GND- Alaska  

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This last episode was about Holly taking the girls to her hometown in Alaska.

Kendra was nervous because I guess to get around to the different islands, you have to fly on a float plane. As they are flying to Craig, they hit some turbulence or something. Kendra freaks out. She scratched poor Bridget. The plane made an emergency landing but then Kendra realized they'd have to take another plane to get to their destination. I have to give props to Kendra for getting back on the plane.

Holly's town is really small. It looks so cute though. Like those small towns you see in movies or read about in books. Alaska also look so beautiful and cold!!!!

It was really cute to see Hef missing the girls. I would think he'd be having a grand old time. You know, when the cat is away the mice will play. Not Hef. He was playing with the girl's pets and it was soo cute to see Hef greet the girls when they came home.

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I caught a "best of" episode of GND. It was interesting. I like the pets. :P LOL

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