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When you're a home body like us, you tend to watch a lot of shows. Shows that are funny, shows that are heavy on the drama and shows that are stupid but you watch anyway. This post serves as a guide to the kinds of shows that we Boob Tubers are watching this Fall Season.

I'll start, don't laugh at the insane amount of television that I watch...

...I'm serious, so I don't have a life, so what? I have a baby at home that needs my attention and I'm only allowed to go out on Monday nights, so I have a lot of time on my hands.

Anyway, on with the list...

I, Rowena am watching the following shows right now:

The Hills. I'm absolutely addicted to this show and I'm gutted that Brody and Lauren didn't end up together, I mean seriously Brody, was she really gone for that long that you couldn't wait for her? Sheesh! Get it together already, goodness!

Gossip Girl. This is my favorite show of the season, well this show and The Hills. This is the show that has everything that I love in television shows. It's got beautiful people, teenage angst and lots and lots of drama...what more could you ask for in a show? Seriously.

Brothers and Sisters. This show reminds me of my own family. It's got so much drama and it's funny drama. It's funny drama and it turns into teary eyed drama and I just love the characters, the fights, the unity and just the wealth of love that these guys have for each other. They're a large, chaotic family and they're just...perfect. And the gay brother, Kevin is the best at making me laugh...I just effing love him.

October Road. I heart Nick Garrett. I also heart Eddie Lutekka a great deal too. This show isn't the best show out there, atleast not for me but there's just something about it that has me tuning in every week and loving it over and over again because I havea come to love these characters as if they were my very own friends. I love the friendships, the courage it must have taken Nick to gather together to face his best friends who were also his greatest enemies. This is one of those shows that you won't be able to help yourself but love...I totally do.

General Hospital. I just absolutely love this show. It's the one Soap Opera that I have watched faithfully since I was in like Junior High and Luke and Laura were together and happy and in love. Back when Felicia was in love with Frisco but married to Mac. You know back in the good ol' days, nowadays there's still high drama on this show but with no hotties. They have hotties like Jason Morgan (who is a dreamboat, for real!), Patrick Drake (YUMMA!), Johnny Zacarra (who I want to tutor in the art of KISSING) and the storylines are getting so good...I'm still so pissed off that they killed Georgie off because I really liked her, she was the best and I can't believe she's gone. I heard the old Carly is going to come back as a different character and seriously, that's going to be so interesting. And I cannot believe that Jason and Elizabeth are finally together, like seriously together and Emily? OMGOSH, why did she have to die? I loved Emily, everyone loved Emily, just like everyone loved Georgie...oh goodness and who in blue hazes is the Text Message Killer? Is it Coop? The cops at PCPD? I think so maybe it's one, if not all of them...but WHO? See, just color me addicted to this show.

The Office. Oh goodness, this show is the very bestest! It's one of those shows that I always miss but I watch online because I need my JAM fix and my Michael fix and because I think BJ Novak is such a cutie patootie and Dwight is a funny one...oh and I love Creed. It's just a barrel of laughs and we all need to laugh sometimes, I always laugh when I watch this show. LOVE IT!

Pushing Daisies. I heart Ned. I heard Chuck. I want them to be together for real and I want them to find a way to touch because I heart this show. FOR real! =)

The show that isn't on but I will be watching religiously when it comes on is:

One Tree Hill. This is my show. My one true love of a television show, if television shows could be my soul mate, this show would be my soul mate. It's the ying to my yang and the apple of my eye, the ham to my burger, you know all that stuff...I absolutely love this show and have loved it since the very first season. I've been a faithful viewer of this show and I was so happy when last season, all the storylines came full circle and ended the way it needed to end. With the new season coming back after graduation and bypassing the college years, I'm really anxious to see how it all turns out...is it January 8th, yet? GOODNESS!

And next, we'll take a look at Isabel what is watching.

So I watch a lot of tv and believe or it not, I have cut out a lot of shows from my line up. I need DVR really bad. Anyhoo, these are the shows I'm watching:

Simpsons - I watched this show when it first started. Lost a little interest and have started watching it again.

Family Guy - I freaking love this show. My favorite characters are Stewie and Brian. Every week something about this show makes me laugh. It's also so jacked up how they treat Meg but it's funny!

