him.  

Through a series of flashbacks, we discover that after that fateful night in Dubai five years ago, Ray and Claire have been meeting up in romantic locales around the world and plotting how to be together with a bunch of money.  So they start to set up a plan for some corporate espionage that will allow them to live happily ever after in style.  

I liked Duplicity.  Julia Roberts and Clive Owen are great together onscreen (remember Closer?) and it was nice to see Julia again.  It's been awhile since we've seen her.  

I also got a kick out of the fact that Julia's character is so much smarter than Clive's.  She was always just a step ahead of him and kept him on his toes.  Her character is vulnerable and so she's always on the ball to prevent getting hurt.  But I guess with two spies, you know down to your bones that there's no one you can trust, maybe even the people you love.

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i really want to see this one! lucky.

Been waiting to see reviews about this one. Maybe GG will take me this weekend.

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