National Treasure: Book of Secrets  

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The continuation of the National Treasure franchise, Book of Secrets picks up with Benjamin Gates having to defend the family name. Mitch Wilkinson (Ed Harris) has come forth with a lost page from a diary that implicates a Gates ancestor in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. This stirs up Benjamin and his side kicks (all the same as the last movie, with Helen Mirren as a great addition) to find the proof of a lost treasure that will surely clear the Gates name.

My thoughts: Although not horrible, Book of Secrets didn't have the oomph as the first movie. I believe this stems from the fact that they'd already done it before, so it's the same stuff, but a different treasure. Also, the clues they had didn't seem to have much heft to them. The leaps in logic were very big. Aside from this, Book of Secrets wasn't bad. Just a little bit less than the first movie. I suggest waiting for the DVD, unless you want to watch some fluff fantasy and eat expensive popcorn.

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I went about this series all wrong. I watched the second movie, before the first. Actually, I *still* haven't seen the first. LOL.

Since I didn't have the first to compare to, I thought this was pretty good. I enjoyed it. But now I'm really curious to see the first. I thought Riley was SO bloody funny in this. He cracked me up, with all his random comments.

Riley is funny! I love good sidekicks. Like Steve Zahn in Sahara (with Matthew McConaughey-or however you spell his name). LOL

I heard the very same things about this movie, I haven't seen the first movie yet but I plan on watching it (since I have it here at home), my BIL wants to see this second movie but he's unsure since he's heard that it's not up to par with the first movie which he really enjoyed.

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