Girls Next Door - My guilty pleasure. These girls crack me up. My favorite is Bridget. She just seems like a real nice person. Season 4 just started a few weeks ago. Woo hoo!

Prison Break - I started watching this show because of Wentworth Miller. I admit it but season one and two were sooo good. They were full of suspense. Each week I was at the edge of my seat thinking how Scofield would get them out of their predicament. Rowena and I were like: What Would Scofield Do? lol. This is season is just okay. It's not like the first two seasons and I don't know how they can continue the series with out it getting repetitive.

Pushing Daisies - This is my favorite new show this season. I think this show is cute. I heart Ned. I love all the characters especially Olive. At first she kind of got on my nerves, but she's grown on me. Plus I love the actress who plays her. I've seen her some talk shows and she's just so cute. She also has an awesome and beautiful voice.

CSI - This fulfills my one time dream of being forensic pathologist. lol. Last season's miniature killer story... dang. I'm kind of bummed Sara left. I'm glad they didn't kill her off but I think they could have done better with writing her out. Like one minutes she was fine and then the next she wasn't. Now we're dealing with a mole inside the lab. I hope it isn't anyone I like.

Grey's Anatomy - I started officially watching during season 3. I watched season 1 on video and complete missed season 2. So there is a lot of stuff I missed. I know a lot of people don't like Izzy because of season 2, but since I missed it, I don't hate her like other people do. It sucks George and Callie are divorcing but I didn't seem them as a couple. they just didn't fit. Meredith is bugging me. She needs to make up her mind dang it. I'm so tired of her wanting him but not wanting the commitment. I think Derek needs to move on to make Meredith realize he's not going to be there waiting for her forever. I also want McDreamy to have a story line and not with Dr. Hahn. No no no. Also, I was so happy with Miranda got Chief Resident. She was perfect for it and Callie was just not cutting it.

So those are my main shows. Other shows I watch when I can:

Dirty Jobs, Myth busters, Men In Trees, Ace of Cakes, Army Wives, Project Runway.

Told you I have no life.

And Ames has no life either!

Like Ro and Izzie, I love my tv shows. And I'm extremely bummed about the writers strike. Looks like I'll have to turn to Canadian tv shows to console myself in the interim. One Canuck show I love to watch is Canada's Worst Driver 3. Sadly, it's finished, but I look forward to the next season.

Pushing Daisies - Ned! Chuck! I heart you! LOL It's like Tim Burton on t.v. If you haven't caught a show yet, check it out.

Gossip Girl - Woot! This is my guilty pleasure. I like the whole cast, even the parents. And is Chuck going to tell Nate about him and Blair? Can't wait for January 2nd, when the show resumes after the Christmas break.

Grey's Anatomy - I'm so sick of everyone! And yet I cannot stop watching. That sums up how I feel about GA this season.

The Office - Damn that writers strike! Pam and Jim finally got together. A culmination of geeky hopes around the world. LOL

Heroes - I became obsessed with this show over the summer when the first season came out on DVD. I was disappointed with the beginning of the season 2, so I dvr'd the rest of the season. Haven't watched them yet. But I will over the Christmas break.

I also watch Desperate Housewives, but not really. I do other stuff at the same time while it's on, so I just absorb the show subconsciously. Susan (Teri Hatcher) pisses me off and the antics the wives get into are just ridiculous. So I just scoff and get on with my ironing. :P

I also watched America's Next Top Model this fall. This is my guiltiest of all guilty pleasures. I was rooting for Heather, but glad Saleisha won. She was the most likeable in my opinion. There was no extremely bitchy contestant like there have been in the past. Bianca wasn't as bad as Melrose. LOL

Aside from those shows, I also watch reruns of Friends. I will never get over that show!

Rowena here and ME TOO Ames, I will never ever get sick of watching the episode where Phoebe tells Ross that he's Rachel's lobster...haha, I LOVE FRIENDS!

You're up, Gracie...=)

It looks like I'm in GREAT company here, because I'm just as bad, when it comes to my tv shows. I'm a tv addict in serious need of a 10 step program. Or not. I heart my shows too much to ever let them go. LOL. Let's take a look at the list, shall we?

