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Prison Break

So now T-bag has paired up with Self. Self holds Gretchen's family hostage so that she'll find a buyer for Scylla. Unfortunately for Self, Michael withheld a small portion of Syclla, so it's worthless. HA HA SUCKER!

Now the gang needs to regroup and go up against Self.

Pushing Daisies

Ned raised Chuck's dead for what he thought was a minute. But then Chuck tricked Ned and well now Chuck's dad is alive. The person who died in Charles place, was Dwight. At the end of the episode, Chuck confesses to Ned what she did. I wonder how Ned will take it. He can't get too upset cause he did the same thing with her.

I thought the comfort food contest was great. I loved how Olive said she wanted to win first prize and wrap it around the Muffin girl's neck. Awesome. I really hope someone else picks up this show.


I finally got to watch last week's episode. Nothing much except Brennan's dad is now working for the Jeffersonian. Now.. I'm still watching season 2, but her dad killed a guy and was in hiding. How is he now out and about? Anyways at first Brennan is no, you're fired. But then Booth convinces her to let her dad stay.

My favorite part in the episode is this (since I can't find the clip you'll have to settle for this):

Max Keenan: Can I ask you a question?
Special Agent Seeley Booth: Sure.
Max Keenan: You - are you - uh are you sleeping with my daughter?
Special Agent Seeley Booth: No.
Max Keenan: Why? Are you gay?
Special Agent Seeley Booth: [chuckles] No.
Max Keenan: She not attractive enough?
Special Agent Seeley Booth: Bones is beautiful.
Max Keenan: Is it because of me. Because I killed one man and we *both* know he deserved it.
Special Agent Seeley Booth: All right just cut it out, Max. I'll talk to her. Probably won't do any good. I'll talk to her.
Max Keenan: You're a good man. And I want that for her.

Awww, I love how Booth says Bones is beautiful.

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