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Last week - Cat got sent home. Big surprise there. The only reason she was on the show for so long was due to her flying under the radar. Which the judges finally noticed. She did not have a personality like the other girls (who stick out) do.

So this week, Dominique was all full of herself because Tyra loved her picture. And yes, I will admit it was nice. Whitney was freaking out because she was in the bottom two -AGAIN.

The challenge was to take picture of Petra (one of the judges). And OMG, Petra is hot! LOL Fatima won the challenge and I have to laugh at this - because it was a challenge on how well they took a picture and directed Petra. Not on how well they modelled or posed. So its kind of funny that Fatima won for something so technical. That said, I don't think she's going to win.

The photo shoot was shot was Nigel Barker, sexy photographer extraordinaire. It was a 50's-themed actress getting caught by the paparrazzi - so kind of an acting gig and not really a modelling one. But the models modelled and did a horrible job. The only one who did a good job was Anya, and that was because she slipped and looked shocked - like the way a starlet would if she was caught by the paps.

Year after year, cycle after cycle, a girl always says "I've never been in love, that's why I was uncomfortable." or "I never had a boyfriend before, I've never been kissed. That's why I was uncomfortable." Hello! It's called ACTING.

So the judges had no mercy for Fatima, who was uncomfortable during this shoot. Here's Nigel giving her the business.
And here's a random shot of Nigel. Just cuz he's hot. LOL
And the unlucky lady who went home? Dominique. I'm using last episode's picture of her because she looked like a drag queen in her last photo. I grimaced when Tyra said "Learn how to manage that face!" Eeek.

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