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I took my brothers to see Kung Fu Panda yesterday. When I saw the first preview way back when, I wasn't impressed. I thought "Oh God - what next?" But then just a few weeks ago, I saw a different preview and I laughed so hard, I knew this was going o be a winner. And was it ever! I laughed so hard, my brothers laughed so hard and all the parents and teeny weeny kids in the theater laughed so hard. I had tears at one point!!

Jack Black voices Po, our chubby panda working in a noodle shop. He dreams of being a Kung Fu master, so when the search is on for the legendary Dragon warrior, Po races to the Jade Temple to get a look at the chosen one. So yeah, the Jade Temple is at the top of a veeeery long flight of stairs and Po is not in the greatest shape. By the time he gets to the top, Po has been shut out of the Temple as the ceremony begins.

Desperate to get inside, Po geniusly straps himself to a chair tied to a bunch of firecrackers. He gets inside the Temple, only to be chosen as the Dragon Warrior. To the delight of NONE. Master Shifu and Master Tigress are both severely disappointed. Master Shifu throws all he can at Po, but Po doesn't give up.

Behind all of this is danger in the form of Master Shifu's former student Tai Lung, a snow leopard. Master Shifu fears him so much, thus the search for the Dragon Warrior. Tai Lung is in prison, and Shifu fears his escape.

Kung Fu Pando is the awesomeness and I highly recommend going to see this movie. It's the good stuff.

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I'm going to see this movie tomorrow and I can't wait!! :D Hope I laugh as much as you did, Ames!

This is looks really cute! I want to see it.

Nath-I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. :P

Teena - No problem.

Isabel-Kidnap a kid and go see it. It's worth it. LOL

ooo I wanna see it too!

My bf and I went on date night this friday to see it--and WE LOVED IT too :) In fact, I was blinded from the overexposure to AWESOMENESS! (hee, Jack Black kills me) Great review!

Thea-I was discussing it with a coworker today and I laughed so hard remembering the turtle master guy blowing out the candles. LOL

And nothing can beat that acupuncture scene. I had tears in my eyes over that one!

I want to see this movie! Mulu went to see it with Theresa's family and she loved it...I really want to see it now!

This movie was great!! LOL at the awesomeness!!! The fighting scenes are really amazing when you think that it's animated!! That acupuncture scene... I also really like the peach tree scene and when Po fights for the dumpling!!

My sis wants a baby Tai Lung now! LOL :)

I did think the ending was a tiny bit abrupt though.

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