Grey's Anatomy- Perfect Little Accident  

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This is my description of last night's episode to Ames with a little tweaking:

Pretty eyes comes in with a patient, his grandfather. His grandfather is Harper Avery, a big time doctor who has an award named after him. And Christina misdiagnoses him not really knowing who he is. She's pretty darn embarrassed and soon the entire hospital hears about it. All the other doctors are asking Avery to introduce them to his grandfather. Avery is kind of annoyed.

Meredith tells Avery she understands but he should learn what he can from his grandfather. Oh and the grandfather insists that Webber performs the surgery. It’s webber’s first day and he’s nervous. But Derek has faith in him. After the surgery, something happens with the grandfather. Webber asks Derek to tell bailey to handle it. he wants a drink. Derek says no, you are going back in there. Turns out the the grandfather was allergic to the suture string they used and no one knew. So he’s ok. The show ends with Avery introducing Christina, Alex, Lexie and Big foot. Christina takes a picture with her eye phone. Lol.

Mark is mad Alex. He knows Alex and Lexie are doing it. Which mark is dumb cause he’s a total man whore right now. Meredith and Christina tell Lexie's her heart is in her lady parts and Alex is Meredith 3 years ago. There is a funny scene where Meredith and Christina are like Great minds think alike. LOL. Alex gets mad at Lexie for telling mark about them. But she said she didn't. She tells Alex when she’s with him, she doesn’t feel. That's all she wants and all it is between them. So then mark comes to apologize to Lexie and catches them both leaving the room.

Umm… Arizona catches Teddy making moon eyes at Owen. She tells teddy she’s needs a friend and they are going to have a girls night. Christina tells Owen he should be friends with teddy. After teddy does a really neat surgery, he says they should have a beer but teddy says no, she has plans.

Teddy’s patient’s lungs are shot and needs a transplant. Another patient dies and Christina does something to get the lungs. Teddy is mad saying Christina will do anything to impress Harper Avery, but the lungs are healthy and good to go. The surgery is a success.

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LMAO Izzy!! You didn't tell me Mer says to Lexie "Your heart lives in your vagina." LOLOLOL

Nice recap Izzy :)

I'm so tired of this residents/interns making rash decisions, experimentation, breaking the rules and come up on top. Ugh.

I couldn't really say that in the work email. lol.

Nath- I know it wouldn't fly in real life but it's tv.

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