GA- Suicide is Painless  

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Teddy has a patient with cancer and it’s really bad. She wants to die and not suffer anymore. Teddy asks Owen to sign off (they need two doctor’s signatures). Owen says no. What if she held on and they found a cure for cancer tomorrow? No, the patient says. She wants to die.

Her husband goes and gets the pills that will kill her. He talks to Owen. Owen tells him there will be a moment that she has a look of relief and peace. The husband will feel it too and to hold on to that feeling. Cause everything else afterwards will be his garbage.

Flash back: Owen and teddy are playing soccer with two other guys. They are all friendly and you’d think they were dating. Something happens and Owen and his friend have to deliver patients to a nearby hospital or something. They hit a road side bomb. Owen and the friend are the only survivors. But the friend is pinned underneath the truck. He also is bleeding from the neck. Only pressure on the wound is keeping him from bleeding out. So Owen is just sitting there applying pressure.

It’s now night and it doesn’t look like help is coming. The friend says just let me go. Owen does. The friend dies and few moments later, help arrives.

Callie and Mark are treating these daredevils guys. Two are banged up and one is ok. The one who is ok says he only does these things because he loves his friends. Later it turns out they were all doing these things cause they thought the other guys loved it. So next time, they decide they are going wine tasting. Callie tells Arizona she wants kids. Not right away but she does. And Arizona pulls her hands away.

After teddy’s patient’s dies she’s knocking on a door and it looks like Owen opens it. But it’s really mark and they do the nasty.

Meredith has a tumor that’s she’s all excited to get out with the other neurosurgeon guy. But Derek steals it from her. She yells “YOU STOLE MY SURGERY!” Pretty eyes tell Meredith to go to Whoville. He explains when the Grinch stole everything, all the whos still went out and sang. So go and sing Cindy lou who. So then Meredith is fine.

Chief is trying to fit in. Ha ha. He tells bigfoot, “if I weren’t married, I’d hit her.” Alex says, “Sir, I think you mean, ‘hit that’” And bailey says, “he didn’t mean it all.” Chief looks all embarrassed.

I felt bad when chief wanted to sit with mark and callie at lunch but they were like.. ugh no. But mark explains even though he’s not the chief, they still view him as the boss, and it’s out of respect. Chief advises Derek to schedule one surgery in the morning. if Derek wants to eat in the cafeteria, to eat lunch with him. Otherwise Derek is a sitting duck.

Now, I liked seeing Owen and Teddy together. They looked cute. I also hope Callie and arizona find a way to work through the baby stuff.

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I finally watched it. It was a good episode.

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