American Psycho  

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Based on Bret Easton Ellis' controversial 1991 novel, comes this dark story of a young Harvard graduate, Patrick Bateman, who has all the accoutrements of a young "master of the universe" -- from designer wardrobe to a killer apartment -- just like everyone else in his crowd. He desperately wants to fit in, yet, the terrible irony is the more he tries to be like every other money-drenched man on Wall Street, the more faceless he becomes -- and the less control he has over the urges that, ironically, make him feel like an individual. Bateman is a paragon of conformity in an amoral society where to conform is to be amoral.

I don’t know how to really explain the plot. Patrick is a murderous yuppie. He’s all into the designer clothes, going to the hottest restaurant, snorting coke and maintaining his appearance.

One night, he goes to dinner with a guy who mistakes him for someone else. Patrick brings him to his apartment and hacks him to death. That scene was creepy. Cause the way Patrick was talking and his body language was just.. creepy.

The movie goes on to show his murderous appetite. Murdering prostitutes. He chases after one girl with a chain saw and drops it on her from the top of the stairs. There is one scene where you think he might murder his secretary who has a crush on him. But he doesn’t. I wonder why.

The ending left me confused. It makes you wonder if he did commit the murders or if it was all just in his head. The movie was interesting. It’s not at all gory at least compared to today’s movies. And Christian Bale does look good in those suits and tightie whities.

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Dude, he looks like Kourtney Kardashian's baby daddy, Scott. Wow.

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