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I saw Burn After Reading in the theater and I still laughed like a damn hyena when I watched it the other night on DVD. Some movies, I laugh at them in the theater, but when I watch them at home for the 2nd time, they're not as funny. This was sooo not the case with Burn After Reading.
I can't really do a summary of the movie because the movie doesn't really focus on one person. There's Osborne Cox, the CIA analyst who gets fired from the CIA and his wife, played by Tilda Swinton who is sleeping with George Clooney, a US Marshall who is very paranoid. Then there's Brad Pitt's and Frances McDormand's characters who work in a gym and find some "secret shit" and try to return the information to Osborne Cox for a small reward. It's interesting how these characters all come together because they don't seem like they have a connection, but they do.

Jason Statham, oh how I love to watch your craptastic movies. LOL I mean really, this guy does action movies so well, so even if they aren't that great, they're still fun to watch. I enjoyed Death Race. Jason's character, Jenson, used to be a race car driver and after he's convicted of killing his wife, the warden of the prison asks him to drive in her televised prison race Death Race. There are no rules and the prisoners try to kill each other because if a driver wins 5 races, he can go free. Jenson figures out that he was set up because the warden is an evil bitch (played by a botoxed Joan Allen) and he's gotta win this next race or he's a dead man. Good stuff!!

Teena liked the House Bunny, so I thought I would give it a try. And I did get some laughs out of it, but Anna Faris kind of annoys me. (Which is too bad because she stars in the movie version of one of my fave books of 2008 20 Times a Lady.)

It was fun to see Hef, Holly, Bridgette and Kendra in this movie. They actually had lines and more than one scene. So that was good. So Anna Faris is this playboy bunny who turns 27 and is immediately kicked out of the Playboy Mansion. She ends up becoming a house mother for a nerdy sorority that seriously needs pledges. So she transforms all the girls and falls in love with some guy in the process. Meh, this was just ok.

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"House Bunny" wasn't all that intellectual but I found it amusing.

Happy holidays! All the best for 2009!

Teena - Yeah it had some good laughs.

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