Alice in Wonderland  

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I went to see Alice in Wonderland on Sunday. Two reasons. Tim Burton and I love AiW (the Disney version anyway – it was so kooky!). And I was not disappointed! Tim Burton is a creative genius and AiW had the great costumes, sets and storyline to bring AiW to life.

AiW begins with a young Alice interrupting her father while he was discussing trading with foreign countries with his business partners. He asks her if she’s had that dream again and she nods, a bit frightened. Back in her bedroom, she explains the dream to him. We the audience recognize that this is not a dream but a memory.

So then the movie skips ahead thirteen years and Alice is 19 and her father has passed away and her mother has sold out to her husband’s partner. But the partner has a son and everyone expects Alice to marry this guy. But he’s a fuddy duddy and he has a ferocious mamma. When he proposed to Alice in front of everyone, Alice spots the White Rabbit and takes off after him. And falls down the hole…

Once in Underland, Alice discovers that she’s not sure who she is and no one else either! They keep asking her if she is THE Alice, the Alice from the Prophecy that will restore the White Queen to power. But Alice is pretty sure she’s not that Alice and keeps trying to wake herself up from her dream.

And here we run into everyone we know and love from the fairy tale. The Mad Hatter (Johnny Depp was excellent!) and the Red Queen (Helena Bonham Carter was perfect!).
And I really liked the actress who played Alice. She was perfect too. So here is one happy fan. Tim Burton still wows and I say if you like his work definitely go check out Alice in Wonderland.

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I'll wait for it to come on TMN.

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