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So yesterday season 2 of Army Wives started. I was looking forward to this. Season 1 ended with Marilyn's husband walking into the Hump Bar with explosives strapped to himself.

The premiere of season 2 answered some questions, but left me with a lot of questions. It also tricked me.

If you haven't watched the episode and don't like spoilers, I suggest you stop now.

All right, the commercials said someone close dies. I thought it would be Betty, the owner of the Hump Bar. She's unconscious and not responding. She's bandaged up so I thought she's a goner and that Roxy would inherit the bar.

Roland is fine and moved back in with Joan. But now, where do they stand with their marriage? More importantly, what about the baby? Is Joan going to keep it or not? I know her military career is important to her.

Roxy is freaking out over Trevor's deployment. She hasn't heard from him. She's refusing to leave the house afraid she's going to miss his call. But... doesn't she have a cell phone and doesn't he have the number?

Nothing much going on with Pam and Denise. Denise is helping at the hospital. Pam is trying to soothe Roxy's fears about Trevor.

Then we have Claudia Joy and Amanda. Claudia Joy is helping Amanda get settled in Harvard. Now I was looking forward to Amanda and Jeremy's storyline. I was hoping we'd see them work things out, get back together and both families get over everything.

But then we see Amanda getting all teary eyed and then.. we have the flashbacks of Amanda receiving CPR, her father in the background crying, Amanda and Claudia Joy with no bruises and scars... and then Amanda walking towards the light. What the hell? Amanda gets offed? What about her love for Jeremy? So thoughts of Betty dying and Roxy inheriting the Hump Bar were wrong. Damn though, so did not see that coming.

I wanna know if Marilyn survived the blast or not. I wonder if she'll start being nicer now.

So this season looks interesting. We'll see what happens.

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I believe Marilyn died ~ they should the ladies going to her funeral. I'm with you, though ~ I was completely surprised with what happened to Amanda. I wasn't expecting that at all.

I was surprised about Amanda sad, I wonder what's going to happen when Hits Her Mama Boy comes back. That should be interesting.

I'm so excited to be watching this show again!

okay I only caught a couple eps during the marathon they were having and then this ep.

But I missed this- was it Marilyn Roland was having the affair with? (I missed the actual "blow up" ep.)

Sheeeit, If I had known Drew Fuller was on the show, I'd've been watching this last year! Love me some Chris Halliwell!

Dev- Did she? See after seeing amanda died, I thought it was her funeral they attended.

Rowena- I'm excited too. :)

Zeek-No, Roland had a one night stand with some chick writing an article about him.

Marilyn did die....there was a scene that showed a funeral and they zoomed in on the casket and it had a photo of Marilyn sitting on it. It was a really short clip, but it was Marilyn's funeral.

I think Amanda's funeral will be next episode. The show started with Pamela going to do the radio show right after finding out Amanda had died. As she did the show they did flashback to the previous four days prior and what each character was going through. The scenes with Amanda and her mom were either a dream the mom was having or it was Amanda and the crossing to the other side concept or even a mix of both. A lot of people are bothered by Amanda's death, but I think it was very well done for a TV SHOW!! It is all about us hanging on the edge of our seats and evoking feelings that are strong enough to make us feel like it is real....they did that! I found it ironic that no one was ever thinking Amanda died when she was the one standing right next to the bomber.

Anon- I must have blinked or something, cause I missed the picture of Marilyn.

And, it does make sense Amanda would die since she was standing right there next to him. I just didn't think they'd kill her off. It kind of sucks cause I had hopes for her and Jeremy.

It'll be interesting to see how the rest of the season plays out.

zeek- You are welcome. :)

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