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Life On Mars

I didn't think much of this episode.

A columnist is found murdered. And it looks like a case Sam handled in the future. Turns out the suspect is someone who murdered a woman Sam was trying to help in the future. Sam is all ready to arrest him but Gene is playing it safe. Turns out the columnist had wrote a not so nice article about Gene.

I like the show but one thing that bothers me is that Annie keeps going back and forth in believing Sam is from the future.

Burn Notice

This was a good episode. ha ha. Michael's ex fiancé, Samantha turns up asking for help. Apparently he never told his mom or Fi about Samantha. So the looks on both their faces are priceless.

Samantha is kind of a thief. She stole a chip because someone kidnapped her son. Who is 9. Which is about the time Michael and Samantha were together. Yikes. When the person realizes she stole the chip realizes they will hunt her down. She kind of did a sloppy job because well she wanted her son back. So she asks for Michael's help.

They retrieve the boy and what do you know... he's more like 6 or 7. Not 9. Bad Samantha. Michael says they are going to return the chip. Because they'll know it was Samantha, she'll always have to be on the run. So return the chip they do.

At the end of the day, Michael tells Fi that him Samantha were alike and it was easy so they worked. But then he meant Fi. And it was never easy. However he ended the engagement because "You don't marry someone when you are in love with someone else." Awwwww. He lubs you Fi!!!!

Madeline is right though Michael. Don't wait for Fi to propose (Samantha reveals she proposed not Michael) to you. Something tells me she wants the grand gesture.

The end shows Michael kidnapping Victor. Which was nice by the way.

CSI: Vegas

Ok episode. Three murders with one guy in common. It was kind of cool how they all linked them together but didn't do anything for me.

Sarah Connor Chronicles

Ok I was fooled but I did find it odd that Sarah would enter a sleep research facility. This was another so so episode for me. I want them to figure out about Jesse and Riley already.

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