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The picture is from last week's episode. They haven't posted the new ones yet. Ok, I've been watching Army wives and so far nothing has happened that has made me want to review it. Until now.

What the hell is Denise's problem? Seriously. I want to slap the girl upside the head. Is this her midlife the crisis? The bike, the doctor? She was one of my favorite characters but no more.

I like Frank. I love Frank. I think he's a great alpha hero. And to know he's going to witness Denise kissing doctor guy's hand... Poor Frank. What is Frank gonna do? What is he gonna say?

Although I am glad doctor guy didn't leave. Because I don't want Denise all, "What might have been." That's not fair to any of them. I would like to see how this will be resolved. But I hate Denise. Hate her. She needs to make a grand gesture to have me forgive her.

The other thing: Roland and Joan. Nothing better happen to that baby. I really want to see Roland and Joan be happy with their baby girl.

Those are my main issues with the show right now. I think that guy CJ's daughter has a crush on has something to do with the drug problem.

Anyway those are my thoughts about last night's episode.

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I'm telling you, Jeremy needs to beat her ass again...tell his Mom to quit actin' a fool.


Forget Jeremy, FRANK needs to beat her! I'm so pissed off at HER that I don't even care about anyone else on the show.

Stupid whore!

I haven't seen Sunday's episode yet. I have it on my DVR and hopefully will catch up sometime this week. I'm glad Getty didn't die. Don't hate me, but I like him. Just not sure I like him with Denise, although I do like their chemistry.

Rowena- yup. that's what the preview shows. I hope franks leaves her ass.

Dev- I didn't want him to die. But I don't want him around denise either. he needs to find his own woman.

I haven't been watching this season, but I have all the episodes DVRed; I'll get to them eventually.


Did you see last night's (8/10) episode yet? I was soooo disappointed with the end of the show (Getti). What a cop out, if you ask me.

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