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Ok, I've been watching this show all season and I need to weigh in on some things.

First of all - Izzy and Denny.


I hate hate hate this storyline. Izzy and Alex were together, then a heart patient comes into the hospital and Izzy is now seeing and SLEEPING with Denny. He's a ghost. No one else can see him. And now stalker ghost is following deranged Izzy to the hospital and screwing up her job. (Although I did find Denny's reaction cute when Alex kissed Izzy.) And then Izzy showing up for the surgery at the last minute? What about the clinic? Does nobody notice her not doing her job? Hasn't she gotten into enough shenanigans in the past???

I have a theory about Denny the ghost. Writers' revenge on Katherine Heigl. Why? Oooh remember some comment she made about not having good material to work with so she doesn't deserve an Emmy nomination blah blah blah?? Yeah, I think this is payback because how the hell is Izzy gonna come back from f**king a ghost?

Second - Christina and Hunt

I am disappointed with this storyline. Why? In the season opener, Hunt was awesome! Then when he comes back, he's all distant and troubled by his experiences. That's ok, that's fine. But now he seems to be all better and here I thought Christina would have had to work to make him open up to her. Like she would have fought for him. So the disappointment stems from my own expectations. Also, I would have preferred more screen time for them. We’re just getting little snatches of stuff going on with them, so more would be better – in the case of this viewer.

Third – Lexie and Sloan

I so didn’t want these two to get where they were going. But after last night – I’m on board. Lexie is making Sloan a better person. And what woman doesn’t want the ability to change a man for the better? LOL So yeah, Sloan looked soooo tortured when Lexie was asking him to teach her. His body language (half turned away) just emphasized his conflict – he wants to do the right thing, but he can’t resist the girl. I loved the end – when he said he was bad. Oh yeah you are!

Fourth – Callie and the new intern, Sadie?

So they kick Erica’s character off the show but now they have Callie going after another chick? This really pisses me off because the only reason they kicked Erica’s character off the show was because she wasn’t “hot” enough for a lesbian romance. But this new girl is – so Callie is back to being a lesbian? Again I say – WTF? But still, glad they’re including a non-heterosexual storyline.

Izzy's take

Ok I am done with the Izzy/Denny ghost sex story line. I think it's dumb. DUMB I SAY! I found a spoiler about Izzy and Denny. Don't know if it's true but it's the only thing that can explain what is happening with her. Click here if you want to check it out. Even with that explantion, it's still a dumb story.

Anyways, Izzy is having fantastic ghost sex and doesn't even care about the solo surgery. So she doesn't even try to kiss Christina's butt.

Speaking of, Christina won the solo surgery but because of the interns playing operation on themselves, her punishment is to pick one of her peers. And since the interns are banned from the OR, the winner gets to pick someone to assist. Let the butt kissing begin. George was funny. Meredith got on my nerves. But Alex, he did make the best case. I just loved how he tried to kiss ass but couldn't cause it was Christina.

In the end Christina picks Alex. Yay Alex. By the way, I love his character now. The way he looked for Izzy and told her he loved her. *squee* I'm sucker for tortured heroes and Alex, in my opinion, fits the bill perfectly! I really hope whatever happens with Izzy it doesn't make him revert to the butthead he was.

I also loved they toned down Dr. Hunt. He was just too macho manly man for me. When he told Christina, "not here" when she was going to break down and cry and took her to the vent and distracted her from the solo surgery. I thought that was sweet. I felt bad for her losing the solo surgery cause she did deserve it.

What else... Lexie and Sloan. I'm on the fence with this one. I think Sloan needs a woman and a story but I don't know if it should be with lexie. I was really hoping for Lexie and George to hook up. We'll see how this goes.

As for Callie and Sadie, meh is how i feel about the story. I just don't buy it at all.

Dr. Dixon, don't really care for her either. (Ames - neither do I.)

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Aww, I like Denny ! I don't care why he's back...I read the a bit of spoilerage on I think they will be able to pull the story off.

I like Sloan and Lexie. I agree that Hunt was more interesting before but maybe they will build back up to that? I have no interest in Callie's lovelife, be it with men or women. Meh. She is boring.

Did you hear that TR Knight is leaving the show? It could just be a rumor. I don't think I care. George has been really boring this season.

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


I dislike the storyline as well... It's just stupid in my opinion... although I have to agree with the article that the actress that plays Izzy is delivering.

I don't like Sloan and little Grey. Ugh.

C2 - I didn't hear that bit about TR Knight. Poor George, he's been getting lost in the shuffle.

Alena - Thanks for delurking!

Nath - I agree with you, it is kind out there. LOL

I agree with Ames on...........mmm yea everything. Especially Hunt and Sloan/Little Grey.

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