Army Wives- The Messenger  

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Nothing much happened this episode.

Claudia Joy is still having a hard time moving forward. Which is expected. I understand but she can't forget about the other people who love and need her.

Denise helps a patient who helps bring back what Denise was like before she became an army wife. Which is fine. But looking at the next week's previews if she cheats on her hot hubby I'll hate her for the rest of the show.

Roxy gets to talk to Trevor. Which was cool. Roxy has to deal with Betty being a butthead. Which... I get Betty is dying and she lost her bar. But Roxy took her in. She didn't have to. Betty should be thanking her lucky stars and stop her complaining. Then Betty is yelling at Roxy's kid which wasn't necessary. Sucks she couldn't have kids but still.

The cutest part of this episode was Ben asking and taking Claudia Joy out on a date. And then when the waitress brings the check, he's yelling out for his mom. TOO CUTE!

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