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Rowena and I both watched Army Wives last night and here is what we had to say.

Izzy: Did you watch Army Wives?

Rowena: yes, I watched Army Wives...I really like this show, do you think Denise is really going to cheat on her husband? Oh gosh, I hope she doesn't because I really like her husband. He's sexy to me for an older guy. And dude, as skinny as Trevor is, I LOVE HIM! And I think that Chase is dorky hunky cute! He's the Special Ops guy? Dude...he's so like a Navy SEAL guy, LOVE IT! I'm seriously loving this Army business, makes me want to find me an Army husband, LOL.

Izzy: I don't think she will. She can't. Frank luvs her and she luvs frank. If they make her cheat, I'll be very upset.

Although...I like Roxy but dude. She needs to stop being all... annoying. lol. Like how she went and talked to the guy about keeping Betty on and last week when she went to Joan about where Trevor was. They would have not let her get away with that at all in the army. I mean... come on. Stop making her all dumb like that.

When Chase was telling Pam about he didn't know if she was dead or alive and he said, "Is this what she goes through?" I was like... aw....maybe now he'll start keeping in better contact with her.

Rowena: I know, me too! I am going to be super pissed if Denise goes through and cheats on Frank but they've already done the cheating storyline with Marilyn and then with Roland. Come on, don't go there again. Not with Denise and Frank, do you think if she does do it and Frank finds out, do you think he'll be like Jeremy and hit Denise? Dude...that would be interesting.

Roxy kind of gets on my nerves. She does a lot of stuff that drives me up the wall, I hated when she went to every frickin' person on the post to find out where Trevor was. And then when she's all whining about it to Pam and Denise like their husbands didn't get shipped off as well? But I guess, it's because it's her first time Trevor has ever deployed or whatever, maybe that's why? We'll just have to wait and see, I hope she's learned her lesson. When she gets all hoity toity with the hospital staff over Betty's stuff...I was like, who died and made you God over all the civilians? I just don't see any Army Wife going to all these top dawgs and demanding things the way that Roxy does. It makes her look so dumb.

I'm glad that Joan is going to keep the baby though, I'm glad she did it for Roland because I felt bad for Roland.

And I got all misty eyed when Chase and Pamela were finally talking about everything...and when Chase shut Pam up with her, "You don't know what I went through" ...*sigh* He's such a dream boat that Chase! So manly and so...YUMMY! I can't wait to see more between these two. I love that he's the Special Ops guy, it makes him so much more sexier...

Izzy: Yeah, Roxy just.. ugh she gets on my nerves sometimes. And there's another thing that bothered me. Frank and Trevor are deployed together right? How did Frank know about what happened with the bar and not Trevor? Maybe cause he's been moving around?

I can understand Roxy being freaked out. I do. But to go around asking everyone where he is was a little much for me. That and Joan just telling her. Cause I don't know if that would happen in real life ya know?

Yeah I thought for sure Joan was going through with the abortion but I"m glad she kept it too. I like how she looked all confused when.. what's Claudia Joy's hubby's name again... was all happy for her and talking about her maternity leave. ha ha.

Yeah... I'm glad Chase and Pam finally talked and yeah, i agree. It was sweet when he shut her up. I'm really hoping now when he deploys, he'll let her know he's ok now that he felt what Pam goes through.

What about Claudia Joy? I feel so bad for her. I can't imagine what she's going through.

Rowena: You know what? You're right...I totally forgot that they got deployed together. Frank and Trevor that is, so why is it that Frank knew about the bombing but not Trevor? Is it because Frank is at a command post and Trevor is in the thick of everything? Is that why? Weird. We're gonna have to watch and see what's up with that.

I can see her being freaked out but I don't see how they're letting her get away with all the questions she's asking, all the trouble she's stirring with all of her little crap sessions. I don't see it happening in real life either, it just doesn't make sense.

Mike, is that CJ's husband's name? I felt bad for their daughter when all they did was fight, like she wasn't grieving and needed them too. That was cute, how she made them face their problems and work them out. I liked that Denise could be there for CJ the way she was, with letting the daughter come and stay with her. I felt bad when CJ had that panic attack at the PX. Poor thing.

How sexy is Chase though? Even if he looks like a dork sometime with how high his pants are on his waist. But still, I love me some Chase!

Izzy: Maybe that's why Trevor doesn't know and Frank does.

Michael! Yes. i think that's his name. And yes, I'm glad Denise was there for Cj. For once CJ needed someone to take care of her. I liked that.

I think Chase is hot but Trevor and Frank are hotter to me. I don't know why. Frank just cause he's sooo manly man. lol.

Rowena: Last season, it was all about Trevor for me but this season, I'm loving all of them...and there's just something about Frank that I absolutely love. Maybe it's just how manly man he is, I just effing love him.

Izzy: I know. Frank has always been my favorite. Same reason you just mentioned. Just manly man but you know he adores his wife and would do anything for his family. Which is why Denise better not cheat on Frank.

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I love Frank and I have decided that he will not hit Denise if she ever cheated on him.

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