Harold & Kumar: Escape from Guantanamo Bay  

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All right, I finally got around to watching this. I knew it wasn't going to be as funny as the first, but I still got some good chuckles out of it. Especially NPH. There's even a menage a trois scene with our good friend, the Bag of Weed. LOL

So H&K picks up RIGHT AFTER the events of White Castle. Harold and Kumar are going to Amsterdam to see Harold's lady love, Marie, but Kumar f**ks everything up by bringing a smokeless bong onto the plane and everyone thinks it's a bomb. Right from the get-go, the government official in charge of the investigation is a dumb ass who is full of himself and doesn't even want to listen to the way things really went down. So the boys are off to G-bay where all they have to eat are cockmeat sandwiches. I kid you not people, this is what's going on.
So the real terrorists in the next cell manage to escape (sorta) and H & K escape as well. They hitch a ride with some Cubans heading to America's shores and make their way to Texas, where a friend of Harold's who is close to the President can help them out of this sticky situation.

That NPH cracks me right up. He's seeing unicorns and visiting whore houses. What a guy!


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I wanna see this. They were showing the first one on tv last night. Not as good edited.

I'll wait 'til it comes on TMN.

Izzy-Yeah, they lose their appeal when things are bleeped out. LOL

Teena-That's a good choice. haha

We watched this night. Oh my god, i was cracking up. Not as good as the first but still. and LOL Harold all emo!

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