24 - Last season was a little off, but I'm keeping the faith and hoping that this upcoming season will be superfabulous just like Season 1-5, where Jack Bauer kicks ass. Seriously, how cool is Jack Bauer?!

Brothers and Sisters - Oh how I heart the Walkers. I love how this family can be gossiping (about each other of course) and working their phone chains one minute, fighting and yelling at each other the next, and then all of a sudden hit you with a major tear jerker moment. It's bloody awesome.

Cane - I just picked this show up recently, as one of my episode fillers, while I impatiently wait for my staple shows to return. I was pretty surprised at how quickly I soaked this one up, and rushed to watch more. It's a family drama, set in Florida..and holy cow, is there DRAMA! Each episode Alex Vega finds himself getting pushed closer and closer to the darker side, just to protect his family. I'm addicted to this show, just to see what happens next.

Gossip Girl - This has fast become one of my favourite tv shows of the week. I used to be a major DAN/SERENA fan, but that has slowly changed and now I'm totally rooting for team LILY/RUFUS. And team CHUCK/BLAIR. Oh, and NATHAN/SERENA. Hahaha.

How I Met Your Mother - This show has me laughing each and every week, without fail. The dialogue and plots that the writers come up with for this, are brilliant. They're simple concepts, which have been given a "Barney Stinson" spin..and voila..you have one funny as hell episode.

Las Vegas - Another guilty pleasure. There's just something about this show that has me dedicted to watching it each and every week. Oh thats right. It's Josh Duhamel. ;)

Moonlight - This is another one of my episode fillers. It's more of a supernatural genre, with a Vampire spin to it. And I absolutely love it. The lead guy was previously turned by his wife at the age of 30 and he finds himself unable to escape a girl from his past who he has come to care for quite dearly. It's so endearing to see how protective he is of her. You can tell he has feelings for her...but the only problem? She's human.

One Tree Hill - I'm with Rowena on this one. OTH is my first tv love. Watching throughout the seasons has been like a rollercoaster, with all the drama taking place in Tree Hill..and rooting for certain couples to finally get together and certain villains to be punished. The coming season is fours years down the track from when the gang finished up highschool and I cannot wait to see how their lives have progressed during the break!

The other shows that I'm addicted to, but probably not with the same intensity (and by that, I mean, I won't be counting down the days til the next episode, lol) are as follows:

Friday Night Lights
Greys Anatomy
October Road
Prison Break
Samantha Who
The Big Bang
The Unit
Ugly Betty

Yeah..like I said, I'm a tv addict with a serious need for 10 step program. ;)

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I've found my kindred spirits! :-) I also watch a lot of TV. General Hospital, How I Met Your Mother, Dancing with the Stars, Beauty and the Geek, According to Jim, The Biggest Loser, Pushing Daisies, Ugly Betty, Grey's Anatomy, Moonlight, 48 Hours, Desperate Housewives, Brothers & Sisters, and Cold Case. Thank God for my DVR.

Hey Dev!!!

Yeah, we're a bunch of tv addicts over here and so we decided to give this blog a go...thanks for stopping by and OMG have you been watching GH, isn't it getting sooooo good? I'm telling you, you came to the right blog if you want to discuss the latest on your favorite shows, between the four of us, I'm sure that one or some of us watches your show and will be posting about it! haha.

Pushing Daisies is such a great show, don't you think? Brothers and Sisters too!


Ro-I saw that episode of Friends, with the lobster. That's one of faves too, because that's the one with the Prom Video. :P

My number one episode though is when Joey puts on all of Chandler's clothes and says, "Look, I'm Chandler. Could I be wearing any more clothes?"


LMAO, I totally know what episode you're talking about...dude, I'm cracking up just thinking about that episode!

But dude, my fav is the lobster one where they're asking Ross what he's gonna do over the summer and he's like, "I don't know, work on my music." And then he plays that goofy song from the 80's, SO FRICKIN FUNNY!!!

And how funny was Rachel's nose? haha.

I don't really watch a lot of TV myself, but I wish you all luck with your new blog, and will drop by every now and again I'm sure!

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