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My thoughts on Pushing Daisies.

Ok, so Ned isn't too happy that Chuck tricked him. She apologizes but ned forgives her cause he did the same thing when he brought Chuck back. Chuck grabs a tarp so she can hug him. Kind of sweet.

One problem. Charles doesn't like the rules Chuck follows. He says he'll follow the rules only if Ned stops seeing Chuck. Which I guess they agree to. Except Chuck figures it like Charles being protective of her. She kisses Ned (using saran wrap) and Charles catches them. Which suprises Ned. Charles isn't supposed to be in the Pie Hole. Being a zombie and all. They both get into a scuffle. Which when Chuck comes back, Charles is totaling faking his injuries.

Emerson had warned Ned that Charles wouldn't follow rules and Ned should just "tap that" HA HA! And Ned confronts Chuck. Chuck is all, "Sending my dad is NOT an option." And I'm thinking, you selfish little (*&*(&! He's threatening to expose Ned just because he wants to go out and see the world. It's like Chuck doesn't care. UGH!! That's what got on my nerves.

Chuck's dad tells her they can go on adventures. That this life isn't what Chuck would have chosen. But she chooses to stay with Ned. The show ends with Charles driving off. See Ned, you should have just did what Emerson said.

Emerson and Olive were just too darn cute. I love Olive. I'm starting to wish Ned would notice her now.

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